Sunday, May 29, 2011

The American Idiocracy

Kenneth M. O’Brien

The greatest argument against Democracy has got to be the United States of America in 2011.

We had an election in 2010 that had only one real issue – the nation’s economy and even more central, unemployment.

Flash forward to May 2011.

Republicans succeeded in gaining control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

They now have control of the people’s house. They can set the legislative agenda. Remember how they castigated Nancy Pelosi for doing, I repeat doing, things to which they objected when she was Speaker?

So, where are the proposals to improve the economy? Most critically, where is a plan to reduce unemployment?

Take a look at the legislative agenda that has been put forward.

We’ve had bills to kill the Affordable Health Care Act. We’ve had a budget plan that will kill Medicare. We’ve had a bill that would help the devastated citizens of Joplin, Missouri only if we cut spending somewhere else. And we have had numerous bills to attempt to outlaw, in one-way or another, abortion.

BUT, we have not had one legislative initiative that would make a dent in unemployment.

Unemployment and the lack of jobs for Americans have become like the weather – everybody talks about it but nobody does anything to change it.

MOST depressing though is the media attention to this matter.

Once you get past the fascination with the Casey Anthony murder trial and the Arnold Schwarzenegger peccadillo, you are left with vapid preoccupation with distractions.

Is Sarah Palin going to run for President? How can Republicans properly message the Ryan budget to make it more appealing? Oh, look, Obama messed up his toast to the Queen.

Journalists? Give me a break!

Liberal, Conservative or middle of the road – however you choose to position yourself – you are nothing more today than ratings motivated prostitutes.

If you really were journalists then you would address the number one issue on the minds of Americans today. You would pursue each and every politician, local, state and Federal. And the question would be, “What are you doing to allow every American to find gainful employment?”

Then, once you got an answer, you would have the courage, and I hope, the knowledge, to actually dissect, evaluate and challenge it.

Until that happens you are not fit to assume the mantle of an Edward R. Murrow.

Much to the contrary, you are the legacy of Soupy Sales.

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  1. Grace House is closing but on the flip side we have more police officers in Southbridge. Like that means anything.
    Make your voices heard at the Town Election. Vote for anyone else but who is running.


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