Friday, June 17, 2011

Trinity Catholic Academy Students Raise Funds For Tornado Victims

Kenneth M. O’Brien


Students at Trinity Catholic Academy in Southbridge, led by 11 year olds Grace Martinek and Anabelle Szydlik, have banded together to help victims of the recent tornado.

As of June 16, they had already raised $400.

I hope that those of you who are able will donate to this cause. It will not only help those in need, it will help instill the lessons of volunteerism in our younger generation.


Donations should be sent to:
Trinity Catholic Academy

Attn: Tornado Victims Fund

11 Pine Street

Southbridge, MA 01550

View The Students' Slide Presentation
(Click on the above link)


  1. It's nice to see something positive that our youths are doing to help others.

  2. Thanks for posting this was especially nice since neither Grace nor Anabelle were encouraged to do this...they saw the damage, and came up with the idea on their own...on Monday they plotted out what they wanted to do, and made brochures at the school to promote it..proud to say she's my daughter, and Anabelle, her friend...

  3. It's nice to know that some kids, even in this day and age, have kind and generous hearts, and think about people other than themselves.

    The members of our Southbridge government should take note, and learn a lesson from these children, instead of acting like children themselves.

    Thank you Grace and Anabelle for being so kind, caring and generous.

    I'm forwarding this story on to everyone I know on Facebook and Twitter, and I will encourage everyone else to pass it on to their friends, to make this a hugely successful viral campaign.

    For those of you reading this, if you can all do the same thing, these girls efforts can be much bigger than even they imagined.

    Send a check to the school--I'm writing one now--and let's see, if as a community, we can come together to help a great cause.

    Very proud, finally, of two people in this town.

  4. Even with all the drama that happened with the Official Disaster Relief Disaster, it's stuff like this that makes me SO PROUD TO BE FROM HERE. I think if we can make it so people like Grace and Anabelle actually want to stick around when they grow up we will be JUST FINE.

    your favorite neighborhood airhead & moron

  5. I agree with George. I'm finally proud of someone in town. Such young leaders led by what's right and decent.


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