Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Southbridge Election Results

Kenneth M. O’Brien

For Council It’s Marcucci, Langevin and Nikolla.

For School Committee It’s Woodruff, Dominko and O’Leary.

Southbridge Town Council

Fontaine            1,012

Langevin            1,116

Lazo                 512

Logan                628

Marcucci            1,259

Nikolla            1,025

Southbridge School Committee

Dominko           964

McLoughlin      699     

O’Leary            943

Twomey            932

Woodruff            1,048

Thanks to all who voted.

Now that the shouting is over, we expect progress and an end to stagnation.



  1. Poor Gary... Guess the town wont be saved after all. After disgrace after disgrace, and a few failed attempts at ANY position for a little attention, I think I would get the hint. The sad part is this failure almost was the leader of law and order in our town. Take the hint . Your not ever going to be a savior of the town, just a corrupt burden to it!

  2. Haha - I feel bad for whoever is bank rolling all the cash for his signs. Talk about throwing your money away! school committee - town council- no wait school committee again- town council again... Last time I checked corruption wasent a qualification for town office.

  3. Corruption is not a qualification for town office? Have you seen the election results?

    This is the same group, with the exception of Marcucci, that have turned a great American town into a bankrupt toilet by spending every tax dollar and resource of any value trying to make drunks, failures and idiots look important.

    The spoiled 8th grade moron clique won another class election by having 100 more voters than the nerds... Woohoo. Hooray for them. So impressive.

    If you understood anything about municipal financing, you'd get it that the parade of halfwits is almost over. Clark will cash his last check and bail right around the same time the State comes knocking. Just don't act surprised when Fox news and other networks make us out like the laughingstocks we now are.

  4. It looks like the voters of Southbridge have decide to take two steps backward in order to move forward. As Dave Langevin said, It doesn't take a "Rocket Scientist" to understand why. The people who won the election have a base following of supporters. Langevin and Marcucci are popular in town, and Nikolla has the support of Clemmens and Company. I wish them the best of luck and I look forward to lampooning them in the future.
    As for the School Committee election, I have to disagree with the statement by the town clerk in this morning's T&G. Ms. Daoust said that the erroneous absentee ballots that were returned would have to be hand counted and "...would likely be irrelevant to the outcome." Not so. In that close election, those erroneous ballots could make a big difference.

  5. Ken
    Its too bad our friend Gary didnt make it. He would have been the real voice of the people. Hopefully the new council wont be the tax spending group that I feel they will be. Its a good thing that Lazo and Logan is gone. We really needed to have a change. He was a lousy chairman and the vote showed that. Now on another subject lookout board of health we will see a change there also, time for King Bernadone and Queen Ann to be gone. So this board can get things done. The BOH job is not all about the Casella landfill its about all issues that are under the control of the BOH...Time to stop Queen Ann with leaking info to a bunch of RATS. King Bernadone time for a new recording clerk and stop protecting family members. Time to move this town forward. Clean out all of these Boards and Commissions that dont play by the rules but play by who you are. Go Town Council clean house and lets get back to the basic goal of the town. For the people all the people all the time..good luck

  6. "For the people by the people"??? Well thank you for that joke. This town seems to be more for Casella's interests than anything else. I am glad there are some people on the BOH that ARE looking out of our health. The town isn't happy to only let a dump poison our air and groundwater, now they are making the water more dangerous to drink. Why are the water rates going up, if they are using cheaper chemicals? Why is the town manager paid a huge salary, when people are struggling with their property taxes which are totally out of control when you look at the drop in property values? I am looking forward to receivership. THAT is the only thing that will save this town, not the clowns running it currently.

  7. Oh yeah,
    And I suppose the theory is still that there is a conspiracy between the hospital and Casella? I think that was the single most hilarious thing I've heard yet.

  8. I think the conspiracy is between the police department and town hall, what with their targeted harassment of individuals, and walking lockstep with whatever Clemence and Clark tells him.

  9. Who said anything about a connection between the hospital and Casella? However, I am still waiting for ONE good decision to come out of town hall ... all they ever do is look out for their cronies.... so the only thing that will save us from these very bad decisions is receivership. Bring it on!!!!

  10. Receivership may not be required. Perhaps the state can revoke our Charter and allow Sturbridge, Dudley, and Charlton take back the land ceded to Southbridge in 1816, this way our property values will go up, our taxes will go down, and we will have better town government.

    It wasn't Ann & Rinaldo(or Rinaldo's sister)that played around with the minutes and filed minutes that were not approved. The people that did that may find themselves before a judge for the attempted fraud, and people will understand why Doctor O'Leary is running away from an outrageous mess.

