Monday, August 1, 2011

Resign Or Else!!!

Kenneth M. O’Brien


Responding to a request from the town manager, Board of Health member Anne Beinema, accompanied by her husband, attended a meeting with him at the town hall today (August 1) at 4 p.m.

Upon her arrival, she found that Police Chief Dan Charette also attended the meeting.

In essence she was told that she was being investigated for conflict of interest for having been party to the citizen lawsuit against the town and Casella. This was despite the fact that she had withdrawn her name some time ago.

Regardless of this fact, she was told that if she did not resign her position on the Board of Health immediately, the matter would be taken to the media.

When asked who had filed a complaint resulting in such an investigation, the Beinemas were told that it was not being revealed.

To their everlasting credit, the Beinemas essentially told the town mangler and the chief of intimidation to go ahead with their threats.

According to as yet unverified reports, pressure is also being applied to the other BOH member Bernadone to resign as well.


  1. Now! Now it is time for outrage! Now it's time that the call for the town manager to resign begins. Now it is time that our target is the police chief himself. We won't rest until he's dismissed. Crackheads running free on Main Street while he hides in the bushes investigating one of only two members on the board of health that are actually looking out for our health. Deplorable! Anne, along with Rinaldo, have kept Casella and their town minions at bay, while the ex chair and so called Health Director undermined their efforts.

    The campaign against these people begins at 7pm tomorrow at the EHS meeting. Be there!!

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  3. Theeeeeere back!

  4. Last I checked the conflict of interest law in Massachusetts fell under the jurisdiction of the State Ethics Committee. Here's a link to a handy pamphlet. Of course someone would have to raise a complaint to them. Oh, and they always maintain confidentiality. There is a potential that your town manager and Police Chief just violated the ethics laws themselves by doing this. Someone might want to contact the Ethics Commission.

  5. Being that I'm a disinterested 3rd party in all of this (aside from the acknowledged fact that I do not support the addition of Chloramine into our water supply) I have to say if anyone is in danger of an ethics violation here, it would be the Town Manager, not necessarily the Police Chief.

    I cannot personally vouch for the veracity of anything Mr. O'Brien posts here, nor was I a party at this alleged meeting, so the following is all wonton speculation on my part. That being said, here goes:

    Chief Charette is a town employee, and as such, he reports to Mr. Clark. Mr. Clark asked him to come to a meeting at the Town Hall, so he did. At the meeting, Mr. Charette finds Mr. Clark in attendance, along with the Beinemas. Mr. Clark does his "resign or I will have you investigated" song & dance, Mr. Charette watches his boss, looks at his watch from time to time, ponders ordering a sandwich when he gets back to his office, and wonders why his boss is making him sit through a meeting that so obviously does not affect him personally, or has any bearing whatsoever on his job function as the Chief of Police. What a waste of his time, am I right?

    Funny side story here: a really interesting lawyer I know used to work for the State Ethics Commission, and it just so happens we got to talking about his days on the Commission when we spoke about something unrelated on the phone last week. The funny thing about conflicts of interest and the State Ethics Commission is that they're reported and investigated in a *very specific* way. A municipal appointee, a municipal employee, or even an elected official does not need to be notified about an ethics investigation. In fact, it's better if they're not notified. Actually, you can even report ethics violations ANONYMOUSLY! True fact!

    I was wicked surprised by that last part, but when I looked on, I saw it was true. They even have a toll-free number you can call:

    Anyhow, I'm sure Mr. Clark is a very smart man, and I doubt he would do something so ham-handed and so obviously politically motivated as this. I mean, he's not even a politician, right? He's a town employee. I think Mr. O'Brien here must be confused somehow. If you're going to be *that* underhanded and unethical, you need to at least be good at it.

    Mr. Gonyea, that pamphlet you linked to was fascinating. I was particularly interested in page 10, myself.

  6. the pigs talk, the cows talk, the horses talk too..."August 1, 2011 at 10:31 PM

    Unbelievable! My Confidence is waning and certainly not restoring.

    Well, theres goes the Neighborhood.

    Raciel is right - It's time for all the barn yard animals to get together at the EHS Meeting and get "Down on the Farm."

    Ethics violations take too long and are only a slap on the wrist.

    Go to the meeting and leave something for them to step in.

  7. John P. FitzgeraldAugust 1, 2011 at 11:04 PM

    Finally, something I agree with you on! Purge the scum!

