Friday, May 4, 2012

More Right Wing Filth

Elizabeth Warren
I take pride in my Irish heritage. Many of my friends and acquaintances similarly take pride in their ethnic backgrounds, be it French-Canadian, Italian, Albanian, Hispanic etc.

Apparently, however, the right wing specialists in the politics of personal destruction find this offensive in some cases. Those cases apply when one’s heritage falls in a category officially recognized as a “minority”.

Barack Obama is castigated by many of these delusional haters as an obvious beneficiary of affirmative action whose current status is little more than the result of “reverse discrimination”. 

Now these fabulists have skulked out from under their mossy rocks to use the same tactics against Massachusetts Senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren.

In one of the most bigoted and misogynistic diatribes in a mainstream publication I have read in a long time, The Boston Herald’s Howie Carr savaged Professor Warren because she had the temerity to identify herself as of Native American ancestry. Never mind that it is apparently true. Never mind that there is no evidence that she has ever sought benefit from that status. The mere fact that she has taken enough pride in her heritage to mention it warrants suspicion. Just as Obama is “not one of us” so the same apprehension must apply to candidate Warren.

It must be sad to be a supporter of her incumbent opponent. After all, if you have to stoop to this level then your confidence in the merits of his record must be sorely deficient.

As for me, it only strengthens my support for a candidate who has not engaged in peddling such filth.

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