Wednesday, April 25, 2012

News Update: Ely Eliminated in Tennessee School Search

On March 31 The O’Zone reported that Southbridge School Superintendent Eric Ely had applied for the position of School Director in Roane County, Tennessee.

At the time Mr. Ely was named as one of ten semi-finalists for the position.

After a round of interviews, the search committee for the Roane County School District has released the names of three finalists.

That list of finalists did not include Mr. Ely, indicating that he had been removed from consideration.


  1. Good. The Town of Southbridge doesn't need anyone new taking over management of the school reconfiguration and move to the new middle/high school. Right now all systems are go.

    Eric, can you please stay until next year?

    1. Only if he fires BB before the new school opens. Eric, grow some and do the right thing. Turn your NY reputation around. Get rid of the bottom feeder.
      BB is too stuck on himself to do the honorable thing by retiring. He needs the push and Eric, you are the only one in power that can do it. So just do it...


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