Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Obama Town Council

James J. “Joe” Marino
Guest Contributor

Why are our taxes the highest in the area and our sewer and water rates out of sight? The answer is simple. We have a liberal council with the mind set of Barack Obama , just keep spending and spending our tax dollars. We have a town manager who hasn’t seen a tax he doesn’t like and a town council who goes along to get along to take care of their friends and relatives. We have a council with no backbone to make cuts and who are only thinking of themselves to get reelected.

Barack Obama forgave a billion dollar loan to his Muslim friends and we who are on social security can’t even get a pay raise. If we can’t get a pay raise why is the town council giving out pay raises and ridiculous contracts?

The Obama town council had no business getting involved with the contract between Big Bunny and the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Southbridge is a welfare town and we can’t afford to give (so-called) free rent to bail out the State. Let’s see if this deal was free. The RMV gets the first three years free, and a good deal on the next seven years. It was free for the RMV but not for us taxpayers. We have to take care of most of the maintenance, that’s not free. When the seniors were forced to move to the Armory the director got a fourteen thousand dollar ($14,000) pay raise. That certainly wasn’t free. I’m sure that there are other hidden costs that we don’t know of. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that there are no free lunches. Not long after the contract was signed the RMV hired a whole bunch of new help, all on the backs of the Southbridge taxpayers. When the boys in Boston heard of this deal they must have had a good laugh, and they will be laughing at us for the next ten years.

Since the 1996 contract with Wood Recycling to the present twenty-nine year contract with Casella, the town council has been made fools of. That includes the Planning Board and the Board of Health. Everyone was so anxious to get into Casella’s back pocket that they forgot to fight for the real money that we should have gotten. I always wondered about some of the councilors who were against the dump and the access road before they were for it. The stink didn’t always come from the garbage dump, With Southbridge holding the cards and everything in our favor, why would anyone vote for a twenty-nine year contract? Of course we have a couple of councilors who aren’t in their right mind. The Casella group must still be laughing.

At a time when things are tough you would think that the Obama council would cut back on spending and put a freeze on salaries. But not this council – they just keep spending. They gave a pay raise to the town manager close to what the Governor makes. Plus we pay for his car, his gas and seventy-five percent of his health insurance. Not bad for a welfare town.

Now we have a new DPW director, Tom Daley, who makes over $100,000 plus all the liberal benefits. Tom Daley doesn’t want to move to Southbridge for two years so the town council gives him an extra $3,000 for gas money to get to Southbridge. You talk about stupidity. The council should have told Tom Daley, “If you don’t want to move to Southbridge, you pay for your own gas.” I would like to know if Cathy Nikolla’s employer pays her gas money to get to work, or if the Town of Webster pays Pam Regis extra money for gas, or if Raytheon paid Rich Logan extra gas money?

It was P. T. Barnum who said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” When you look at the Casella deal, the RMV deal and these ridiculous contracts, you have to say, “Yep, P.T., you were right. Just look at our town council.

Unfortunately the latest election has done little to reverse this trend. There’s no sign that taxes will be cut or that water and sewer rates will be less. There’s no sign that anybody realizes how stupid it is to build a seventy million dollar school between a toxic dump and the sewer beds.

I suspect that we are looking at a continuation of the Obama town council, but this time on steroids.


  1. Wow, am I ever glad I left the Republican Party!

    Joe, trying to tie Barack Obama to the "liberal" Town Council?

    You have many Independents, and most that aren't, or haven't been, the last year were Republicans, or Republican leaning, on the Town Council.

    Lazo and Livengood, Republican.

    Clemence and Nikola, I believe are Independents, but appear to lean Right.

    I know that Logan was a Democrat.

    But to call the Council "liberal" is outright ridiculous.

    There is certainly a lot of taxing and spending, with that I'll agree.

    This Republican Rant about forgiving debt to Obama's "Muslim friends"? Did we learn nothing from the racist billboard in town, and second, what does that have to do with our town council?

    Are you saying ALL Muslims are bad because of 9/11? Aren't we ALL God's children, made in his likeness?

    Or just the WASP's in Southbridge?

    You're comparing the Bruins to Martina Navratalova.

    Joe, I know you mean well, but the manifesto here is just all over the place, filled with regurgatated GOP talking points and trying to connect the dots where there are none.

    Obama is at the Federal level, and he is our president, whether or not you or I like him.

    Locally, these are our town councilors, and the efforts of the miniscule GOP party in town, if they want to have an effect, should do something (but we both know they can't).

    Elect Republicans. Just remember, as elephants never forget, neither do open-minded people who realize, in this community, that it's the GOP that's helped get us here on the local level.

    The Town Council is supposed to be non-partisan, by the way.

    This is just all over the place, asking silly rhetorical questions about Pam Regis, Cathy Nikolla and Rich Logan's gas.

    It's the inference of wrongdoing with no gun, let alone a smoking gun, that people like me are getting sick and tired of. Your candidate, Peter "one-term" Durant is quite good at it.

    In the end Joe, no need to respond, since I'm aware of some of the "polite" things you've said about me behind my back, but won't say to my face.

    To my credit, anything I say about you, I will gladly say directly to your face.

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion (although it's hard to follow), but your bigotry against all Muslims shows that the Tea Party has plenty of trail mix, loaded with one too many nuts.

  2. Wow, a "Liberal" town council? Who knew???? They don't look liberal to me. They look like a bunch of good old boys/girls... more interested in their own financial interests and those of their "buddies". Another president from the not so distant past comes to mind.... the one who got us into the wars that are bankrupting this country... and rightly so. Time to pay the piper, killing isn't free... maybe next time who ever is president will think twice about starting another war. As far as the "muslims" that is just beyond silly. Guess you don't mind cheap oil from them though? That is the real reason US presidents tend to get involved in the Middle East... that and their very expensive "friend" - Israel. Wonder how many billions they got this year?

