Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Caption Contest Results

After three days of entries and two days of voting your verdict is in. The winner of the Billy Bishop Airport Picture Caption Contest is none other than that well-known O’Zone contributor Anonymous 4/27/12 11:36 PM.

We all know Anon as a person of indeterminate sex with a finely honed sense of humor. Their character is unquestionable because we have no idea who to question. Of course Anon’s political views are transparent, bordering on the invisible.

Thus, without further ado, The O’Zone is proud to present this award to Anonymous 4/27/12 11:36 PM

Winning Caption:

“Let me show you the Jovan-Lazo Memorial chapel.
 I get on my knees there every day seeking guidance and protection.”


  1. you are a sick man

    1. That was fun. Lets come up with another contest involving BB

  2. aka Jester

    Looking forward to another "Caption Contest" in the Near Future.

  3. If the opportunity arises I'll welcome it.

    However, I was disappointed that the number of those who voted was the same as the number of submissions. That's hardly an incentive to do a repeat.

    1. aka Jester

      I find that one must be patient. Perhaps if you approach it as a monthly/bi-monthly O’zone event...those voting numbers will eventually grow.

      I think most people enjoy expressing their creative self...don’t you?


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