  8. Plenitudinem potestatis simpliciter corrumpit!

  9. The Bird is the WordAugust 1, 2011 at 11:57 PM

    Charette needs to be fired. Corrupt and incompetent. There are good cops here that deserve better. Clark is a pathetic shill.

  10. Heh.

    Meliores Southbridge. Nulla Tempus est Phasellus.

  11. Surrender KiristieAugust 2, 2011 at 12:32 AM

    Hey Bird-mark my words, Danny Charette is going to be our next town manager, and he'll be getting double retirement checks and maybe even a statue next to Felix.

  12. Its about time that the town does something about Queen Ann rumor has it that she is guided by the pro bono person but time will tell. Thank you town is the King no more supporting his sister the recording secretary. talk about a conflict of interest

  13. So ... Chris Clark makes the removal of her name from the lawsuit as condition for her appointment. Now he wants to remove her for following his own condition for the appointment?

    Talk about trying to have things both ways!

  14. "Go Pat Fitzgayraldbug (?three names-one i.p. address)", isn't it great that Quackers O'Liary, the guy that hired Rinaldo's sister, decided to leave because he knew he couldn't keep getting away with his continued obstruction of the board of health's mission??

    Rinaldo abstained from voting to hire his sister, so in what way was that a conflict?

  15. John P. FitzgeraldAugust 2, 2011 at 5:48 PM

    Shall I take a stab? JP and every anonymous writer? Just a guess, of course. Sorry you're wrong again, as usual.

  16. JPF, there you go again with your JP obsession-he isn't the issue, his facts are spot on, but you throw out misinformation from various names habitually, and it is laughable. You said you live in Charlton, so how do you get to watch our Cable Access?

    No wonder you don't use your real name. You are too embarrassed to admit who you are.

  17. John P. FitzgeraldAugust 2, 2011 at 11:45 PM

    If you could follow the dots, I never said I lived in Charlton. If you had a brain, you might have figured out by now that my significant other lives in Southbridge, which is how I get to see your awful meetings. My name is real. Raid? Is that your birth name. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Theres only one person I know who would say JP is spot on. The only one with an obsession is you. Thanks for your man crush, but I don't swing that way. Sorry. Well, not really sorry.

  18. JPF /Smug Bug/Pats(probaby others)- if I didn't work for this town, I could reveal who I am, but I'd lose my position for some made up reason.

    You constantly provide misinformation about Rinaldo, Ann,& JP. Anyone that knows what has been happening sees right through your propaganda protecting the Vermont vultures and their local minions. You put down everyone that has revealed the landfill inadequacies.

    Nobody is obsessed with you, your bug posts, or your Go Pat posts- only annoyed with your story telling. If Ann and Rinaldo are guilty of anything, it is that they didn't get on the other board of health member enough for failing to protect the people of Southbridge from the various violations and obvious health risks.

    You'd think that from your many names, you'd be able to answer a question you have been asked on numerous occasions-name one fact that JP has presented at citizen's forum that was not true-just one. this is the 4th time you have been asked. Name one thing that Ann or Rinaldo has done ion the board of health that was inappropriate. Be advised that there was not one case in the board of health minutes in the past eight years of a month in which there was not a meeting-not one case-you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

  19. Raid and others...

    "...neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you."

    - KJV, Matthew 7:6

  20. Just to keep the discussion moving forward, I would like to share with you folks that earlier this week I called my pediatrician with my concerns about the upcoming Chloramine conversion and I got a pair of lab orders to do a baseline lead test on each of my kids, no questions asked.

    It's too bad she doesn't live in Southbridge. Smart, compassionate people who genuinely care about the concerns of parents with small children (not to mention women of childbearing age, landlords who rent to families, biz owners, farmers & gardeners, beer brewers, and so forth) seem to be at a premium around here.

  21. John P. FitzgeraldAugust 3, 2011 at 2:53 AM

    Rev. JJ/JP:

    I asked you for ONE example and this is the best you can do? Please. I support Ann and Rinaldo, but you're too dumb to even bother to ask. Go back to your BS sad tales of arsenic poisoning. Better yet become the flare monitor. If you could bottle the lies that you spout it would make you a wealthy man. Canned BS is a great novelty item after all. How's that " story" you made up about trash not being picked up going, or those deep pocketed people who don't exist, or Dana Farbers "actionable" case? What was it like at Area 51 when you met those Martians? Who did kill Kennedy? Tell us how Bush himself brought down the twin towers? You lie and are a conspiracy nut. Not shut up and go home. Everyone i know is tired of you. Shoo!

