Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let’s Kill The Messenger

Ken O’Brien

Doing this blog, believe it or not, is a very trying exercise.

It is inevitable that those who have an opinion will be excoriated by those with whom they disagree.

Current and former local bloggers have all attested to this fact.

Rarely is this tendency more pronounced than when a blogger ventures into the political realm – especially on a local level. 

I doubt that anyone would engage in such a venture unless they had some very profound convictions. That is why, out of respect for their courage to espouse their views, I include in my blog list others whose opinions are diametrically opposed to my own.

Simultaneously we confront the challenge of losing the acquaintance of those who claimed to be our ‘friends” when we disagree with their opinions or even go so far as to expose their documented hypocrisy.

In many ways today’s bloggers represent the spirit embodied  in the revolutionary pamphleteers whose writings lit the fire of the American Revolution.

But, unlike those earlier rabble-rousers, current independent commentators are subject to a society immersed in the desire to litigate. Also, they are attempting to provide a forum for those so intimidated by local authorities that they can only find expression through anonymity.

As a result, it has become commonplace to denigrate “the bloggers” as an irresponsible class of Cheetoh-munching, pajama-clad, unemployed miscreants living in their mother’s basement and living off the dole.

In the meantime it has become eminently clear that the mainstream media, right-wing, left-wing or middle-of-the-bird, are captives of monolithic financial interests.

Some, if not most of we “bloggers” do this out of an ethical conviction.

But, unfortunately, there are those who, in disagreeing with the information that is being disseminated, attempt to blame the “blogger” and thereby discredit them. It is even more pathetic when the “blogger” has refrained from expressing an opinion, but merely made available factual information on a controversial issue. The following is a recent exchange from an earlier post, “The Jacobson Decision versus Southbridge Schools”.


  1. When light is shined on feral animals the response is one of two.
    Rodents scramble for cover and the rabid turn and fight.
    Keep up the good work Ken.
    We need another source of information other than the mouthpiece of Clark and his clan, the Southbridge News.

  2. Never meant to "kill the messenger" with the one and only comment I have ever posted on this blog (and now this final one, as it only disheartens me). Just thought that my opinion was just as worthy as everyone else's who is allowed to express theirs freely. I understand you have a job to do so as not to create any legal issues, but there are more than 1 opinion to every issue and I simply stated mine. It's okay for anyone and everyone to disagree with me and have their own opinions. That is what makes this world go around. Peace & love.

    1. I would accept your apology if I knew that you would never do it again.
      However, you are maintaining now that it was an "opinion" rather than a "fact" as you stated in both the original post and your complaint.
      Further, in maintaining your anonymity, how would I ever know if you kept your commitment to never do it again or your claim that you have never posted here before?
      Don't give me the "Peace and love" crap when you haven't demonstrated either, or any honesty or sincerity.

  3. Ken, for the record, I never ate Cheetoh's...all the other stuff, sure, but no Cheetoh's.

    1. Dennis:
      Loosen up man. Cheeto’s are like an explosion of bisexual orgasms in your mouth. Participate in the progressive liberation of taste. No one will ask and you don’t have to tell.

  4. As I sit in my underwear (Tommy Hilfiger) and slam down a Fosters (22oz variety) and burp loudly as I expound on all things poltitcal, I realize how easy all of this is. Believe me Ken, we are rarely right, are either left of center, right of Jesus, or gun toting alcoholics, or just folks with an atttiude and an internet connection. God bless America, God bless the blogger, and keep up the good work. Andno it ain't easy. We just make it look that way.


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