Tuesday, June 14, 2011

UPDATE: The Southbridge Ballot SNAFU

Kenneth M. O’Brien

$1,543 – One Thousand, Five Hundred, Forty-Three Dollars.

That’s what it will cost taxpayers to print corrected ballots for the June 28 Town Election.

The issue was first reported in a prior post on this site (Breaking News: The Latest Snafu At The Southbridge Town Clerk's Office.) To date neither the Southbridge Evening News nor the Worcester Telegram & Gazette has reported the matter.

The estimated cost was provided by the office of Southbridge’s Finance Director.

It does not include the cost of mailing new absentee ballots.

Response to inquiries to other town officials have detailed the plan for correcting this latest black eye on the management of this town office – once the hallmark of integrity in the cesspool of Southbridge politics.

New ballots are being printed that will be distributed at polling places on June 28.

In that regard, no issue should arise (we hope).

As regards absentee ballots, new ballots will be mailed to those who have so requested. They will be of a different color and will contain a notice regarding the prior error and the need to submit a new ballot.

Absentee ballots received in the interim will be, I am told, “trashed”.

Any further developments will be available here at The O’Zone.


  1. Doesn't someone proof read things before they go out?

  2. I am concerned because absentee ballots went out to some, some have filled them out, and sent them back in. What happens to those who sent these in and have now either gone away on vacation, have gone back overseas, etc., and won't be here to get their mail! And now their ballots will be trashed and not count!

    The reason for absentee ballots is because the voter will not be here on election day! This is not fair to them, the voter. I guesss you could say I am a little upset over this. This shouldn't have happend.

  3. In these troubling financial times if our taxes are to be raised at every whim than the town's clerks office should be equally docked for financial errors. PAYROLL DEDUCTIONs for all those directly responsible. It's callled personal responsibility. We shouldn't have to pay for all the onging election errors coming from this office. Call it a Tax deferment for the people of Southbridge or the town clerk office offset but let them pay it what ever you call it and not us.

  4. This vendetta of yours, O'Quitter, has to end. You quit, she did her job, move on.


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