Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Clark Considering Returning To Full-Time Cable Director

Ken O’Brien

In a little-noticed article in last Wednesday’s Worcester Telegram titled “Southbridge town manager considers full-time cable access chief” Brian Lee reports, “Town Manager Christopher Clark said recently he is considering reverting to a full-time department head for local cable access, which has had a revolving door of leadership in recent months.”

The article goes on to elaborate how, after Clark fired long-time Director Paul Zotos, the department was reorganized to consist of three part-timers earning a total of about $60,000. 

The article goes on to state, “After Mr. Zotos, Barry Davis of Dudley served as station manager on an interim basis until last month.
Mr. Davis had said his dismissal was due in part to his questioning indirect costs Mr. Clark charges cable access, which Mr. Clark denied.”

It further reports “The town is in search of a replacement for Brian Alves, who accepted the permanent position of station manager and started May 14, but soon after stopped showing up for the part-time job, according to Mr. Clark.
“Mr. Alves wrote an email explaining he could not continue in the job. He had been collecting unemployment benefits, and apparently thought he could work a number of hours and not impact “his unemployment, the town manager said.
“But when the Worcester resident checked and coordinated with unemployment officials, he was told he could not work the Southbridge job and continue to collect benefits, Mr. Clark said.
“The former station manager told Mr. Clark the part-time job did not pay enough to survive on, Mr. Clark said.
“’He worked a day or two and that was it,’ Mr. Clark said.”

The article goes on to report that Michael Montigny is currently serving as an interim Director.

The article concludes by noting, “Asked if going back to a full-time department head would bring stability, Mr. Clark said, ‘Let’s just say I’m thinking about it.’”


  1. Clark is a buffoon. Southbridge needs a leader accountable to the people not a decision-maker appointed by the Council. If anything, the manager should be an elected council member who becomes elevated to the position of town manager through referendum. Either that or just switch to a mayoral style government.

  2. IQ I expressed my concern to Mr. Clark after he removed Paul Zotos. I believe it was politically motivated by the present leadership, On the other issue I support the mayoral form of goverment.

  3. Just another fiasco perfectly illustrating the "Mismanagement Practices" of our current Governing Body & Administration.

  4. Which of his cronies will get this job? People want to remove the welfare office from Southbridge. We can start this month by ending welfare at town hall. Let's take away the blank check that allows Clark to surround himself with Yes Men.

  5. Zotos says, this is an outrage, buried in last weeks paper
    Why not the southbridge news? Clark cannot manage
    The parking lot didnt he get a resume didnt he do a background check
    He hired a person on unemoloyment and paid him
    Since may 14
    But we were introduced to brian on may 18
    So i thought collecting and working was against the law?
    Please switch to the dish and watch town meetings on youtube they look amd sound better and they are free
    And tou can watch anytime and for free!!!
    Send a message there is no such thing as gov. Controlled
    Publc television !!!

  6. What's an outrage is the two newspapers saying virtually nothing about the two missing councilors at the debate. The T&G has said NOTHING and Lee was there. Another Clark cover up!

  7. Michael Montigny is the grandson of Yvonne and Nick Tortis, the Manager's confidential secretary and the building official in town. How come no one questions that?

    1. What ever happened to.....

      > con·flict of in·ter·est (Definition):

      Clash between requirements or implications: a conflict between the public and private interests of somebody in an official position, or conflicts between a number of public positions.

      > Equal Opportunity Employment:

      Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

      Who’s paying for these courses?

      TM Clark has taken the words "Make Southbridge Home" to a whole new level:

      ........"Make Southbridge Town Hall Home"........


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