Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hello? Kathy Charette? Are You There?

Kenneth M. O’Brien

Earlier today the wife of the Southbridge Police Chief posted a comment on this site.

Responding to another frequent, oh so frequent, commenter, Mrs. Charette stated:

 ” Kathy Charette said...
Au contraire Ken, I disagree with your last post to Amelia. I completely agree with her. We're all grown-ups here and if there are consequences to a posting due to revelation of true identity then put on some big girl/boy underpants and deal with it.
I pay zero attention to any post with an anonymous signature. Ditto for that foolishness called "Sound Off". Grow a set people. You can bet if I had an issue with my "children's lives in school" or anywhere for that matter, I would take care of it myself and make sure it was no longer an issue. I'm gonna bet that if those types of intimidation are happening, the reason for it has risen to level higher than ramifications from signed blog posts. Amelia, you go girl. You are making the most sense of anyone who posts regularly here.”

I responded to her post as follows:

“Ken O'Brien said...

Thanks for commenting.

Now that you are here, why don’t you consult with your husband and provide us with answers to the following questions raised in this article?

Why was a relative of a town councilor allowed to profit from the sale of a liquor license after being busted for selling drugs while two decades ago another bar (Favreau’s Lounge) was peremptorily deprived of its license and all benefits in a similar case?

Why was a member of the police force, who was proven to have stolen, allowed to repay those funds and been allowed to depart to find employment elsewhere essentially scot free?

Why do we still have no answers about confiscated material from a rave at a local bar that may or may not have been drugs?

Why, after literally years, do we still have no answer to questions about the possible misappropriation of State-owned property (i.e. railroad steel) by the same people?

I’ll anxiously await your answers.”
My response was logged at 2:56 P. M.

I'm still waiting for an answer Kathy!!!


  1. It's high time (yes, I meant that that way it sounds!) that the Chief of Police of Southbridge is called to the carpet.

    He has gotten away with protecting his friends and his inner circle waaaaaay toooo long.

    Ken, you ask great questions, that his wife will no doubt touch.

    Doesn't she know that she can ask hubby to investigate, and he'll back into a search warrant to target those on his Nixon hate list?

    Two peas in a pod, those two. One allows his guys to break the laws and find ways to target an innocent priest, while the other blindly supports him.

    OK, that's love, I get that.

    But for God's sake, when will the AG and DA finally, finally! step in and investigate this loon? He does as he pleases.

    Nothing would please me more than watching him do the perp walk into jail, and then court.

    Or in his world:

    Get Ruettger to go to DA;

    Arrest, charge and convict him;

    Interrogate him;

    Intimidate him.

    Oh, wait, that's how Dan does it.

    So nice to see that we're protected by a two-faced scum!

    Don't worry, Ken, the ACLU is watching for him to react, and they'll bury him with a lawsuit. You have a First Amendment right to speech, even if Goober doesn't agree with you.

    Watch him walk right into this.

    Like he's done with others not on his force.


    Convicted of harassment and abuse of power, and gone by mid-next year.

  2. Another spineless coward posts without a name. Ken, I won't answer those questions because they are so far off base they don't deserve an answer. Plus, if you want to interrogate me about my own job, go for it and I'll talk all day. I will not answer for Dan, he's a big boy, he can do that himself. Why don't you all give him a call and ask him to his face?
    He's very willing to meet with any and all, and I think if you were a fly on our wall in our personal life you'd be very surprised at who our friends are.... not at all who you are thinking.
    I think you'd also be surprised at exactly what the DA and the AG is already aware of too.
    And, yes, I am here, but I have a very busy and fulfilling life that includes much more than following this blog 24/7, so, I may not respond right away if at all.
    The problem with all of the allegations raised here is that the whole story is never printed. There are loads of facts left out, but again, if you guys had any cojones you'd go straight to the source and ask him yourself.

    I know, I know... afraid of repurcussions, afraid you'll be investigated, blah blah blah...

    I also think it doesn't take a rocket scientist to decipher who Yacht Ark Teeth is either.. your style of writing gives you away, right down to the spacing of your paragraphs. As does yours Ken when you post on the T&G, etc.

