Monday, February 13, 2012

I Still Tear Up

I Still Tear Up
Ken O’Brien
There have been many tributes to Whitney Houston in the last few days.
However, the one moment in time that I will never forget that was, to me, the distillation of her talent and a profound love of country seems to have received short shrift from the media.
Therefore, I offer my moment from Whitney Houston’s life that I will never forget. It has never been approached, let alone equaled.


  1. Wow Ken, I forgot all about that.

    It was because we were just becoming involved in Desert Shield, and I even remember getting a little misty when Bush Senior came on TV and said the 'liberation of Kuwait has begun.'

    I never liked Whitney that much. I think she butchered the Dolly Parton song. She was strung out, and wasted her talent.

    But when she sang the Star Spangled Banner that night I started bawling about 15 seconds in and cried throughout. I even remember that it was the Bills and the Giants that played, only because of the remarkable impact that song made on me.

    I'm not gonna watch it now because I don't feel like crying.

  2. And it seemed so effortless. The joy and hope on her face conveyed as much as her singing. I, too, still cry when I watch it.

  3. Stephanie J DeMartinoFebruary 13, 2012 at 7:43 PM

    I loved that performance. Unfortunately as with anything great, there were people on facebook claiming she lip synched the entire thing which made me angry since it is so obvious that she sang that live!!! I demanded to them to show facts to their ludicrous statement. I'm still waiting for them to prove it. I am positive they won't be able to. As with any online commenting site, there are alway those who try to sully something so pure.

  4. How Great she was. I remember hER singing THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER before the Giants Bills game. I so truly remember how great her voice and range was. She was and is the greatest.GOD BLESS.

    Arthur H. Theodoss

  5. Larry and Ann BeinemaFebruary 19, 2012 at 11:29 AM

    Ann and I had the opportunity to see Whitney Houston live at the Worcester DCU Center in the late 1980's. A truly remarkable performance took place that night.
    Rest in peace, Whitney.
    Larry Beinema


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