Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bravo Butch!

Monday's Southbridge Town Council meeting was a combination of laughable incompetence, amusing non-sequiturs and sinister despotism.

The incompetence was the repeated emergence of failures to proof read official town documents rife with typographical errors.

The agenda contained at least three. 

The time of the meeting was announced as following the Planning and Development subcommittee Meting.

On agenda item 9 the change order was listed as number 4, when it was in fact number 5.

Then there was the contract for LAN services at the new middle/high school which was listed on the agenda (as well as in the EHS subcommittee minutes) as GBE Technologies when it was in fact CBE Technologies.

Finally, there was Sandy Acly's correction to one of the chicken bylaw items that was also noted as a "typo".

The first non-sequitur was the lengthy praise of the town water system with which the town manager  opened his remarks. These remarks were followed immediately by a presentation by Jeff Tasse in which he promoted the merits of the whole home water treatment system offered by his company which could remove the unpleasant side effects of chlorine and chloramines.

The second was the absurd attempts to defend the current content of the chicken bylaw against councilor Vandal's criticism that the bylaw said you could have 12 chickens of which only 6 could be adult hens. Why not just say 12 chickens, period? We can't even stop the nonsense over the President's birth certificate. Now we may need to check them for chickens.

But the high point of the meeting came during councilors forum.

Councilor Laurent (Butch) McDonald detailed a laundry list of questionable actions and hirings that made a mockery of any sense of political neutrality in publicly promoted activities or attempts to reign in budget profligacy.

Once he had finished his remarks the chairman launched into a repudiation of his comments as well as passing off the opportunity to the town manager for his response.

When councilor McDonald objected, the chairman launched into a tirade about how this was not a debate, while that was precisely what she was giving herself and the town manager the freedom to engage in.

She went on to note that she was the chairman, even though he may not like it. As I have pointed out on so many occasions in the past, this chairman has absolutely no understanding or respect for the rules of parliamentary procedure or the council's own rules. Any illusion of impartiality is purely that, an illusion.

Finally we were treated to the vice-chairman's self-righteous indignation over councilor McDonald's characterization of the remembrance of last year's tornado. Never mind that during her opening remarks the chairman indicated that the event would be in place of the meet and greet usually sponsored by the Future Of Southbridge group - hardly a non-partisan exercise. Never mind that emails went out prior to the tree plantings funded by the state encouraging volunteers to wear their Tea Part T-shirts.

It's clearly time to realize the innate hypocrisy and autocratic agenda of the current council majority and send them packing.


  1. i love when mr. livinggood said he was against chickens because of insects, and then said they don't belong in a town. hmmmm, one of the reasons i own chickens is because they EAT insects, all day long, they love tics especially.....and if you can't have chickens or farms in a town....what's the alternative....the city????

  2. I love Butch to death. He's super intelligent and calm no matter what. His feathers didn't get ruffled last night. But here's my question. How can so many questions he brought forward be knocked down by Clemmence, Nikolla and Clark? They appeared to have a rebuttal to everything he questioned. Making it appear Butch was just grandstanding like they said. Let's face it, no matter what Butch brings up they will find a way to call him a bold-faced liar. I for one will not attend the free food bash for the tornado victims. I've been victimized enough.

  3. Again this team of old hens cackling sitting at the helm need to be caged and the one up for election needs to be fried Souhbridge style. And I agree no roosters should be allowed in town including the one who sits to the right of chair hen!

  4. I feel so bad for the Nikolla family they are such a proud Greek family remember thats the chairs Married name and shes making it look real bad.She should use her maiden name but I guess she doesnt want to RUIN it!


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