Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Sunday Photo-‘toons

Last week’s experiment in a virtual “Sunday funnies” was so well received (at least by some), that I decided to try it again.

As John Barrymore reportedly said to one of his grieving relatives on his deathbed, “Dying is easy, comedy is hard.” 

Given that warning, I hope that loyal O’Zone readers will forgive me if I miss the mark.

On another note, I’ll be closing the window on contributions to the Billy Bishop Airport caption contest at 5pm today.

Once I do that, I’ll follow it up with the poll on your choice for the winning entry. I hope I can pull it off, because the large number of entries is going to make the logistics of such a poll difficult.

All that having been said, on with this week’s photo-‘toons.

Finally, Karl Rove’s corporate funded Super PAC, American Crossroads, released a new ad this week attacking Barack Obama as a “celebrity President”. Perhaps they are simply jealous of Mr. Obama’s ease with the public as opposed to the pain of watching Willard trying to do the same. As much as they complain about how bad things appear to be, their time might be better spent trying to explain why the President’s policies are doing far better than the Republican’s proposals that have been adopted in Europe


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