Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bleeding A Stone

Ken O’Brien
Over the last three days I’ve reviewed several factors underlying the economic situation of the town of Southbridge.
The starting point was the casual remark by our town manager regarding the reality of the dramatic increase in the sewer enterprise fund over the last year.
At the heart of this remark was a callous disregard for the burden imposed upon Southbridge residents as Mike Marketti has amply demonstrated.
The next step was to look at what has been happening to local home values in light of this onslaught by an administration and political machine that cares nothing for the welfare of local residents. Their sole concern has been to feather the nests of town employees and favored political cronies, the most favored of who don’t even live here.
In the process they have conducted a relentless campaign of silencing critics, seizing political control of local media and intimidating those who would dare to oppose them.
The final element in this equation of exploitation is to look at the economic reality of the residents who are being expected to pay for this orgy of excess.
The following chart illustrates the economic reality of the residents of Southbridge relative to surrounding towns as well as the State of Massachusetts as a whole.

The information is based upon the most recently available data as compiled by City-Data.
While we have those in power proclaiming all the wonders of having comprehensive town services, we who have to pay the bills say “WAIT”!
These services are not bringing in jobs, they’re not bringing in businesses, and they are not raising the value of our homes.
We were told about all the benefits that we would realize from having the largest landfill in the state, but we haven’t seen them. All we know is that we have increased pollution, increased truck traffic, increased health risks, declining property values and increased taxes and fees.
There is a question that has to be asked.

Were we lied to or are you incompetent?

There really is no other choice.
The current regime has to be sacked.
If they are not, then all we’ll be saying is let them keep on singing “Let Us Bleed”!

Note to Chris Clark: And now you're hiring a new council recording clerk - From Spencer?

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