Friday, July 29, 2011

Do What You’re Told!!!

Kenneth M. O’Brien

Speaking as one the pigs or other barnyard animals now living in the “Animal Farm” of Casellaburg, I realize that my opinion has very little influence on our Clickolla led overlords.

Nevertheless, having outlined what I believe is coming to undermine the will of the people (once again), I was still taken aback in reading today’s newspaper.

In a front page article titled “Auditors: ‘Financial Management Is Sound’” it is noted, … Councilor Pam Regis, who serves as Webster’s town accountant by day….added, …, that bank checks would be better because “’with the economic times, there’s a high number of bad [personal] checks, and that’s a nightmare for the town.’”

Now, all communities and businesses confront the risk of bad checks. I also understand that, in such an event the victim imposes a fee and/or penalties. In the worst cases, the actions become the subject of criminal action.

However, the vast majority of people write legitimate checks. If this were not the case, then commerce would come to a grinding halt.

Nevertheless, we now have a councilor suggesting that all citizens should have to go to a bank and pay a premium to have a bank issued check issued on their behalf so that our generously paid (and still employed) town officials don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of the few who violate common practice.

Well, if this is the way things should work, then how about this; the next time there is a drug arrest in Southbridge, all citizens must report to the police station for mandatory drug testing for which they have to pay.

Clearly it is time to nip this pattern of subjugation in the bud.

With that in mind, I bring the following to your attention, courtesy of Raciel Fernandez:

United Southbridge has made a difference!  Let’s continue this progress together for the good of the town.  Let’s make our representatives accountable.  Accountability and knowledge were the keys to Monday’s surprise defeat of Smart Cart.  Each councilor knew that if they didn’t vote the right way, even after being presented with facts, the town would hold them accountable! 

Southbridge residents, please join US!  Let your voice finally be heard.  We will no longer tolerate Southbridge being in control of only a few special interests – it belongs to the people!  Our representatives represent US. 

United Southbridge is a non-partisan, multi-generational, multi-ethnic group from all walks of life joining forces to put our differences aside and face the critical challenges together that Southbridge faces!   United we’ll stand, divided we’ll fall!   All are welcomed!  United Southbridge meets at:

7:00 PM

Wednesday, August 3rd

The Arts Center

111 Main Street, Southbridge

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  1. The auditor said cash should be limited because of the possibility that a TOWN HALL Employee, usually described as hard working, responsible, could implement the strategy of one for the town and one for me. This town Council seemed to say - oh yeah that's right - employee theft we can't have that. Usually town council stands behind, or in some cases stand in front, of their town employees. However, this particular council doesn't seem to care who they throw under the bus as long as it isn't one of them. Then Regent Regis dubbed us all bad check writers. She suggested the punish us all theory for the small sample of bad checks that the town might/does get. With no regard to the bad check fee that covers those expenses she declares that no checks should be allowed. This insult makes me declare that she shouldn't have a vote on issues because it might/does result in bad decisions with no bad decision fee attached to it.

    Debit and credit payments all require technology that the town doesn't have. It would have to be purchased. So now are we are going to get the technology tax? It won't be a one time tax either because every time you pay your bill with a credit card fees for the transaction will be added to your bill to cover the cost of each transaction. NO THANK YOU!

    Why ? The auditor said Southbridge had a clean bill of health with nothing to be embarrassed about. However if this council implements this no cash (which is illegal) and no checks, besides further taxing and inconveniencing us, they are saying very loudly that they don't trust the people working for the town hall. They will be spreading Insults and bad feelings all around. What they are further saying is that if these people can't really be trusted with cash or checks YOU shouldn't trust them with YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO either.

    Anyone out there hungry for TOWN COUNCIL CAKE?


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