Monday, February 13, 2012

Put Up Or Shut Up!

Ken O’Brien
Okay, the results are in.
O’Zone readers had the chance to nominate those people that they would like to see run for Southbridge town council.
Then you had 56 hours to cast your vote for those you would most like to see run.
The results were decisively in favor of three candidates, Dennis Martinek, Gary Fontaine and Shaun Moriarty.
But democracy is not a spectator sport.  As the great Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw said, “Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.”
Now that you’ve expressed your desire to see these people run for town council it is up to you to help make it happen.
Shaun Moriarty has already declared his candidacy. You can help him by going to his website and offering your support in any way that you can.
Dennis Martinek and Gary Fontaine have run before and been defeated. I can say from experience that this takes an emotional toll. If they need your encouragement to leap once again into the public fray then don’t criticize. Encourage them.
I’ll offer my time in making it easier for you to do that. I won’t take the liberty of posting their email addresses, but I’ll do the next best thing. If you email your support for them, I’ll forward it to them. You can contact me at . Use the subject title Run Dennis or Run Gary.
Even more compelling would be if you made a pledge to support their campaign financially. As I pointed out earlier, it costs between $1,500 and $2,000 to mount a campaign for town council. If each of you who voted for them offered between $30 and $35 they would have the war chest needed to run.

Why? Because we need them and the change that they can bring. Because we need them as much as Dan Butler and his neighbors needed help that they didn’t get from our current regime.
In order to set the example I have already made such a donation to Shaun Moriarty’s campaign and I publicly pledge to make similar contributions to Dennis and Gary if they run.
If you think that I’m asking too much, stop and think what this has cost you:

 Or what about what’s happened to your water and sewer rates?
Finally, as many times as you have been beaten down, you have to believe that change is possible

Believe that change is possible. Then, make it happen. It’s not just up to three people. As somebody once said, “It takes a village”.


  1. I would like to dedicate a song to all of those loudmouth's who complain about change, but then keep the change: "The Sounds of Silence". As the Georgia Satellites sing: "Got a little change in my pocket going Jong a long a long". You people bitch and moan--but don't stand behind your convictions, which is why you'll lose, again.

  2. Deen couldn't be more right. I've been guilty about griping about town politics but not contributing to good candidates. That changed today when I contributed to Shaun's campaign. I will do the same for Dennis and Gary if they choose to run.

  3. Thank you Rich.
    Come on folks, join in. We can't change things by just sitting back and hoping. We've done that for too long and we can see the consequences.

  4. Stick a fork in these guys! Look at the underwhelming lack of support for them. Blogs, Useless Southbridge Ununited--talk, talk, talk. Is it any wonder your side always loses? No one will put their money where their mouths are other than you and Logan! Hello, Supermajority, and thanks for the lack of organization!!!

  5. They've answered your challenge: they've shut up. Thank you Southbridge!


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