  22. The landfill flare has failed so many times (well over 20 !) that the conspiracy story published in the "Southbridge News" that implied the flare was turned off with an imaginary key the most incredible fiction ever published in that paper.

    Last September the hydrogen sulfide scrubber blew up and its top flew well over a hundred feet away-thank the good Lord it didn't fly into the window of a passing school bus!

    I have known John for over thirty-five years, I wish I listened to his conspiracy theory that "they" are weakening our currency and gold will be going way up in price.

    As I recall, there were a half dozen very deep pocketed people at the landfill hearings-many are on the lawsuit against the poorly conducted landfill site assignment.

    Mr. Clark is probably sick of listening to Pulawski and others, too. many of us have landfill fatigue. You are sick of JP, I am sick of Clemence, Nikolaa, and Clark-oh, and you.

    And Apple of your own eye, please JUST ONE example without your diversionary conspiracy theories?

  23. John P. FitzgeraldAugust 3, 2011 at 5:09 AM

    Rev JJ/JP/Apple Dewormer:

    "And Apple of your own eye, please JUST ONE example without your diversionary conspiracy theories?"

    I read this paragraph and don't understand one word of it. I am the Apple of my own eye? What does that mean? I have no conspiracy theories. It is you sir who offers nothing but conspiracies. Don't you mean you have known him your whole life? Finally, where were your deep pocketed know it all's? What'd they contribute to the cause? Keep guessing, pal, you're sniffing on the wrong path but it's a joy to observe. Too bad you're not in the Tea Party. We might finally meet! In the meantime let your imagination run wild. Final hint, there.

  24. Show me the $- for Cleanup ; )August 3, 2011 at 6:09 AM

    Purge the scum? Fitzgerald, you are almost capable of being an agent provocateur-I have never heard one rat talk that way. Maybe next time though, because you are too poison, too obvious, too bitter.

    Our councilors work hard-but because of the way Mr. Carlisle snowed them and the way Mr. Clark keeps them in the dark, I do not blame them for their poor decisions, but they should come clean, and clean up the leaking landfill mess.

    The town should cancel the contract for failure of SRD to keep it, and the town should run the landfill and pick up our trash-they won't mess up any more than the town did. The problem was that the town manager closed her eyes to what was going on there, and like now, ask no questions, they need not hear lies. The landfill is a leaking putrid mess, and the "jobs" are coming-landfill clean up jobs, and it is time to stop putting it off!

  25. Show me, there are some interesting characters among the teabaggers, but the Sturbridge teabaggers couldn't fill a booth at Friendly's once the actual tea party cuts off their government pensions, because that would bankrupt 90% of their group.

    The Southbridge tea bag group must be the herbal tea variety, because they have been advocating freedom from town government messing with the water supply for the purposes of profit, and actually fighting for voters rights. If the national tea party was more like our Southbridge variety, they might have much more support.

    Mr. Fitzpiracy theorist reminds me of an angry undisciplined burnt out spoiled rich kid with too much time on his hands, and trusts whatever his government tells him-hardly true tea party material!

  26. Its funny that you speak aabout BOH member Bernadone that he is squeaky clean. He may have not voted to support the appointment of his sister but when there was a move to remove her because of her (lets say her ability to provide meeting minutes in a timely manner). He was on the front lines to keep her there. But this is not about her its about the way the King and Queen do business as a health board member. Wait until you here about the liquor board. Than we will see what you have to say. What 6 years without opening. Plus all the other places that hold a lic. but remain closed. Wait you will see

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. The booze board should be criticized for allowing that bankrupt character to go back into business. We agree on that one for sure.

    On the front lines to keep his sister there? He should have been protecting her if that is what he did. Her minutes were almost perfect when she was allowed to provide minutes of what was said, it was only when Mr. Morin and the alleged Doctor started to monkey with the minutes that there was a problem. Then again, if they didn't monkey with the minutes, we'd end up having to eventually hire a competent Company to run the landfill, instead of having a Company essentially run our town-all for only 2% of the budget. What would the TM do without all that valuable "advice"?

    Wait until we hear about the liquor board? Ha, Southbridge voters heard many different versions promising people will be jailed for delay over a failed liquor establishment opening-the Brothers were going to be arrested by the 4th of July. First degree political thuggery.

    No wonder it is so hard for small businessmen to succeed-there are too many underqualified bureaucrats lending money to an out of town business while the small businesses get bullied and life savings are lost.


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