Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DiGregorio Announces Withdrawal From School Committee Race

Ken O’Brien

David DiGregorio announced his withdrawal from the race for Southbridge School Committee during tonight’s school committee meeting. Committee members John Jovan and Dr. Tanya Dominko were excused from the meeting. Their absence was unexplained.

DiGregorio filed his papers for the position just before the deadline and therefore his name will still appear on the June 26th ballot. He failed to appear at the recent debate among school committee candidates and offered no explanation for his absence.

During the new business portion of the meeting, Mr. DiGregorio referenced his father as telling him, “Try not to screw things up.”

He went on to say that, after nine years on the committee, new candidates for the council offered new ideas, and he urged voters to support them.


  1. I just want to thank Dave for all his years on school committee, He was always level headed in his decisions when voting.He always had the students in mind.It will take someone big to fill his shoes, He will be missed on that committee. I want to wish him well.

  2. Thank you David for your years of service. I wish the current chair would bow out gracefully too but; people with small minds can never look at the big picture

  3. I had the pleasure of serving with David for three years on the school committee. He is a passionate advocate for the children of Southbridge. He is also a true renaissance man and always brought an interesting perspective to the issues. Thanks for your service Dave.

  4. I spoke to and shook hands with Mr. DiGregorio last night. I respect his decision to withdraw from the school committee race.

    Whether it is fair or not, Mr. DiGregorio has become associated in voters' minds with a certain clique of committee members whom the citizens are finally rejecting.

    I wish Mr. DiGregorio well, and I too thank him for his years of service on the committee.

    I also respect his endorsement of new candidates for the committee, thus at least tacitly not endorsing incumbent, Mr. Jovan.

  5. I wonder how many votes he will get since his name is on the ballot?

  6. It is essential to realize when your motivation and desire are not what they once were so that you can retire from politics without hurting your legacy. Many politicians pile up loses on their records because they do not retire at the right time.

    In a tip of the hat to David's service - a borrowed sports analogy - Joe Calzaghe and Rocky Marciano were both smart enough to retire before they lost most of their fighting talent and ability. It does not matter how good a fighter is if he fights for too long.

    For example, Rocky Marciano who finished his career undefeated gave full effort every boxing match regardless of the opponent. On the other hand, Buster Douglas defeated Mike Tyson in arguable the greatest upset in boxing history because he overlooked Douglas. He decided not to do his usual intense training and preparation. Similarly, Lennox Lewis loss fights he should have won. He was lackadaisical in a few fights such as his first fight with Hasim Rahman.

    Boxers that win all of their professional fights make smart decisions with deciding whom to fight. Boxers do not have to be cherry pickers to win most of their fights. Yet, fighters with great records do not agree to boxing matches that do not make sense or fights where the risk is a whole higher than the reward.

    David, the smarter of the two incumbents is following Rocky Marciano's example. The remaining one that of Mike Tyson.

    Thanks David for all your years of service.

  7. Thank you David you are a scholar and a statesman.

    1. and anonymous 8:19 your a bufoon and a moron. You must have been hit too many times in the head like Dave to make a stupid comment like that.

  8. Can't Make This Stuff UpJune 14, 2012 at 8:25 AM

    Sad how none of David's fellow SC members even acknowledged his statement on Tuesday night. Not one "thank you" or "good luck". That says a lot about how this group operates. Conjunction junction, lots of dysfunction!

  9. An article in today’s Southbridge News about DiGregorio’s withdrawal says

    DiGregorio said, that’s because the same people have been on the committee for years and “you lose
    your effectiveness, you lose your objectivity” over time. He also noted Chairman Jack Jovan (who’s

    seeking re-election) has held his post for years, and although he “respect[s] Jack immensely,” he said he
    feels the chairmanship should be term-limited. When someone’s a leader too long, “you lose sight of
    the fact you’re supposed to be a leader, a facilitator,” not favoring any side or taking part in the debate,
    he added.

  10. Dave should take and have a little brother big sister talk with his sister Queen Catherine the mighty chair of Southbridge town council, and tell her about his reasons for his leaving school committee and how he feels about term limits and being there too long losing sight of why you there and maybe we will be lucky enough that she listens to little brother and resign from council NOW before someone like Buster Douglas takes her out!

    1. I agree, his comments were better meant for his big sister rather than Jack Jovan. Jack has always been a gentleman. This is about his sister wanting to control it all. she told him to bow out so he did. What a sap.


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