Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wag The Dog?

Kenneth M. O’Brien

In the course of fast moving events one has to evaluate incoming information as judiciously as possible.

Certainly the latest information regarding political maneuverings regarding the Southbridge Board of Health calls for perspicacity.

However, the emergence of additional facts can be coupled with prior experience to formulate a reasonable opinion of the forces that may be at work.

The sudden emergence of charges against the entire Lazo family just prior to the last town election certainly falls within this realm.

Similarly, documents that have just come into our possession would appear to indicate, in my opinion, a pattern linking the interests of our corporate overlord with the conduct of town officials.

The first document is a Freedom Of Information Act request by Casella dated February 18, 2011:

The second is an internal town memorandum dated less than a week before the last town election:

Now, I’ll be the first to concede that these documents do not yet constitute a “smoking gun”.

However, I think they provide sufficient incentive to warrant another viewing of the movie All The President’s Men.


  1. If something is needed for a police investigation...wouldn't that come from...the POLICE? The way this police force is run is a disgrace. Intimidation and harassment. We can only hope that one, or all of us, file an individual or class action suit.

    What the hell is Charette investigating? What Clarke told Anne to do, and did?

  2. It is important that people take the time to come to the EHS meeting tonight at 7 to bear witness to these inconsiderate manipulations of law-I guess it is the only way to run a gigantic landfill. They want ours to be over 300 times larger than the Sturbridge landfill!

    The refusal to appoint a qualified Doctor with thirty years experience in this community, only to recommend two chemists instead, says more than I can say about how serious(not) this town government is about preserving the health of our community.

    And to appoint 2 candidates for one available position demonstrates a complete disregard for the Charter, OR it shows that the person preparing the EHS committee agenda had the knowledge that Mr. Clark was going to ask Ann to resign based on an almost comical Clark Administration spin on what ethics are. Trusting Mr. Clark about ethics is like trusting John Pulaowski's advice on weight loss.

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  5. I just visited Mike Marketti's site. One day all of his links are up, the next day, none, now one. Does anyone know what's going on? Im getting dizzy. Is the man finally clamping down on him?

  6. In June there was talk of a pair of town officials that buck Mr. Clark were going to be arrested for virtually every possible petty infraction imaginable-claims that water had not been paid for in thirty years, suggestions that an arrest was inevitable in July-"we must not vote for these men or the town will be the laughingstock of New England".

    Well, they were half right. We DID become the laughingstock of Massachusetts anyway because of all people, Mr. Clark claimed that another elected official was over his head. the big crime? Giving alms to those that really really need help from resources that should have gone to people that really need help. That elected official that volunteers more than most people work was "guilty" of not chastising the alleged villain of the month from June.

    And who is being investigated this month, our August villain of the month? Last night our local modern day version of Tricky Dick announced in an open forum at town hall that a dedicated board of health official was being investigated for a crime related to ethics. Although the State ethics commission has not even decided on this yet, he wanted to have her removed from the board of health.

    If the State Ethics Commission determines that the board of health official is guilty of an Ethics violation so serious that they recommend the procedures to remove her from office, those proceedings should be initiated. If it turns out that the State Ethics Commission determines that the alleged ethics violation complaint and associated threats and harassment are not warranted, I hope that the town manager has the decency to resign so the Council does not have to humiliate him with a 5-4 vote.

  7. Anon6:32, of all the men in Southbridge, Mike Marketti is the least likely to cower when pressured. My guess is that he was doing updates at the time you looked.

    Marketti's webpage has actually been quicker to publish the Agenda's of upcoming town council meetings than town hall's website has has.

  8. I cannot comment on the decision by Mr. Marketti to remove links to other sites.

    However, I can say that his removal of my site from his list of links was a result of his disapproval of my article “Resign Or Else!!!”

    I can document this as a fact.

    In his opinion, by reporting as I did, I was serving the interests of the town manager.


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