Saturday, January 21, 2012

Update on Southbridge Police Candidates

Ken O’Brien

Reliable sources are now telling me that candidate for full-time Southbridge police officer, Ms. Ortiz-Diaz, will be made a dispatcher until she can qualify for the police academy in June.

I have no bias against this person; I am only addressing the process and the apparent hypocrisy that is going on.

Immediately before the section that I previously quoted from the town manager's response to Roger Caouette, Mr. Clark said, "…we were attempting to recruit people and have those done in order to try to get to an academy so we could get officers into an academy.”

Remember that it was so urgent that the appointments be made that the candidates’ documentation did not get into subcommittee members’ hands until only minutes before the meeting.

Now however, it is apparently OK to wait five months for this candidate to meet the conditions that were attached to her appointment.

As I pointed out in the earlier article, there seems to me to be a concerted effort to avoid having to appoint a candidate whose family is less than popular among our current ruling elite.

But, then again, maybe all the urgency that surrounded these appointments on December 19 wasn't only political in nature. After all, I only have the town manager’s word to rely upon.


  1. Respectfully Mr. O'Brien, I am sorry, but that picture of the Town Manager is very misleading and unfair.

    The nose isn't long enough!

  2. Sorry Manique, it's five years old. I got it off of his eHarmony site.

  3. Who says we all can't find common ground?

    I absolutely agree with Monique on this one...the nose is definitely not long enough!

  4. Well I for one beleive that I can respect giving the officer a chance to meet the requirements, That is all well and nice, especially in these tough times. Now that being said, They should not rush hiring a Police Officer. There is to much at stake. I as a citizen would prefer the town subcommittee to spend a whole meeting- going over the candidates. Then I would actually ask 2 or 3 people in the department- not the admin- but patrolmen and detectives who they believe has the " right stuff". Hiring a police officer is serious business. Not something you can just stuff as a "Hey here the candidate we want you to vote on." I am not afraid to say that even though sometimes people bash the police department, I think that the extra officers are needed- however they must actually be utilized efficiently.- KEYWORD- Efficientl

  5. Javi: it's not about giver the "officer" a chance. It's about the obvious snub at the many more qualified Auxiliary Officers who have paid their own way, are currently qualified, and have, in many cases, paid for their own Academy training. This is not about denying someone who is a qualified candidate their chance. How many High School/College graduates came before this candidate, but weren't selected due to Chief Dan Charette's obvious bias against those that won't act as is henchmen/women? The next candidate in line is one Matthew Beinema, who I truly hope seeks legal counsel for this obvious Machiavellian play by Charette. This candidate, like Charette's other failed candidate, should also be washed out, and replaced with two QUALIFIED candidates, who's resume's the public is entitled to see. Does anyone have a copy of the these two candidates resume's, so that we can see the "high" qualifications that Charette considered in forwarding their names on? He MUST be held accountable for these reckless recommendations, which shows that he's not only out of touch with the qualifications of a police officer, but with having unqualified persons so quickly joining OUR force. The third strike, therefore, should indeed be Chief Charette himself. In the meantime, the immediacy of these appointments was key to the reason the Council voted for the so quickly. If we can really WAIT six months so she can be a dispatcher, then we can certainly have her wait until she's fully qualified, passes her physical, etc. While we wait for that, we can rest assured that the Auxiliary has plenty of truly qualified candidates, who aren't going to disrespect or ignore the law the way the Chief constantly appears to do.

  6. Dear Anonymous- First things first- I was just stating that I appreciated the fact they were helping someone out- something that many people don't see nowadays. I did not say I agree with who. I meant in general. I understand how hard the path to becoming a police officer is- I actually applied to become a auxilary officer at one point- but I did not have the funds to attend a academy so I had to decline. I believe there should be QUALIFIED individuals going to the academy. My biggest issue is that This was rushed. Why were these candiates all of a sudden brought up now instead of three months ago- I do agree with you Anonymous that this is the Chief and Clark rushing this which Is why I stated that patrolmen and detectives should also beinvolved. I do also hope that Mr. Beinema was not passed because of the political nonsense going around, because if this is true, then shame on them and on Southbridge for letting it continue

  7. Javi: I appreciate your clarification. The only problem remains is that if you have Charette clones and cronies giving their input, not much will change, although I understand that with …Charette's reputation amongst his own, the tide may be turning. We can only hope. Too bad Ciesla couldn't have taken Charette with him. (edited by moderator)

  8. Anonymous, You have several problems with your argument. 1.) The police department is run by civil service guidelines which you aparently are not familiar with. Mr. Binema was actually behind all three candidates that were hired on the civil service list. 2.) Being an auxiliary officer does not guarentee you a job while it gives you valuable experience, it has nothing to do with civil service. 3.) Mr. Beinema will probably eventually be hired but if you know him at all, you would know that his resume is as blank as a Southbridge Evening News paper. He has never had a Job!!!!

  9. I have the civil service list, and I do understand it.

    The list ranks the candidates as follows (notes on disposition added)

    1. Daniel Rogers (Veteran) (Hired dismissed)

    2. Robert A. Shelby Jr. (Veteran)

    3. Brian A. Ruggeri (Veteran) (Hired)

    4. Matthew L. Beinema

    5. Miosotis Diaz-Ortiz (Hired Released)

    I find it very interesting that I have had two comments on this issue from Anonymous posters in a matter of minutes.

    Did it take you this long to get your stories straight?

  10. See comment on

  11. You post anonymously, but you are among those who criticize others who do the same.
    Why don't you have the courage, NO, the integrity to say who you are?
    Is it because you want to disseminate misinformation to try to confuse people about the real facts?

  12. No, it did not take me this long, I just have a job and don't have time to sit in front of a computer all day like you. My question to you is this, if your not happy with things in southbridge, are you going to run for town council?
    And as far as the civil service list goes, 4 and 5 were tied in score!

  13. You have a job that you can write responses to blogs on at 11AM (the timestamp on Blogspot is three hours behind)? Sounds like, despite what you say about not having enough time to sit in front of a computer all day long, somehow, you magically do just that! ANd if 4 and 5 were TIED, how well was the transvestite YouTuber and the I failed the physical but can be a dispatcher candidate do? You're just scared of getting a non-Charette candidate, who will finally whistle blow on our "chief". Why is that exactly? How about the candidates that Charette told on the Auxiliary that they would have a chance? You're a political hack. Stick to your day job, if you can, and repeat after me: "do you want to supersize that"? It will help you to get an extra quarter an hour. Why don't you tell us if YOU'RE running for Council, your usual cop-out (pun-intended).


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