Monday, April 23, 2012

The Local Lamestream Media II

Back in February I illustrated how the local paper was relegating announcements by local candidates to second class status.

Well, today they managed to top themselves.

Several days ago The O’Zone carried the announcement of Amelia Peloquin’s candidacy for the Southbridge town council. 

In today’s Southbridge Evening News the announcement was also carried. While the front page carried the usual pro-town hall tripe about the newest Master Plan project and the re-opening of previously defunct businesses, one had to be lucky to come across Ms. Peloquin’s announcement.

In case you missed it, you’ll find it buried on page 16.

It’s sadly amusing when you consider the amount of time that is devoted in the master plan article stressing the need for people to get involved in their community. Clearly that is only encouraged if you're towing the company line.

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  1. Can't risk losing the advertising from Hyde, so why not do what Kouncilor Klemence says and put it on the back page? You can bet her ugly mug and the other two will be front pages news. Thank you Southbridge Evening News for nothing!


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