    According to the Health Director at a recent BoH meeting, Casella is now refusing to pay for the Board of Health's lawyer because the Board of Health is requiring Casella to get a valid Site Assignment, which means Casella is very likely in breach of the contract. I am curious if the new Town Council and our Town "Manager" will support the Town and its Board of Health, or support Casella and its shareholders.

  11. John Pulawski its a good thing people dont listern to you on both side of the issues...it not the landfill that effect the values of our home, be real its all about the money problems thats happening through out the world.. The problem with the minutes is the lack of minutes thats the problem and Bernardone should not be looking after his sister (CONFLICT)she should have the minutes ready for the next meeting and she cant do that, she is paid very good money and can not produce them in a reasonable time. The ethics commission will take care of that problem anyway. There is also nothing in the agreement that says Casella has to pay for a lawyer to fight themselfs on this bogus site assignment anyways. Maybe a pro-bono lawyer would help the BOH in its useless battle (o maybe she is advising the King and Queen alread). The King Rinaldo and Queen Ann should listern to its lawyer and stop listerning to others from Sturbridge and move on and do the work of the health department. Also hopefully the new Town Council will do its job and remove the King and Queen and replace them with people that can be open minded and do the job of the BOH that they are charged with...Liquor Commission first BOH next

  12. Ken, are these hits for real?

    When I was getting 10-20,000 hits a month, no one believed it...it was even more at peak times.

    Don't answer, I know they're real, just ribbing you!

  13. Wow, what an amazing display of ignorance:

    "do the work of the health department"

    Sorry, you have that backwards. It is the health departments responsibility to do the work of the BOH.

    Bogus site assignment???

    It's the law simpleton. Even Casella admits they need a site assignment--they just balked at producing one after claiming they had one.

    The BOH has a responsibility to make sure rules and regs are followed and protect the health and environment of the community they serve. Who are all these idiots that think cheapsuit lawyers' opinions are gold?

  14. Tom M.
    You are just a joy. The hospital-Casella conspiracy theory is outlined in this blog under "Make It Trifecta Tuesday".

  15. That 'Conspiracy Theory" was only the opinion of a single person commenting. Discrediting this Blog for an opinion rendered by a single individual is like discrediting the whole SPD for the criminal acts of a single officer, which isn't fair.

    We were promised FREE TRASH PICK UP FOR TWENTY YEARS. Why are tornado victims only getting a DISCOUNT, they deserve to be able to discard their wood for FREE, just like the contract promises...

    Let's hope the new Town Council defends the victims and not the dump operator. We don't need a mayor-we need to return to what worked for over a century! Town Meeting & Selectman. Five are enough. Let's take back our Town! if Mr. Clark wants to run everything, let him move here and try to set up a mayoral monarchy.

  16. Pulaski didn't say the reduced values were related to the landfill, he said it was do to a poorly run town government.

    It was the State Ethics Commission that said the landfill will hurt Real Estate values in the community. And of course, the world economic situation doesn't help, but we HAVE had the highest decreases in the entire County for a reason-you can't blame the schools for everything.

  17. The low property values are due to "other" factors, if you knows what I mean.

  18. Boy talk about being a dope the State Ethics Commission Dosnt rule on issues of home values. Go to the web site if you want to know thier role....Talk about blowing smoke out of thier..o never mind

  19. The State Ethics Commission has already determined in a decision that the Barefoot Road landfill has influenced our property values.

    The ethics commission document will be included in an information packet that will be presented to the open minded councilors that have yet to see all the relevant inforamtion.

    There has been a lot of focus on the case before the State Supreme Court, but the case to watch is the pending Federal litigation.

  20. Hey, "kat", i said the conspiracy was with the police department. CLever of you to avoid that! The one that let a cop steal dough and pay it back, without charges? The bar that sold drugs but was allowed to sell their liquor license? 12 Crane and their is it drugs or grass food? The one that is now harassing Fater Preble? That conspiracy with Clemence and the cops. Or call them Cops are kids, and councilors are corrupt.

  21. Anyone that lets a cop get away with stealing without holding him accountable is an absolute disgrace. Isn't law enforcement supposed to be an example? With examples like that.... not to mention those that are well connected seem to get away with drug dealing... others not so lucky... hmmmmmmm.....

  22. Is it true that Livengood threatened to resign if he is not made the Chairman?

    Ha, to prevent an open seat, they'll probably crown him and make Kaptain Klemence the Vice Principle.

  23. I know this is going to sound "un-Dennis" like, but why don't we just wait and see?

    The majority will decide and no amount of speculation will change that.

