Thursday, January 26, 2012

Unemployed? Find Your Dream Job In Southbridge

Ken O'Brien

Do you need a job?

Don't despair - Southbridge has plenty of money. All it takes is some creativity on your part and an aggressive desire to define your dream vocation.

As I reported yesterday, the Town Manager is busy creating new positions that are not even provided for in the town bylaws.

Why should you miss out?

Even if you don’t live in Southbridge, that isn’t a problem! Look at how many of our most highly placed and compensated officials wouldn’t deign to live here.

To assist you in your endeavor I’ve created a form letter that you can send outlining the job that you would like.

Don’t sit on the sidelines! Act now to secure your future. The taxpayers of Southbridge won’t mind – look at the contempt that they’ve been subjected to over the last year with only a few whimpers that have been easily dismissed. This could be your first rung on the ladder that will make you the next Mitt Romney.

Don’t forget to include your loyalty pledge along with the letter.

Good luck.

Together we can make “Hope and Change” come to Southbridge.

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