Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Let Your Voice Be Heard?"

By Dennis

Guest Contributor

One thing that politicians don't seem to realize is when they become a caricature of themselves.

In Southbridge, Councilor Clemence is a prime example of that ignorance.

The self-proclaimed know-it all (Robert's Rules), who's one of us, what with her helicopter, her Forrest Gump like way of getting into any photo-op to further her political ambitions (see Brown, Scott), fails to recognize her arrogance and ignorance when it comes to the issues.

Not the brightest bulb in the pack (and she's only up against the likes of Nikkola, Regis, Detective Livengood, and Spinelli), she thinks more of herself than the people in town.  She's quite the legend in her own mind.

Don't dare criticize her or her Fonies from the Future of Southbridge--"don't you know who she is"?

Don't forget the words of Chris Clark: "She's got money, friends and lawyers".  Oh, so we should fear her?


But that makes one wonder why she and her merry band of fools keep getting elected?


Money plus no message in this town equates to victory.  It's why her mentor, the nasty Kathy Nikkola, will win.

Nikkola's motto is the title of this article.

She treats the people in town with complete disrespect, calls them pigs, and tells us if we don't like it, to move.

So either the voters in town are idiots, or the money and friends of her friend are behind it.

It is not the former, so it must be the latter.

While these snobs, who think they are better than all of us, laugh, you go out and re-elect them again.  For those of you voting for knuckleheads like Nikkola, you deserve everything you and I aren't getting in this town (other than being pick-pocketed, as we pay for Regis' Rolls Royce).

Remember this, Southbridge:

Nikkola, like Clark and Clemence, has done nothing but make Southbridge look foolish:  the Access Road that no one accesses, the non-existent "technology park", overpaying department heads, rising property, water and sewer rates, with the highest property taxes in the area, and nothing new to show for it?

Don't let her voice be heard anymore.  We've heard enough, Kathy.

So please, just shut the hell up.

That's a more appropiate motto for you.

And if YOU don't like it, move!

Finally, on an unrelated note, maybe Chief Ciesla and Chris Clark can focus on helping the people impacted by the tornado and stop worrying that someone other than them is getting the credit for it.

When you care more about your egos than the people who you represent, its time to consider another career.

Now all we need is the letter from a relative telling us all that we are not entitled to our own opinions, only our cousins and friends on the Town CounciL are.

Our Freedom of Speech is not as free as theirs.

Keep up the great work, Marketti!


  1. Why doesn't anyone else in this town understand what a terrible Town Council we have? The day I vote for Nikolla is the day I bite my knuckles off for lunch. Thanks for stating the obvious. Why isn't anyone else mentioning the Dark Sides smear campaign with an anonymous letter that Liveinggood wants to give credibility to? God this town is awful.

  2. Voting for Nikkola, Langevin, or Marcucci? Why not just write in Saddam Hussein, Ghadafy, or Mubarak? They're all oppressive rulers who want to keep the little people at bay. The Black Eye lives unfortunately.

  3. Vote out Nikkola and tell her to get the heck out of Southbridge! She is an embarrassment!

    Name five things this dummy has accomplished for us in the last six years?


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