  3. Only in America, on the same day, could Joe Marino call the Town Council Liberal and try to tie Obama and Muslims into the mix, and Casey Anthony get acquitted for murdering her own daughter.

    These two items show that this world isn't going to hell in a handbasket.

    It shows that we're already there!

  4. I agree, Mr. Marino, that this council has been the tax and spend council of the decade. But, respectfully, to attempt to rewrite any historical reference -- the fact that this last decade the town has been ruled and run by the Republican Party -- is ludicrous. It denies all reality and fact. As a (proud) liberal, I see no resemblance in my beliefs to anything this council has done since I moved here 9 years ago. Mr. Logan was the closest one I was able to relate to and now he's gone. Mr. Logan was also trying to reduce the spending and taxing part, remember?

    I feel bad that you did't get a raise in your social security -- a socialist, liberal benefit from our government, by the way -- but blaming one man is not right. After all, last I checked, it's Mr. Obama who is actually trying to save your social security, while the Tea Party and Republicans have been hell-bent on destroying it for years.

    Good luck. And I hope, as most left leaning people hope, that you do get that raise to help out with the increasing cost of living. But if not, that we join forces to figure out how to reduce the tax burden to people like yourself in this town.

  5. Is it any wonder people laugh at the Tea Baggers?

    Such blatant vitriol from the former councilor who leaked Executive Session notes and lost election because of it.

    Mr. Marino, you're part of the problem, most definitely not part of the solution.

    How dare YOU criticize any member of any Council, Mr. Perfect!

    This is the pot calling the kettle black.

    Tea Baggers and Republicans, just fade away please!

  6. this was labeled As :
    2011 election, Casella, Nikolla, RMV, Southbridge, Tom Daley, town manager

    A poster who thrives on the provacative edge comments on everything but what this post was labeled.
    His democratic pied pipering has you all following his lead and missing the stated bigger picture.

    Fiction Re - " Did we learn nothing from the racist billboard in town? " What Racist billboard?
    Truth : Only Alicea supports believed this because it was race baiting for his political cause. The biggest supporters of Alicea unfortunately keep perpetuating this lie hoping someone will believe it.

    More Truth: This billboard had the names of two organizations responsible for it listed on the billboard. Only a fool, or more likely a political tool, would actually believe that this billboard was put up anonymously or would further blame anyone else other than the two organizations listed on the billboard.

    Fiction - " It's been a republican council - " No side with Butch McDonald supporting it has ever been called that before!
    Truth - "The Town Council is supposed to be non-partisan, by the way."

    Fiction - Joe is a tea party member member
    Truth - Joe has been a staunch Republican for a very long time.

    Fiction - Obama has cut spending, reduced taxes, and reduced the deficit by more than he has increased it.
    Truth - This last council has not cut spending, it has raised taxes. It has borrowed from our future to pay for today. It is following the Obama economic playbook to a tee.

    The analogy of an Obama council is quite accurate! An attack on the author of this post by taking him literally rather than the implied figurative narrative is just a cheap partisan attack on the opposing party and nothing more.

  7. Fact: most Tea Baggers, like Joe, are Republicans.

    Fact: Marino admitted leaking Executive Session material.

    Fact: Tea Baggers continue to deny said billboard was to intimidate Hispanic community.

    Fact: A poster who thrives on the political edge who needs to get a job, and a life.

    Fact: Republicans are Tea Baggers and vice versa. Durante goons (supporters) keep denying and perpetuating the myth they aren't racist bigots. They are.

  8. Ken,

    That is a pretty strong accusation that your last commenter made about being a Peter Durant supporter. Who is he/she to make such accusations as all his supporters are bigots and racists?

    I respect that you allow people's comments to be posted without approval first, and by doing so you make it clear:

    "Your comments are always welcome, but please avoid libelous material which will result in editing or exclusion"

    Yet you allow such a strong statement as the one made by "Byte. M. Ehard" (the last paragraph)

  9. Funny that you didn't find the comment by "Anonymous" prior to that comment offensive. But that's the way of people that only want their side heard. Keep up the great work, ken. The Tea Party is full of a bunch of phonies, and people like Durant are the leader of their pack, as her posting shows. He's a thin-skinned individual with others doing his bidding for him. Defend your boy, just don't offend him?

  10. PS Where does he say ALL his supporters are bigots and racists? Typical of people that read and can't digest the content, but take it and libel other people who point out the facts. Maybe get your facts straight before you go on the attack.

  11. Morning Ken
    Everyone knows who and what Joe Marino is...we do not need to say anymore..It dosnt make one differance about which party you may be a member of...bottom line is council not doing the will of the people...too many personal agendas take place on all sides...its not about what is good for the community or if the community can afford it. On another note were is the receration committee no concert on the commons, no nothing... are they going to blame the lack of money from the town...how about doing a fund raiser of some sort as other towns do..Maybe it time to dis-band this group and start over...you know what... shut the lights if you are the last one leaving the town...because it shows NO ONE CARES...including me...the bad has gone on way to long...

  12. Anonymous says: "Truth - 'The Town Council is supposed to be non-partisan, by the way.'"

    Fact: The elections are non-partisan, people and parties are not. The term non-partisan means that the election is not subject to a primary or based along party lines however, the people who occupy office can be partisan.

    Are you going to try and convince us that "Ron Che" wasn't acting like a conservative Republican when he was on the coouncil? Was Joe Marino when he was?

    You certainly don't understand politics that's for sure.

  13. This piece is written by a bitter, out of touch old man who failed on the council by flapping his gums. Why should we care what he says now?


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