Friday, May 27, 2011

Making A Stink About Sewer Rates

Kevin N. Christo
Guest Contributor

Once again Southbridge residents are beset with an increase in sewer rates.

It’s bad enough that we are burdened with the economic and environmental consequences of being home to the state’s largest dump.

It is also becoming increasingly costly to dump at home.

No longer can we blithely skip to the loo, my darlings.

We have to weigh the financial implications of bladder and bowel relief.

The time has come to make our town overlords realize that this situation stinks.

I have a plan. While they can’t save our departing factories, we can at least increase awareness of their olfactories.

We, the victims of this tax on our byproducts, should deliver an unmistakable message to town hall.

At every opportunity we should avail ourselves of the public facilities in our town hall.

Every flush of that commode is money you won’t be flushing away at home.

Need to freshen up? They’ve got clean sinks, good lighting, paper towels and someone paid to clean up after you. And that water down the drain – it’s money in your bank. Ka-Ching!

But we need a fitting kickoff to this effort.

Lavatory Liberation Front is targeting Monday, June 28, 2011 – the day before our next town election – as Flush the Rate Increase Day.

Join the lines outside the public restrooms at town hall and unload your frustration.

Maybe those running for office will wake up and smell the, uh, coffee.


  1. Kevin
    Well said..but the only problem is most resident dont care....the would rather pull the handle

  2. Fantastic! Aroma Therapy as a non-violent protest strategy!


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