Thursday, February 9, 2012

Moriarty Announces Candidacy for Southbridge Town Council

SOUTHBRIDGE — Building on his record of community service and desire to move his hometown forward, Shaun Moriarty announced today his candidacy for Town Council.
“I put myself forward not to oppose any candidate, group, or particular issue, but to bring a fresh, new perspective, without biases, agendas, or allegiances,” stated Moriarty. “I put myself forward because this town has struggled for too long and because I have witnessed and felt, first-hand, what the people of this town can do

He added: “I’m running for one of three seats to try and develop new policies, build on existing productive policies, and help breathe new life into some of the more neglected or stagnant parts of town.”
Moriarty, a Southbridge native, worked for seven years as a reporter for the Southbridge Evening News and editor for the News’ sister papers in northeastern Connecticut, in addition to writing for several other newspapers across the state.
Moriarty has been involved with a number of local community events, spending countless hours and great effort to help his town and its residents. Whether creating and founding events like wiffle ball tournaments or a 3-on-3 basketball tournament to specifically help a local girl battling a relentless childhood cancer, involved with and supporting numerous Relay For Life fundraisers and events, or roughly a decade of service to the Southbridge Little League, including five years as president, Moriarty has prided himself on community service.
“I’ve done a lot of work in town, largely with and for the youth and those in difficult situations, and have found a great deal of satisfaction in doing so,” Moriarty said. “I and others have tried different things to help the town. Not everything has worked as well as hoped, but nothing can be gained without trying and putting in some time and effort.”
In addition to community service work, Moriarty believes his professional experience as a journalist and now as an educator could also serve as a benefit.
“In the past, I spent many, many nights in town hall meeting rooms across the state. As a result, I have seen not only what Southbridge town government does — the good and the bad —, but also how other communities respond to the challenges we face. That experience can help move the town forward,” said Moriarty. “Spending time in various schools, including our own, I’ve seen some of the promise this town has as well as how we compare to other school districts. I can see that we have some of the building blocks in place and, much like the new school complex, we can build something for the future.”


  1. I have to say something else about Shaun that he would never say for himself.
    He is a cancer survivor. The kind of challenge he confronted with courage and dignity was as every bit as devastating for a man as breast cancer is for a woman. Especially at his young age, the fortitude that it took for him to fight and overcome that is a testimony to his character.
    Shaun wouldn’t dream to mention that, but I will. This man is not only a proven champion for his community, especially its too often neglected youth, but a man of integrity.
    And having done that, he has taken up the challenge of offering himself up as someone who wants to have a bigger platform to improve our community with all the negatives that come with that.
    Let’s keep that in mind in the midst of the typical cesspool of Southbridge politics that will come.

  2. The most refreshing candidate to run for council in a long time. Two more.

  3. Never mind the fact that Shaun covered Southbridge as our Lead News Reporter for several years; never mind the fact that he has been well respected by officials in every department and committee; never mind the fact that he knew the town's issues and used only facts (and not loyalties or personal agendas) to shape his viewpoints ... Never mind these things.

    What REALLY makes Shaun Moriarty a great choice for Southbridge Town Council is his authentic, genuine dedication to the town.

    Here is a man that has served as the town's Little League President for nearly five years -- ON A VOLUNTEER BASIS! He has helped organize Relay for Life events, directed Wiffleball Tournament fundraisers, created 3-on-3 fundraiser events -- ALL ON A VOLUNTEER BASIS.

    Shaun Moriarty cares about his town, and it shows. His professional record is exemplary -- he knows the town's issues and histories as well as anyone -- but it's his volunteerism that makes him a stand-out.

    I endorse this man for Town Council with ZERO hesitation. The best candidate for office I've seen in a looooooong time.

    Vote for Shaun Moriarty this June!

    Geoffrey Oldmixon,
    Evening News Managing Editor (2006-2008)

  4. Geoffrey, I don't know you, but I couldn't say it better myself. I got to know Shaun through his volunteerism with the Southbridge Little League. Shaun is authentic, and true to his word. I love the fact that when you ask him a question, he pauses, thinks, and then speaks, rather than spitting out the first thing that comes to mind.

    Shaun would be an ideal candidate, and would be part of a movement to bring legitimacy back to this Town Council, something that's been lacking for far too long.

    I, too, endorse Shaun's candidacy, and will gladly support him. If you need any more signatures, Shaun, just ask.

  5. You gotta love it
    Shaun announces his candidacy for town council and the Southbridge News puts it on page 2.
    But Angeline Ellison announces she’s not running for Sturbridge selectman and it goes on page 1.
    Go figure!


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