    Whoever it is, let's just hope and pray that things start working out for once.

    Maybe I'm delusional, or maybe after years of writing, I'm trying to will things the right way, but complaining isn't working for me.

    Over this upcoming year, I am going to try and be supportive...the old ways aren't working. It's time for me, at least, to try something different and work towards building bridges.

    In other words, I'm going to try some good old fashioned diplomacy and hope for the best.

    It's better than the alternative.

    Anyway, that's my two-cents.

    Criticize away!

  24. You're a no good traitor, Dennis! Why don't you just hook up with Apple while you're at it? All your hard work goes down the drain. Out of gas or out of your freaking mind?

  25. Tom, what Dennis was doing was not easy. It takes courage to walk around with a proverbial target on your back and chest. No matter who is on the Council, we have the power to remove the whole Council and have town meetings. We can have selectmen, we can have a financial committee, we can take back our town !

  26. Mr Pulawski
    Dont waste your time or energy the new council wont listen to you. Dont you get it no one and I mean no one listerns to you. You have better luck in going to the landfill to shut off the flame. At least to word got out. So you get banned again. This time dont smoke so you wont get caught, and besides smoking is not healthy for you or us. Federal court HA HA HA HA

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  28. What Dennis is doing is a disgrace, which is proved by the simple fact that one, count them, one, of his former supporters half-heartedly defends him. He should run next year with the other side and he can win by selling his soul!

    Gee, where are all of those SpeakOutSouthbridge supporters when you really need them, Dennis? I'll bet you that today you won't get one more note supporting you.


  29. In the end, diplomacy is the only thing that has ever worked. Even if they don't listen, you will gain supporters that will eventually join your side and defeat the others. Diplomacy doesn't mean you drop your values, or beliefs; only that you try to find common ground to work with.

    Of course, I have little faith that the other side will take the higher ground with Dennis. But we'll see.

  30. The attacks against Pulowski and Martinek are very entertaining. They laughed at Pulowski when he said there would be a lawsuit to challenge the Site Assignment, but now that case is before the Supreme Court.

    Pulowski was correct last year about the DEP permit giving us the liability because Councilors actually went on strike that meeting so they wouldn't be forced to vote for the town over Casella. John is 100% correct-we were offered $168 Million and we'd be lucky if we net 10% of that, we were promised Recyclebank and free trash pickup and they took away that, and even the DEP agrees that Southbridge has liability still-which is not what we were promised.

    I am an old man, but something I have learned over the years is that when anonymous dullards go after the messenger, it is because they are unable to challenge the message of that messenger.

  31. I can't see Dave Livengood as the Chairman of the Town Council. 99% of the time he says nothing at all during the meetings (other than voting). Besides that, he refused to accept Chairman of a subcommittee forcing Larry McDonald to chair two subcommittees.

  32. Just a reminder that I cannot allow comments that might be judged to be libelous.
    Thank You!

  33. I have edited the post to which I refer and, I hope, the author will understand that I am trying to preserve their message while refraining from unsubstantiated allegations.

    WhoCares? has left a new comment on your post "Southbridge Election Results":

    Ok so really you don't think the cops in this town are crooked?

    Maybe you can explain how last year before there was even a rave party at Crane St. my friends [tell me that they] were working there and the safe got broken into and they all had their payroll stolen. They [allegedly] reported it to [a member of the police force] and waited and waited and the cops [apparently] never did anything. [It is my opinion that] the cops knew EXACTLY who did it and [I am told] even there was a bogus insurance claim made with a higher amount. I don't know about all these other incidents but the cops here [seem, from what I have heard, to] let some people do crimes and look the other way.

    Posted by WhoCares? to The O'Zone at June 30, 2011 6:09 AM

  34. I agree - the town police is as crooked as they come. The cop that stole the money should have been charged with a crime, just as any ordinary resident would have been. But nice cover up job thanks to the town manager and the police chief. We need change big time in this town. I think it is time to throw everyone out and start fresh.

  35. Ken. You really want to make a difference in this town? Dig in the spot that WhoCares? pointed you. Every level of crime and corruption and every level of cover-up you could ever imagine all at one address. Start with the grants.

  36. Who are all the anonymous commenters? Just sign your name. Let's all have a reasonable discussion on this for once. Stephanie DeMartino

  37. Anonymous:
    If you have documentary evidence that can substantiate your claims I would be happy to receive it in confidence and follow up.

  38. John P. FitzgeraldJuly 2, 2011 at 1:44 PM

    I agree, where's all the guts and glory in this group? Is O'Brien just cranking out his own anonymous opinions to his own posts? Sure looks and sounds like it.


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