Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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“A Concerned Citizen”
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At the June 6, 2011 Town Council meeting, two current Councilors made much out of nothing.

In fact, based on an "anonymous" letter, these two Councilors have called for an investigation.

Based solely on rumor, innuendo, and slanderous lies, these two councilors thought it important enough to waste the resources of the town, apparently from our Rolls Royce fund, simply to try and help their friends in their bid to win an election.

Naturally, our local paper didn't see fit to look any further than the garbage that was spoon fed to them.

Had they chosen to do a little investigative reporting, they might have questioned:

1.  Why one councilor deemed it necessary to ask for an investigation from a gutless purveyor of lies, while refusing to ask for the same when he or one of his current or former peers, leaked information from Executive Session.  Our Town Manager and our Police Chief apparently tried to suppress this report by marking it Confidential.

Where's the outrage on something of real importance, Councilor?

Ken O'Brien had the guts to paste the report in full on his website, where it still is available to this day.

Draw your own conclusions.

2.  Why another Councilor, who recently ran for election, called for an investigation, despite his relative sending out a false email, claiming that Mr. Fontaine ran a CORI check on said councilor?  Not only did Mr. Fontaine not do this, the relative apparently did.

Will you hear this from our councilors looking for an investigation into this?

Of course not.

I may not have helicopter at my disposal, but I do have common sense.

As do the voters of this town.

If you have any doubt as to collusion in trying to make this race go one way, go to the Golden Greek on election night.  Ask who reserved it, and for whom.

That's a tip for the news, which doubtless won't look into it.

Southbridge has one final chance to clean up a Council, where one incumbent running for re-election refers to her constituents as pigs, among other things.

To the credit of some running, they want to win, but at least they’re not stooping to the unprofessional tactics of the others.

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