Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Who Owns Your Government?

Free Market Economy in Government

Kenneth M. O’Brien

There are 435 members of the
U. S. House of Representatives.

There are 100 U.S. Senators.

The base salary of either member of Congress is $174,000 per year. There are stipends that depend on chairmanships and leadership positions.

But let’s deal with the base of the rank and file.

The average population of a Congressional district is about 647,000. That means that, on average each congressman is beholden to the taxpayers in their district for about 27 cents of their salary per year.

On the Senate side we have state populations that vary widely. In fact, Wyoming has two Senators like every other state, but only one congressman.

As a result, the tax contribution by the public to senatorial salaries ranges from about 35 cents per Senator in Wyoming to about ½ cent per Senator in California.

There’s an old saying that “He who pays the piper calls the tune.”

So, anybody with half a brain has to conclude that the U.S government, on a national level, is a “pay to play” game.

There is little doubt that the allegiance of most members of the U. S. Congress is not to the taxpayers.

If it is, then let’s face a fundamental reality. The advocates of an unfettered “free market” have to be wrong! Immense amounts of money are being expended to secure jobs that provide remuneration that is pitifully miniscule relative to the cost of getting that job

One also has to ask to what extent the same fiscal insanity exists at the state and local level.

When I ran for state rep back in 1972 the position paid $12,000 per year. The combined cost of my primary and general election campaigns was less than $1,500.

Compare that to the (I am told) tens (perhaps hundreds) of thousands spent in the recent two campaigns for the State Representative seat in the Sixth Worcester District.

If you want to have a serious insight into who owns your government, at least at the national level, then allow me to recommend a source of information that will allow you to investigate the subject.

Maplight.org provides detailed information on each member of the U.S. House and Senate regarding who provided financing for their campaigns as well as how they voted on critical pieces of legislation.

Information is available from Massachusetts state sources (The Office of Political and Campaign Finance) as regards state and local races.

The process of political deceit has become increasingly sophisticated.

The only reasonable response of a responsible citizen has got be to at least attempt to know the facts.

As George Bernard Shaw observed, “Democracy is a system of government that guarantees that people get what they deserve.”


  1. "There’s an old saying that “He who pays the piper calls the tune.”" Yes, and this saying is as true today as it was when it was said in teh days of old.
    In Southbridge, Casella Waste Systems pays the costs of our Board of Health's Attorney, and for almost a year now, the Board of Health's own Attorney has been fighting the BoH's desire to clarify the Site Assignment status on the south side of Barefoot Road.
    Our own BoH has determined that there is NOT a site Assignment on the south side of barefoot Road, but their Attorney refuses to act on their ruling, and collected over $45,000. in legal fees for the first quarter of this year for his services that appear to protect the financial interests of Casella instead of the Health interests of the people of our Community.

    Please call Councilor Nikolla, Councilor Regis, Councilor Livengood, and Councilor Clemence and ask that they support our Board of Health and provide funding for an Attorney that will defend out community instead of the Casella shareholders.

  2. "There’s an old saying that “He who pays the piper calls the tune.”"

    Perhaps Detective Livengood should open an investigation into the leaky councilor situation, which was based in fact, and not some BS anonymous letter that he's trying to get traction on to help defeat those he doesn't like?

    How come this bozo only opens his mouth when he's trying to win an election, or help his buddies win an election?

    Speaking of which, what's with the love affair with Denise Clemence by Adam Silva?

    "She took me up her helicopter!".

    Yes, folks, she's one of us.

    Shouldn't Nikolla's sign say "shut the eff up, pigs?".

    By the way, are we taking public wagers on whose writing the letters again?

    Could it be the same imbecile who allegedly wrote to himself years ago, threatening himself?

    No names, of course. But he always uses his company's postage meter.

    Hard to deny that, isn't former councilor?

  3. Footnote:

    Why is it Councilor Clemence's cousin feels like she has to defend the TM from an opinion from Mike Marketti?

    What part of Editorial don't you get?

    You and your Cousin/Selectman/Housewife/End-user specialist/helicopter owner/down to Earth/average Southbridgian want to silence everybody critical of poor, poor, Chris.

    Clark should be apologing to US for the non-Access Road, the higher property, water and sewer taxes, his salary and company car, and the technology park that doesn't exist.

    I thought if we built it, they would come?

    Perhaps you meant the other term of endearment when one gets excited in the heat of passion?

    Can the SNEWS please silence their only letter writer? Adam, can you get her a helicopter ride from your new bestest friend, Denise, and tell her to stop writing to your paper?

  4. wow! sounds like dennis is back under the name joe mama? this is the way he wrote his posts, oh well if the shoe was on the other foot i am sure the words would be different. oh, now it is adam who will be no good now because he was able to get ariel photos? give me a break!


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