Monday, June 27, 2011

Southbridge, MA, here we go again!

By Dennis Martinek

Vote Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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It has not been an easy year for Southbridge, MA.
The town has been the subject of a Tea Party group from out of town getting involved in a district race for State Representative that resulted in what many call a racist billboard being placed in the heart of town, a heavily Hispanic area of town to boot.
Southbridge has a large population that comes from Puerto Rico, and the two groups involved in "encouraging" voters to show an ID to vote (despite being illegal to ask for an ID, they didn't seem to get the fact that a) in Southbridge, outsiders are not welcome in Southbridge's political process, and b) Puerto Ricans are American citizens, and have been, since 1917.
So, like Sarah Palin before them, the Tea Party Group appears to be growing less significant every time they speak, as they target the wrong people.
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  1. As was said so factually elsewhere - I'll have the honor of repeating it here.
    "I'll clear up a couple of misconceptions regarding the billboard. Contrary to what people continue to insist, this was not a tea party sponsored billboard. It was sponsored by two other groups, one call Show Id To Vote and one called EmpowerMA. While these groups have members in common, the tea party does not sponsor them as you claim.

    Second, the billboard in question did not order people to show ID to vote, it asked for the voluntary showing of ID's. This billboard did not target any group of people, but was placed in Southbridge because of the upcoming special election. There was a similar one in the Waltham/Watertown area, the site of another special election."

  2. Yup the show Id to Vote upset the Alicea race card supporters and they are still suffering months later from this derangement syndrome.

    You used the Tea Bagger word - REALLY???
    So Your not a independant - your a Democrat aren't you?

    CHALK YOU! GO Vote!

  3. You rant like a democrat, you use the race card like a democrat, you vote like a democrat, therefore you are the democratic symbol.

    and btw - If you don't vote for Herman Cain - you are a RACIST!

  4. showing ID to Vote is honorable .

    replying with an anonymous title is an option, a choice.

    You write about how I vote and what party I belong to and that is under an anonymous title.

    You prove how necessary the anonymity title option is with each and every one of your responses.

    BTW: if your subject was the Southbridge election why did you start off attacking the tea party and then get so easily distracted. Rhetorical it really doesn't need an answer

  5. You sound like your a guy having a midlife crisis. You know the kind that wakes up one day and decides that he has been hitting all his life for the wrong team. You need therapy. practice in the Mirror - My name is Denise and I'm a Democrat.

    Again no reply is needed but Democrats like to always try to get the last word in.

  6. Again no reply is needed but Democrats like to always try to get the last word in. Proved me right again!

  7. So you're not a Democrat?

    You keep trying to get the last word in, AMD you're an Ass.

    Maybe you can get back to FOX News, jackals.

    No need to reply (but you will)...I don't need to listen to a juvenile.

    Glad you didn't get elected.

  8. So lets see you can choice to be anonymous if:
    you agree witht he poster- whats up with that?
    You think it's ok to whitewash everyone a racist but yourself.
    You think 2 different organizations are fronts for the tea party when there not.
    You think a business district is a heavily populated hispanic neighborhood - It's not it's a business district with only a few neghbors but on paper to get grant funds claims more than that.
    You think using derogatory names like Tea bagger is ok - IT'S NOT!
    You talk of Tolerance but severely lack it. Republicans are people too regardless of race, creed, color, sexual choice - and not SOB's or wastes of time.
    Actually signing your name to all the above obnoxiousname calling such as bigots, chicken shit , juvenile, living in your mothers basement, etc., doesn't take Guts - just intolerant Stupidity.
    Guilty as charged - DEMOCRAT.

  9. Dennis, give it up.

    You can't reason with douchebag Republican Tea Baggers.

    The Tea Bags blur their vision!

    This ass talks out of both sides of his ass. He said he was a woman, and a Democrat, now he's a he, and a Republican. Probably uses the TRANSGENDER bathrooms that they hate, too!

    He can't keep his lies straight.

    We miss you!

    Ken, stop this nonsense for Christ's sake.

  10. I have been accused of laughing to much in general, but HOLY CARP, this blog cracks me up. STOP IT, GUYS. I CAN'T BREATHE; LAUGHING TOO FREAKING HARD.


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