    Sign me: Kathy Charette, AKA, Eyes Wide Open

  3. I noticed on THIS site that someone uses four dots, not three, like someone else did before. Turned out it wasn't who I thought it was as I later found out. It's very easy, ma'am, to copy someone elses style. Id be careful who i point the finger at. It's why I wonder if youre the real person or someone goofing on her? As someone else said, only in Soutjbridge.

  4. Anyone know if the Sox won today?

  5. Holy Snorg, you guys, I am *not* getting dragged into the middle of Other People's Drama again. I've had more than enough of that already this spring. Apparently there are those that are in the club and those that are out of the club, and if you can't choose a side and play nicely with your teammates, you have no business setting foot inside Town Hall.

    I've had it with the lot of you; I'm gonna go play Kitten War.

  6. Tom M.:
    There's a little thing called the IP address attached to emails!

  7. Ken time to give it a rest

  8. "The problem with all of the allegations raised here is that the whole story is never printed. There are loads of facts left out, but again, if you guys had any cojones you'd go straight to the source and ask him yourself."

    What a cop out (pun intended).

    Cathy, it's is your husband's JOB to report this information to the public and to the town and state liquor boards. He wasn't tight lipped about the Lazo's water main, Prebble's leftover donations or Martinek's upsetting blog, why so with someone dealing drugs to teenagers in a school zone while claiming that they had their building closed for vacation. Your husband was the one who said he would provide this information and share the test results and he hasn't done it.

    Now, who's the spineless coward?

  9. Stephanie J DeMartinoJuly 21, 2011 at 12:17 PM

    It sounds like Kathy Charette is a very angry or defensive then angry woman.
    As for Amelia, well she likes to start drama wherever she goes. ie. the billboard on Hook street empowering people to show ID, the warehouse debacle, and obsessing over other persons in town in positions of power or so they think they are in positions of power.
    If people choose to use their own pseudonymns for whatever reason that's their perogative and they should not be ridiculed for it if they are debating the issues at hand in a mature fashion, however if they choose to outright attack others' opinions, then they should at the very least sign their name otherwise not post. Every person deserves the right to be respected so long as each person respects others' rights to freedom of speech.

  10. Ms DeMartino spouts opinions like toilet paper; there's plenty there, but in the end, it's just to wipe the crap off of her.

  11. Guys, this is Dennis...the guy with the three dots who breaks apart his sentences (like some others seem to like copying right now...thanks for trying to emulate me, but let's stop confusing everyone, shall we?).

    A couple of things:

    1. As for Anonymous, I constantly went back and forth with that. I do understand why some people like to be Anonymous, but at least come up with a clever "handle". Back in the days of CB Radios, as well as more recently with email, people have the ability to stay anonymous while at least being known, to a certain degree.

    2. As for the last comment, I don't care if it's directed at Stephanie, Kathy, or anyone else, it's way out of line and inappopriate. It serves no purpose and its mean spirited.

    3. We did sign off on the recommendations, and it sat all this time. I am actually glad that Chairwoman Nikkola is moving this on, as it needs finality.

    4. Who among us has never been mad or angry, or spouted off? Let's lay off a little, shall we folks?

    5. It's not Kathy's job to defend her husband's job. I wouldn't direct questions to Kathy that are meant for Dan.

    6. I'm responding here to a couple of blog entries, BTW. The reason, Steph, that we didn't go, or let me speak for myself, that I didn't go is that I didn't know it was coming up, but that's not an excuse. Had I known, I still wouldn't have gone. We made our recommendations, and I don't want to, after a year or so, be the cause of any angst. We had a chairman and vice-chairman that can speak well to any questions anyone has.

    In the end, these CRC recommendations need closure.

    I'm purposely not getting involved in town politics. I've mended some fences with some people, and really, I care more about leading a happy and productive life than going back and forth...but I thought some of these things needed to be said.

    Hopefully, you'll agree, and if not, that's ok.

  12. "As for the last comment, I don't care if it's directed at Stephanie, Kathy, or anyone else, it's way out of line and inappopriate. It serves no purpose and it's mean spirited."


