Monday, May 30, 2011

A Word From Dennis Martinek

I have written and maintained SOS for four years and a month now, and I have enjoyed it immensely.

However, there comes a time when, like an athlete or an actor, you have to decide if you want to go out on top, or if you want to go on longer than you should and appear foolish for hanging on too long.

So the time has come to pass the torch to Ken O'Brien, who has done an excellent job over the last week covering for me.

During that time, I've been able to get over being sick, watching my daughter run in another road race, play baseball and hockey with my son, go golfing (the first time in three years), and scrape and paint a section of my house.

Granted, the last activity almost made me stay,  but life for me is about my family, and always putting them first.

So thank you to everyone!

I know some will be disappointed, others joyous.

I'm putting me first, and Ken will take this to the next level, so don't expect any less
scrutiny...expect more.




  1. Just accidentally stumbled into this blog. I am a lifelong Sbge resident who was online searching for fellow craft bloggers in the area.
    Found your blog instead. Very interesting. Sbge politics have always amazed me.

  2. Hi Dennis. You fought for the interests of us underdogs for three long years and you've had an impact on local politics. enjoy your time with your family and come back soon!


  3. That Martinek is a quack! His departure is long overdue.

    He never agreed with the great councilors like Clemence, Nikkola, Regis, Livengood and the independent thinker, Spinelli.

    He probably wrote all of his own stuff anyway. No wonder he was bored.

    What took so long?


    Smoochie (woof)

    PS I'm so sorry, Ken...I'm so used to writing everything under 10,000 fake names that I couldn't shake the habit!

  4. Thanks, Rich, I appreciate it.

    As for Smoochie, you (me) are a complete lunatic.


    Jason Varitek

    Crap, I did it again, I meant to sign my own name.


  5. The best thing to happen to this town is now retired with no one else with his courage to fill his shoes.

    Nice going Southbridge.

    Now who the hell is going to fight for you and stand up for your rights?

    Maybe if more of you gutless wonders out there had the nerve to "speak up" we wouldn't be in this shit hole that we live in now.

    I don't blame him--if his friends on the council stood up for him instead of burying their heads in the sand I bet he would have continued to help.

    Dennis, I don't blame you. You did a great and thankless job with no help from those your supported.

    Watch and see how well they do on their own.

    Best wishes to you!

  6. Well not always agreeing with Dennis he did bring worth while issue to the fore front...But he see that it time to back away and give his family more time....Its to bad for the readers of SOS because this site will not be an equal replacement best thing Dennis could do is shut it down and let it be a memory....This site will never come close as a replacement...

  7. O'Brien will do a much more betterly job than Martinek.

    I just think this town is too dumb to ever get the fact that the wool is being pulled over their eyes, again.

  8. Stop using my name, jerk!

    I'm a BIG supporter of Martinek.

  9. Dennis certainly impacted me and my thoughts. Often times, it was the only place I could get the opposing view so I could make up my own mind. Glad Ken has taken the torch as he's a talented writer and analyst. Brent A is also a great source with a more poetic style. Thanks, Dennis, for filling the vacuum of the 4th Branch of Government all that time.

  10. Ann Fenwick-BeinemaJune 4, 2011 at 8:58 PM

    Dennis: you are a great asset to the community and I always thought your ideas to be very open and honest. I am saddened that you are going off the net but understand that you need time with your family. Thank your family for letting us share your time for the last three years. Hope you and your family enjoy all the free time that you have now without the blog. You deserve a rest. Great job my friend and thanks for all the thoughts. Ann Fenwick-Beinema

  11. Rich, Raciel, Ann, and everyone else:

    Thank you for your kind words!


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