Friday, May 18, 2012

Breaking News: More on Investigation of Town Council Chair’s Trash Ticket “Fix”

James Sottile

I was interviewed by a Southbridge Detective today who also requested all of the raw video of the 5/15/12 EHS subcommittee meeting, which I had in my possession. I gladly surrendered all the evidence in my possession. It is my understanding that the “trash ticket fix affair” will be investigated further by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In my opinion I believe our police department performed their duties in a professional fashion despite the unlawful interference by several politicians including the town manager. The draconian application and enforcement ($250.00 without warning) of a town by-law was a mistake by overzealous and arrogant politicians. It is ironic that an individual can get a lesser fine for possession of a small amount of marijuana. How about the fact that it takes a second (not a first) offense of the town’s sex offender by-law to get a $300 fine? Anyone who pulls a lever (so-to-speak) for the present incumbents is putting the future of our town at risk We need intelligent and mature replacements. That should start with this election cycle!

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  1. Jim, thank you for having the courage to do what Pelequin would never do: take a stand without waffling. Awesome job!


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