Monday, January 23, 2012

Hand In Glovernment

Ken O’Brien
Item 11 on tonight’s town council agenda is, “Vote to approve the utilization of $3,000 from the “Grow Southbridge Fund” for the Southbridge-Downtown Partnership Event on May 31, 2012.”
I initially commented on this proposal on January 16 when it was first announced in the local paper.
Now we have a copy of the proposal for this funding from the Director of  Economic Development and Planning to the Town Manager, as well as a copy of the letter to the town council chair from the President of the Southbridge Downtown Partnership.

What is interesting to note is the dates of these communications. The proposal from the Economic Development and Planning Director is dated the day before the date of the letter to the council chair requesting the funding.

And you have to love the Director’s reference to our “low taxes”!
It is also interesting to note how the event is scheduled only shortly before the town’s June elections. Maybe I’m overly inclined to be suspicious, but then again….


  1. What is this "Grow Southbridge Fund" that doesn't come from tax dollars? Where does it come from?

  2. From yesterday's T&G:

    "Company to move to Hebert mansion
    STURBRIDGE -- Optimum Technologies in Southbridge has said the company will move into the old Hebert Candy Mansion at 1 River Road.

    The old mansion site has been vacant for a number of years. Optimum told the Sturbridge Planning Board earlier this month that it plans to use most of the main building. Both smaller buildings on the site and part of the main building may be leased to other tenants for other professional office uses. No significant exterior changes are planned, according to the permit application.

    Founded in 1994, Optimum Technologies specializes in making optical instruments for life sciences.

    The move will have minimal impact on the area, the company said. Traffic will be limited to employees and occasional visitors and deliveries.

    A representative of Optimum Technologies is scheduled to meet with the Planning Board on Tuesday to seek a waiver of site plan approval."

    Will they appear at the town council podium for a going away salute?

  3. If Sandy Acly can pull it off, she'll be offering a CDBG grant for an awning and exterior lighting to help them continue to Make the Dustbowl Home.

    On a brighter note, at least it's one less business that Chernisky has to pretend will be coming to the Downtown Partnership's First and Last Annual Soak the Town of Southbridge for Money That Will Not be Spent Properly to Bring Other Businesses in to See Our Tumbleweeds 2012.

    Also known as the DIPSHIT Convention of 2012, which, if as successful as the last one Sandy tried, attracted...drum roll people.

  4. The sad part after tonights Council meeting? There are no qualified or interested candidates that will regain the majority this election year. Three people need to be replaced, especially the vice-Chairman, who spends her days with Clark and Durant. Will no one legitimate with a chance to win step forward?

  5. can we please start a magical "help the tornado victims instead of pretending we don't exist" fund? i am so tired of getting up there and pleading with them to pitch in a bit and help us all out since we are all going bankrupt trying to rebuild on our own.....and they tell me "we will look into it". and then all i hear is crickets

  6. Stephanie J DeMartinoJanuary 27, 2012 at 4:52 PM

    I would run but I seem to keep placing 8th out of 9th and then my brother laughs at me. Which then makes me mad and I want to hurt kittens, which I own four of, who would then probably run away and possibly get hit by a speeding vehicle. Which would then force me to have to pay a couple grand at the vet's to get them fixed.
    I don't want to pay a couple grand at the vet's to get them fixed. I think I'll switch to Directv. Oh wait I already have Directv.

  7. aka Jester

    America’s Destiny - Mega Regions

    The Southbridge-Downtown Partnership appears to be a plain (simple) case of a Public Private Partnership (PPP).

    Now combine a PPP w/A High Speed Rail in the Northeast Corridor and you’ll get a true Economic Game Changer.

    Want to “Satisfy your Curiosity”- Google/Bing: America 2050 & Public Private Partnerships.

    I think it would be absolutely wonderful & highly interesting if Ken O’Brien would run a feature article addressing the same!


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