    I don't always agree with Dennis, and I don't always agree with Stephanie, but the outrageous post made by 'anonymous' says more about the person that made that post than it says about his or her victim. It demonstrates immaturity, bad taste, and a shallow perception.

    Stephanie is working hard to help the tornado victims, she strives to secure the public health, and she is trying to make Southbridge a better place. If more people were involved as she is, this would be a better place to live.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. This Blog is only strange when people leave messages for each other as if it is a community bulletin board. Perhaps in some ways it is, but I find the subject of the wife of the Police Chief, if the poster is indeed the First Lady of the Police Department, to be remarkable.

    If Mrs. Charette is indeed being told by someone about communications between the Attorney General, the District Attorney, and whomever else, shouldn't we all know about it? Of course not, the law is that even she is not supposed to know, but her claims should be investigated, shouldn't they? The AG and the DA should at least be informed that law Enforcement business is being used by the First Lady of the Police Department to make her political insults more poisonous within a Blog.

    Should the Commonwealth consider the Spencer solution used a number of years ago to ensure professionalism? I don't know if it is illegal to impersonate a Police Officer's wife, but if that was really Mrs. Charette, we have a very serious security problem in the SPD that should be addressed at Citizen's Forum.

  15. Guys, can we stop focusing on the absurd?

    Going to Citizens Forum?

    Please...this is getting stupid.

    Take it from someone who, as a private citizen, was attacked from's not appropriate to bring something like that up in that format.

    Can you guys/gals get back to the issues?

  16. If I had a Dollar for every time Dennis has been to Citizen's forum, I'd have enough to buy a cup of coffee-maybe two cups if I go to McDonald's.

    The Council won't do anything about the Chief sharing confidential information with his wife unless the entire town knows that they know. The best way to get information out to the people of Southbridge is by speaking at Citizen's Forum. It is on the air twice a day, and there are twice as many cable subscribers as there are newspaper subscribers.

    The Council was not nice to Dennis because his Blog allowed people to express themselves. I doubt that last post was really from Dennis because it states that speaking out is stupid-and the new Dennis doesn't deliver such insulting commentary, he is a peace maker. Besides, Dennis has never served as an elected councilor and would speak so rudely about something he knows so little about.

    Certainly one should not call the Police Department and report the Police Chief for discussing official business with his wife. If you know an out of town Police officer, ask them how to proceed-as publicly as possible will be the answer. Don't exaggerate-just the facts.

  17. (would not speak so rudely about a subject that he knows so little aboout)

  18. Yes, I am focused on trying to do things in a more productive manner. I plead guilty.

    But no, I didn't sa speaking out was stupid--please read again.

    I said this situation is getting stupid. You're crucifying someone--for speaking out. That's disingenuous.

    I've been attacked from Citizens Forum. It was wrong then, its wrong now. I don't have to agree with the chief, but Kathy isn't the chief.

    You're trying to make a Lexus out of a KIA.

    Anyone who goes to CF on this issue will look and sound foolish. The chair will and should gavel someone down, which didn't happen with me, since it's boot town business.

    Sorry if reason disappoints some, but looking the fool helps no one.

  19. Looking the fool might get you kicked off the town's website, but it did accomplish things. For example, I doubt Catherine the not-so-great would have won if SOS was there to remind people about Catherine.

    Mrs. Charette essentially revealed that confidential information isn't being kept confidential at the SPD. If Catherine gavels a citizen for expressing concerns about a lack of security at the SPD, the speaker will not look foolish-the Chairman would look foolish and Dictatorial. This is much more serious than a leak from an executive session, and nobody in the history of Southbridge was more expressive about that leak than Mr. Martinek. Just because that leak was inconclusive, this leak will not be. Either a BS artist is impersonating Mrs. Charette, which is what I believe to be the case, or there is a security issue that requires investigation. Blogspot is a very co-operative venue that will release the IP address involved.

    Dennis, you Blog as much now as you sometimes did while being the Skipper of Speak Out Southbridge. Maybe you ought to take it out of Mouthballs, and then we can have two superior minds tickling our curiosity.

