Sunday, April 15, 2012

Is Speak Out Southbridge Making A Comeback?

Ken O'Brien

Dennis What's-His- Name
The grand daddy of Southbridge blog sites is back on line.

Speak Out Southbridge

I don't know what is being planned, but I would welcome its return.

What do you think.

Vote in our new poll.

(In a related note, The O'Zone stock drops 15% in overseas trading on these rumors)


  1. Are you kidding me? Dennis coming back would only be yet another voice of reason to the chorus of BS that is going on in Southbridge. Dennis has always had my respect and what I do is in part because of his ability to tell the truth in spite of the mudslinging and arrows that have always come his way. I am proud to call Dennis a friend as well as a fellow blogger who set the standard for the rest of us. Bloggers can NOT make this stuff up as we do not have a team of lawyers ready to do battle any time the powers that be try and stifle the truth as they see it. I can only hope that Dennis takes up the helm again even if only on a part time basis. As long as there are people in either or our towns willing to do what is not in the best interest of the taxpayers, there will be a need for sources that are not afraid to tell the truth. Keep up the good fight Ken as you know you are hitting the mark when you are on the enemy list.

  2. All I can say is BRAVO !!!!! With Ken and know Dennis coming back its gives us a way to stay informed. Its also gives us another avenue to voice our opinions on issues effecting Southbridge and its residents even if we don't always agree. Welcome back Dennis and what is your name again.

  3. I'd love to know why somebody voted NO. You can bet they either won't say why or they will do it as ANONYMOUS.

    1. aka Jester

      @ Kim

      I could be wrong...but I suspect that it’s one of the “Truth” Grave Diggers.

    2. The more votes that say no, the more you know that he should come back.

    3. Sorry Ken, your not bad but your no Martinek.

  4. Nice, post, Ken...I'm surprised that the no's aren't much higher...maybe the last hour those will come through!

    Ken is my hero, doing a fabulous job...sometimes I have to go to the dictionary to understand him...Harvard boys, you know?


    1. Dennis:
      There's an old line that goes "You can always tell a Harvard man. but you can't tell him much". Thanks for the kind words.

  5. He should stay put. BeQuietSouthbridge. Not at all missed. Anyone care to explain in detail why this guy should come back? All he ever did was knock our side. Creep!

  6. Ken, enjoying your poll! As the "NO's" increase, I grow closer to a decision.

    The more "NO's" I get, the more I believe I'll be coming back.

    Love to see the negative Nellie's and they are truly inspiring me. Hope that there's an influx of No's in the upcoming days to put me over the top, so I can thank Denise and Cathy!


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