Thursday, May 17, 2012

Breaking News - Southbridge Council Chair’s Trash Ticket “Fixing” Being Investigated

Multiple sources have now confirmed that the statements made by town council Chairman Catherine Nickolla at Tuesday, May 15th’s meeting of the subcommittee on Education and Human  Services are being investigated.

The matter at issue is her intervention in the disposition of a ticket issued for violation of the town’s trash collection bylaw (page 104). At that meeting she stated (substantiated by this video of the meeting) that she made a call and had it taken care of.

According to these sources, local police are looking into the matter and have been offered a copy of the video of the meeting.

In addition, at least one private citizen has raised the matter with the State Ethics Commission.

The particular matter of state law that such an action may have violated is Chapter 40, Section 21D of Massachusetts General Law.

It is also reasonable to ask whether the Massachusetts “no fix” law should have broader application to non-traffic related matters.


  1. Holy Shitake Mushrooms- The chair did something illegal-sigh- nothing new there. Bet you we see Chris Clark can-can across the town hall singing "Show me the money" before we see Danny boy do anything about her.

  2. Nothing changes in SouthbridgeMay 17, 2012 at 7:28 PM

    He's too busy sweeping the 12 Crane mess under the rug. You expect her buddy is going to do anything? The anticipation of what will happen is as exciting as guessing when Nikolla will yell at Councilor McDonald again. In other words nothing will happen, just like when her kid "had" to resign from the Auxiliary. Talk about stinkin' badges!

  3. Even if the cops did do something bout it, what can they do? What penalties does she face?

    1. I guess that would be an interesting question depending upon who issued the ticket and how the judge interpreted what she did in light of the "no fix" law.

    2. She gets an extra hot dog at the commemoration and receives a liquor license.

  4. Nikolla is perceived as the queen of punishment and/or The King of Id in her own mind.
    It is not surprising that citizens are now dishing out what she has been serving to them, enforcement.
    That said however, I don't find what she did (making a phone call) all that bad. In fact I think the investigation needs to go in the direction of who took what actions once her call was made.
    Those who took altering actions are the one (or ones) who should be scrutinized. Nikolla did what she was supposed to do in providing advocacy for citizens. In doing so she probably spilled some of her warm personality traits on them to get that action taken. The action taker is who should be the focus of attention here.
    Unlike others on here, who will hammer me for this position, I'm not a legal expert. If a police officer can rescind their own ticket perhaps this was done once the error was pointed out. I'm not yet sure we have enough facts to know who did what and why. However, this does send Nikolla a reminder that her reign of power is a fragile balance and the people will only put up with so much before they turn on her. It's a very bad year all around to be an incumbent in this upcoming election.

    1. The point here is she used her position to influence a ticket to be fixed. Its was strange when she was chairman the last time when her brothers bar had a drug bust because he was dealing drugs out of it and that he got to sell that licence for a profit after it closed. Generally what happens in a drug related issue all property is seized and liquor licenses are revoked. That smelled of a fix Too!

  5. There's also this provision of the town charter at issue:

    2-4-5: Town councilors shall interact with town officers and employees under the jurisdiction of the town manager solely through the manager, and neither the council nor its members shall give orders to any such officer or employee, either publicly or privately


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