  20. If someone wants to make note of inappropriate situations from Citizen's Forum, let it be about the taking of over a half million Dollars without the required six votes.

    If the accounts of the general government meeting are to be believed, they want to increase the number of votes to fire the town manager from five votes to six Council votes, but where six votes were required to take that money from the landfill enterprise fund, they decided that five votes were good enough.

  21. In hindsight, name me one thing it accomplished?

  22. Just off the top of my head:

    1. It kept a rotten Apple from remaining on the Town Council, and could have elected Gary Fontaine in the last election.

    2. It exposed the closet fascists on the Council. Sadly it also exposed an unwillingness in others to take a stand, too.

    3. It reported REAL news that would otherwise never have been revealed in the local media, thereby helping enhance the ability of the electorate to discern truth from fiction & political puffery.

    4. You or your contributors often made people laugh, which is excellent medicine.

    5. You helped make it obvious that the threat of rapid Landfill expansion brought real estate values down many times more than the revenue it will bring into the town's coffers.

    This Blog is very capable, and has strengths of its own, but when you weren't too full of yourself and even sometimes when you were, you were providing an excellent service to your community and it was greatly appreciated by good people and a threat to the people that aren't all that wonderful.

  23. Very well said.

  24. I meant to say thanks, but no, it won't come out of mothballs. I don't wish to be known for, as you said, being full of myself. I did learn a great lesson about who your friends are...and aren't.

  25. Dennis, you have been as full of yourself in this Blog when you played the part of Chief Collaborator while at the same time ignoring good ideas because they were presented under an anonymous moniker, in fact, very good ideas, such as returning to the old town meeting/ selectman method of governance.

    If well over half of the town came out to vote, like we do in Presidential races, your collaborator position might be the "good sport" way of going about local politics, but in fact less than one in five voters came out in the recent local election, which in many democracies would nullify an election. When well over half of the active voters in a local election are friends and family of town employees, we do not have a democratic government verified with the consent of the governed-we have an oligarchy that ought to make the labor movement green with envy because all we actually we have is an oligarchy with the consent of the town employees and their familes.

    Personally, I do not count my online friends on Facebook and the blogosphere "actual" friends. At one time a close former friend of yours on the Council unfairly influenced Police powers to drag you into Court with petty charges not even worthy of Police involvement. THAT is an excellent example of somebody not being your friend. Who were the people you turned to at the time? Those are your closest friends.

    Dennis, you are smart, witty, and you have a strong sense of justice, but journalism and punditry are two very different skill sets. The good news is that one does not need (possibly should not) to master both. A good Journalist best influences the body politic by reporting crisp, simple truth, and SOS often did that well. If a friend that appreciates and embraces the journalist sneers at the pundit, perhaps they are doing you a favor? Maybe you quit doing what you are best at before you discovered how to do the other?

    A friend is not someone that agrees with you all the time. A true friend is not someone that will always tell you what you want to hear. A true friend will tell what you don't want to hear.

  26. My friends often disagree with me, that is what a friend is. A friend is not an online friend, that I agree with, and didn't infer or mean to, otherwise. In fact, I appreciate articulate candor. It expands the mind. If by Chie Collaborator you mean identifying that the methods that failed and are doomed to keep failing, and you need another way to force change, in a non-violent way, I plead guilty to being CC.

    In the same vein that you explained to me what a friend is, its also NOT someone that can't accept that I think the ways of the past have not and will not work. Embarrassing those in power doesn't work. To achieve anything in life, you have to find a middle road. Look at Congress today. I haven't changed how I feel about issues, but how I approach them.

    If you can't accept me for who I am, that's your loss, not mine. I am the only one who should have feelings about AV. We bumped into each some time ago, and it's in the past. I blame the chief, but not his wife. I have spoken with Cathy Nikolla...if that lessens me in your eyes,oh, well...

    Have a great day,

    Good luck to all!

  27. Embarrassing people in power with ridicule and name calling may not be effective or even necessary, and that was expressed when it was happening.

    However, when the people in power are in the process of making very poor decisions, being constructively critical of their terrible decisions are essential to our health and happiness.

