Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Backstabbers: Part I

Kenneth M. O’Brien

It’s save my butt time for our town manager.

The same is true for the five-member majority now running the town council.

The current Gang of Five that dominates the town council has two objectives.

The first is to preserve the overpaid tenancy of the current town manager in his job.

The second goal is to serve the interests of our corporate landlord, Casella.

But, I can’t help but ask, “Why?”

Let’s face facts.

Two organized groups have dominated Southbridge town government for over ten years: “Restore Confidence” and “The Future of Southbridge”.

What have been the results?

As I believe that I have shown in prior posts, we’re going to hell in a hand basket.

I will confess that I chaired the last town manager search committee.

One of the current town manager’s strongest claims for his candidacy was his success in securing grants for his community’s development in his previous position.

Would he please provide me with any evidence of his contribution to Southbridge in this regard?

The search committee provided five candidates to the council. Two withdrew before the first meeting (smart move).

After another withdrawal and another vote, we got what we have.

Then, I was replaced. While I chaired the search committee, Councilor Nickolla was appointed to chair the committee that negotiated the town manager’s contract. HUH?

I have to ask, “What is the agenda of the Gang of Five?”

This starts the ongoing saga of who owns Southbridge and who has stabbed the people in the back that will be continued.


  1. How come all of the hair in the video looks like Nikolla's poodle 'do?

  2. Great article Ken. What about all the flip flopping going on by Pam Regis. During the appointment proceedings for the DPW director, when Councilor MacDonald raised the question of the pay and benefits, didn't Regis say "now is not the time to be worrying about the budget, the budget was set in May last year. Budget season is in March and April and that is when you need to bring this up."

    Fast forward to the budget meeting, Regis says "this shouldn't be done at the last minute, this should have been done months ago...There used to be a budget season but not anymore, now every month is budget season"

    Well, which is it?

  3. I find it funny that you call it the gang of 5 when things arent in your favor or view if it was the other way around and the gang of 4 had the upper hand I would be saying what you say...bottom line it should be what is best for the residents of Southbridge...not what is good for the gang of 5 or 4 they are the boss not the manager he works for them...and if he is not doing the job its up to the 4 to convince the 5 others but that will never happen here because with Southbridge everything tends to get to personel


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