Thursday, May 3, 2012


UPDATE: May 4, 3:30 AM – China Announces Chen Guangcheng Can Apply To Study Abroad (NY Times). Offered fellowship at American university: can be accompanied by wife and children (BBC News, U.S. Dept. of State).

Mitt Romney proved today that he is not qualified to be President. In fact, he proved that he is not qualified to be a Presidential candidate for a major party.

In a totally indefensible effort to score political gains he interjected himself into an extremely delicate international matter.

That is the issue of Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng, who was jailed and beaten for his work against the government's coercive family planning policies.

Romney plainly admitted, as the video below shows, that the actual facts of the situation were not known. Nevertheless, he could not refrain from using this opportunity to launch a premature and potentially damaging attack. In essence, he may be throwing Mr. Chen under the bus for his own venal ambitions. 

This is not merely contrary to the old tradition that political campaigning stops at the water’s edge. It emphasizes Romney’s fundamental inhumanity just days after his chief foreign policy advisor was forced out due to criticism of his sexual orientation by far right groups.

This pattern of events makes laughable the effort by the Romney campaign to resurrect an ad from his 2007 campaign touting his altruism. It trumpets and cynically exploits his contribution to the search for the missing daughter of a business colleague. The video, called “The Search” in 2007 and now called “Saved”, could perhaps be titled more appropriately “Multimillionaire as Community Activist”.

Face the reality that Mitt Romney is the embodiment of Gordon Gekko as Presidential candidate.


  1. Just two days ago this hypocrite was criticizing Obama for “politicizing” the bringing to justice of a dead man who killed thousands and now he feels no compunction about politicizing the future of a living human rights activist and his family while the Secretary of State is in China maneuvering a political minefield. What an absolute ass.

  2. It's called shooting from the hip. The bullet usually ends up in your foot.

    Too bad his foot wasn't in his mouth.

    1. If it wasn't then it is now.

  3. YOU LIBERAL ON THIS BLOG MAKE ME SICK!The obama reign is coming to an end and you people cant come to grips with it. The people in this country have seen the light and its not on barack.I cant wait for November when the people of this country get rid of the black cloud hanging over it and elect PRESIDENT MITT ROMNEY!!

  4. Anon 5:19...

    You don't give a good name to Republicans when you can't tolerate people with different opinions, the primary reason that I decided to leave the GOP after nearly 30 years.

    Ken is most certainly entitled to his opinion.

    Do I like Obama as president? No. Has everything he's done been awful? No.

    Am I sold on Mitt Romney, just because he has an "R" next to his name? No.

    Discussion and debate is what this country is about. No, I take it back.

    It's part of the fabric of this country. Agreeing to disagree with others when you don't agree is key to any party not looking like a bunch of lunatics, and honestly, you're ranting here isn't doing much good, other than making you feel good.

    As an Independent, let me ask you these questions:

    Why does Mitt Romney talk about his successes as a businessman in Massachusetts?

    How does he oppose Obamacare when he instituted it in Massachusetts?

    Does the Republican party agree with open thinkers, and accept them, or just those on the far right side?

    Finally, it would bring more credibility to your argument if you had the courage to put your name behind your statement.

    Ken and I both do that...and by the way, politically, we're opposites on most issues dealing with politics, proof that you can disagree but be friends.


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