Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Photo-'toons: Southbridge's Next Election

Ken O'Brien

Readers of the papyrus Sunday newspapers are treated to a variety of editorial opinions expressed in imagery.

The tradition gained mass popularity in the days of the Condé-Nast publications, but it has a far longer and more colorful history. I encourage anyone who thinks our current political landscape is populated by commentators who lack restraint to examine the past record of visual depictions of partisan opinion.

However, the advent of modern digital technology has offered an opportunity for the artistically challenged to  create an imagery based upon photographic reality.

With that conceptual framework in mind, I'd like to offer an alternative perspective on the Sunday morning 'toons, as regards the upcoming Southbridge town election in June.

Feel free to circulate any image you find amusing. (Attribution would be appreciated, though.)


  1. The Clark as Spock should be made into a tee shirt.

  2. aka Jester

    Frankly, they all display “KKK” (Kudos Kan Kill) tendencies.


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