Friday, May 27, 2011

Breaking News on the Charter

Kenneth O’Brien

I now have it on good authority that Councilor blah-blah-blah is lobbying to achieve the objectives to undermine the Charter that I outlined in my post The Next Shoe To Drop .

What is staggering is where the approach is being made.

Here is someone who, behind the scenes, was intimately involved in electing a Republican State Representative.

So, who is she approaching to achieve this end run around the Democratic process of our town?

First, she is approaching our Democratic Attorney General (remember her ill-fated run for U.S. Senator?).

As I pointed out in my earlier post, Coakley Kool Aid, when I was a town councilor, I was told that our Charter issues were a “local matter”.

The other office Councilor blah blah blah (by the way I have money) is approaching is that of Senator Richard Moore.

This is the Democratic Senator who couldn’t be bothered to help the town of Southbridge on the Registry issue, but couldn’t do enough to help Milford.

As I asked earlier, why are we being thrown under the bus?

Why are Democratic officials collaborating with Republican interests to subvert the welfare of the people?

What does it take for somebody with no dog in this fight to realize that a serious, impartial, investigation is both needed and warranted?

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  1. A year ago, this Councilor, along with others, refused to attend a number of Town council meetings that could have allowed the Town to stop the DEP permit that added Southbridge as a liable party on costs related to landfill pollution.

    And one of the ladies running for re-election this year actually avoided saving us from the liability as well.

    At the time, Councilor Logan in particular made every effort to save the Town $Millions, but the Town Manager and four of the "Gang of Five" allowed this Town to take those costs on, when they could have stopped the liability right then and there!


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