Monday, June 20, 2011

Coming Tonight On The O’Zone

Kenneth M. O’Brien

From the only site that brought you the State Police Report on the leak of Southbridge Town Council Executive Session minutes;

From the only site that reported that Southbridge had the highest property tax rate among surrounding towns;

From the only site that showed how Southbridge property values were declining faster than most local communities;

From the only site that showed how unemployment in Southbridge was outstripping the averages for Worcester County.

A new report that voters will want to know and discuss before next week’s town election.

So, after 10 PM, turn to The O’Zone before you watch the local late news or The Daily Show.

Be among the first to be in the know!


  1. Are you going to report on the lastest water notice shut offs...I think that is an issue that should get out before the election


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