    The measure of success or failure is not determined by observing who gets elected, it is measured by the choices of those that make the decisions. An example of a bad decision of the past that has been kept at bay for three years by the successful legal machinations of the RATS is the decision of the town council to use up the landfill in under ten years by allowing billions of pounds of other peoples trash. A more current example is the scheme to sell Charlton water on the cheap by using the problematic chemical chloramine. Then there is the proposal to limit who can run for office based on financial considerations. I look forward to the legal opinion that verifies that as a lawful action.

    You are entitled to have feelings about AV, but we are all entitled to be outraged that our money was used to persecute you or anyone else in that manner. Persecutions continue, currently a local Clergyman is in their scope.

    Dennis, the methods you call for are appropriate when dealing with a government that follows the rules, but when a government fails to act in a lawful manner, the solution is not to put on rose colored glasses and compromise with garish government, the cure is to bring in more light.

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant of bad government. It will not require foul language and name calling to neutralize our dysfunctional town government and repair the tear. All that is required is to better inform the electorate, which is best done by bringing attention to the poor choices of those that remain in power. So we need more opposition, not less. The reason that we have such a low turnout is that so many people have walked away from local government because they find the leadership as to be clueless, but now our local government has become dangerous.

    There is nothing wrong with speaking with Catherine Nikolla, I hope you had some influence on her. Perhaps with experience she will learn to listen to people that have an agenda- our own personal health.

    If they actually allow chorlamines to flow through our pipes, which will be a catalyst to release the lead in our pipes into our bodies, it will be time for another local election in the fall, and We the People don't only have a right to do that, We have a responsibility.

  28. Well, I appreciate your thoughts. Do you have any suggestions as to how best to try and convince those not in agreement as to the validity of your positions? I don't think it's rose colored glasses (but I see why ulu say that) so much as finding another way to present your case.

    Doing something over and over again, that doesn't work, with the expectation of a different outcome, is the definition of insanity.

    Yes, I had a very pleasant two-hour conversation with Cathy. She at least took the time to pay a compliment to my daughter, which we both appreciated (Grace and I), and we spoke about the issues.

    We may not always agree on issues, but she can be very pleasant. I made a suggestion I won't mention here, but I hope for everyones sake, she goes with it.

    Thanks again.

  29. Once again, very well stated. The government of Southbridge is playing games with the health concerns of our community and doing so as a result of obscene financial mismanagement, poorly negotiated contracts and the influence of a private corporation with an abysmal track record. The opposition to this corruption should be relentless. If Cathy Nikkola pushes SmartCart, she needs to be made to explain why she is helping a private interest to the detriment of the town and our existing contract with Casella. If she pushes Chloramines, there needs to be a concerted effort to have her removed immediately via recall. If properly informed and energized, the local electorate is very capable of achieving this. Nobody wants kids and elderly getting put at increased risk for cancer and Alzheimer's. Nobody wants to pay thousands of dollars for a home filter to protect their loved ones.

  30. Way to go, Dennis, abandoned by all your so-called friends and supporters!

  31. Anonymous number 8, I respectfully disagree with you, as I sometimes respectfully disagree with Dennis, Mr. Martinek is not abandoned by his colleagues. Perhaps some people are disappointed by what he has said at times, but I have been disappointed with myself by not saying things as well as I would have liked to.

    People can disagree whole heartedly on how to accomplish identical goals. Shooting down new ideas is a local tradition, perhaps a tradition that should be bucked more often.

    Although there was some huffing and puffing heard from the dais tonight, Councilor Nikolla demonstrated a cordial attitude toward the speakers at the Podium, and she listened to her constituents patiently after over three hours in a hot MacKinnon Chamber. Seven Councilors openly reasoned with concerned citizen's, and a wise decision was made.

    Although it was an uncomfortable long town council meeting tonight, it was one of the better local examples of how reasoning together can yield sensible results.

    If the Chloramine issue can be approached in a similar fashion, and six councilors can be convinced to ask Mr. Clark to postpone the chloramine commencement until a time closer to the deadline, that would be a very prudent decision worthy of our respect.


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