Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Manufacturing Jobs Returning to America?

Ken O’Brien

There may be hope for a return of manufacturing jobs that have moved overseas.
The following report appeared on Rock Center with Brian Williams on Monday, January 30th.


  1. I hope when the new president gets his feet under him then America will begin to return to an economic engine.

    Ken, how does 'President Romney' sound?

  2. The Eagle Says:

    Like a long shot!

  3. Remember Eagle, the rest of the country isn't as liberal as the People's Republic of Massachusetts. It's starting to dawn on republicans everywhere that Romney is the guy, unless you want Newt (not happening).

    Believe me, in other places, if it's Romney or Obama, then Romney has a chance.

    Unless of course Barack can croon a little more of the Reverend Al Green. I mean really, that was so fine. A few more verses at the right time might sway some fence setting moderates.

    I wonder if Mitt can sing?

  4. aka Jester

    "140 U.S. Sheriffs Meet to Take Back America"

    (Posted on February 2, 2012 by Dr. Eowyn)

    Something extraordinary and historic took place mere days ago in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    For three days, from January 29 and 31, 2012, in the Tuscany Hotel & Casino, more than a hundred county sheriffs from across the United States of America met in a first annual Constitutional Sheriffs Convention.

    The first Constitutional Sheriffs Convention is the brainchild of the County Sheriff Project of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA).

    The convention’s objective is two-fold:

    ■ To increase the understanding and awareness for all sheriffs and peace officers regarding the true power of our constitutional authority and duty to serve and protect the people for whom we work;

    ■ To unite in a concerted effort to uphold and defend the United States Constitution.

    Watch @:


  5. I heard that Mark Carron has offered to help drive voters to the polls by way of Chappaquidick. That should help Romney, too.


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