Thursday, June 21, 2012

Moriarty Responds to Southbridge News Article

Shaun Moriarty

I am featured in a candidate profile in today's Southbridge Evening News; there are a couple of things worth clarifying or correcting.

The biggest one, in my eyes, has to do with spending money. I have often stated that I don't mind paying taxes so long as I feel that money is being spent appropriately and justly, and the article says as much. However, the article states that I feel "the town needs extra spending in some areas," and cites the DPW as a chief benefactor and that I feel a need for "specifically, a new firehouse." 

I object to the term "extra" and would not, and have not, used such a term in describing any sort of needed spending. I did say I would rather pay more for a true fix than spending less for a temporary band-aid. If I have an old, beat-up car, should I keep patching it with work here and there or spend the extra money and replace it?

The DPW does have many aging vehicles and pieces of equipment, but I don't believe they need or deserve "extra spending". I oppose the purchase of two separate backhoes that passed this past Monday. Almost a quarter-million dollars was spent for two pieces of equipment that I do believe could and should be shared between DPW/Water/Sewer, especially considering the amount of time each are used. Quite simply, the usage and demand is not there, from what I know and from what officials reported, to justify the need for two brand new backhoes. That money could be better spent elsewhere. Spending $125,000 for a back-up backhoe is foolishness.

The biggest problem I have with the article, though buried in the story, was the suggestion that I am advocating for a new firehouse to be built. I am not.

During my interview with the News, I did make a comment about how we sometimes have to spend extra money to custom order fire engines or equipment that can fit through the old bay doors at the fire station. This is unfortunate, but alone does not justify the need for a new firehouse. We have just built the new school complex and Bay Path is now knocking at the door trying to get money for renovations and an expansion of their school. The economy is in shambles. The police chief recently came forward looking for money to help correct issues within the police station (structural, not the political or personnel issues). The DPW garage on Guelphwood Road became a money pit. I'm not pushing or suggesting that a new firehouse is needed. My assumption is that the reporter took a comment and assumed, misinterpreted or misheard the comment and parlayed it into some sort of push for a new firehouse.

As a former newspaper reporter myself, one area of concern is the number an frequency of partial quotes used in the story. My quick count showed 22 of 33 quotes were partial quotes. That is two-thirds of the quotes being partial quotes, many of which are then amended by paraphrasing from the author, some of which I agree with the summation and others that I do not. I know the job can be difficult at times, and the subjects of a piece often times may feel that a line or two was not portrayed in the newspaper article the way that they intended it to. I also know the diminishing resources Stonebridge Press affords its editorial staff, and I long for the days of a solid product with editors and reporters such as Joe Capillo (who, if anyone, I would aspire to be like), Mike Saucier and David Cutler (to name a few). Errors get through from time to time, and its unfortunate that, in my eyes, some misrepresentations have been printed so close to the election itself.


  1. With all respect, why didn’t you speak out against Gus Steeves’ constant editorializing in what are supposed to be news stories?
    It has been going on noticeably at least since I was on the Charter Review Committee.
    Look at the candidate articles he has done recently beyond yours.
    He did it to Martinek.
    He did it to Lazo. None of those properties he cited were Steve’s.
    Surprisingly (ha ha) no such one-sided arguments appeared in Spinelli’s or Clemence’s articles.

    1. I agree he made up items in my story also.. Sorry but he is a bad reporter and on Monday I threatened to sue for slander. I think maybe we should all get together and persue slander charges. Plus I will not give rights to any more pictures or stoeries from him. If Steeves had to be elected for his job i can assure he would lose.

    2. FYI - If it's published it's not slander it's libel.

    3. I didn't see Jean's article but am sorry to hear that there were apparently "made up items" in her story.

      I'm personally not interested in pursuing any sort of slander charges, and I wasn't trying to attack Gus Steeves or the News.

      My intent here was simply to clarify and/or correct a couple of things in the article. I'm not interested in the gossip and name-calling and mud-slinging that permeates so much. (and I'm not trying to imply that Jean is guilty of any of this by any means ... before anyone tries to start going down that road now). It's unfortunate that we, as adults, have to go these routes so often. I've been the young and immature guy in some people's posts and in other posts I'm attacked because I've chosen to take the high road and not get into what I believe is the true immature act of slinging mud, making accusations without anything to back it up, twisting someone else's words around, etc.

      If and when I say or do something stupid, I've got no problem raising my hand and admitting as such. That's not a trait or quality that I see in most councilors or most people in general. Everyone complains about "Queen Cathy" or how pompous this one is and how that one won't listen to the other side and shouts dissenters down. If you listen to and read what some of those same people say and do, its uncanny how often it mirrors the actions they are admonishing.

      I've heard a few times here that I won't take a stand on any issue and I have, at times, redirected folks back to previous comments or articles and such where a stand was taken. Maybe it wasn't the stand a particular person likes or wants, maybe it wasn't worded strongly enough, or maybe they just don't read and listen.

      If anyone is unclear where I stand on anything, just ask. I'll be happy to either refer you to previous comments on the issue here, in the newspaper, online, etc., or offer up new and fresh commentary on the matter.

      I made a comment at the debate that I don't believe in burning down my neighbor's house in order to make my house look better, and I also suggested that the Council should be comprised of adults rather than spoiled overgrown children. What I see, however, is quite often we either support something 100% and (at times blindly) say all positive things or we disagree and move to the lowest common denominator and attack it with great venom.

      There has to be a better way, and that's what I'm interested in pursuing. I'm not aligned with any group or person. I'm not aligned against any group or person. The Town Council should not be about either of those things, it should be quite the opposite.

      (Jean, sorry for more or less hijacking your response.)

    4. What have you come out for (or against)? The $250 trash fine? Now there’s courage. You have no core convictions that matter to this town’s deterioration. Just pull a DiGregorio and do us all a favor.

    5. Feel free to check out anything my name has been attached to for more info, but some of the things I have come out for or against:

      *Opposed the great majority of the proposed charter changes, specifically the one that prohibits otherwise eligible residents from running for office if they owe the town any money. I questioned the constitutionality of such a proposal BEFORE it was reported here that State House sources felt it was unconstitutional.

      *You're right that I did come out against the trash fine, and I can say without hesitation that I have said more and written more on that issue than any other candidate (or at least challenger, I'll admit that Spinelli and Clemence, especially as late, have had lots to say about it).

      *I've taken a stand that I would not just waltz into Town Hall on Day 1 and try to fire the town manager. I know that, especially with the O'Zone crowd, this may not be the most popular stand one can take, but I'm not running to fire or hire anyone. Even Steve Lazo said, at the debate, that he'd be happy to work with the current manager and council, that he's willing to work with everyone.

      *I've suggested that the industrial park is all well and good, but that we should really focus on downtown and the existing infrastructure available in the old AO complex.

      *I oppose the purchase the of two new backhoes when one would suffice, in my opinion.

      *I opposed the appointment and stipends for multiple Municipal Hearing Officer positions.

      *I opposed the petition to revert to a town meeting form of government. I think everyone remembers how contentious that was.

      *I supported the creation of a Recreation Director position but voiced my concerns on the hiring of Walter Bird and what the interim position's duties entailed (could have and should have been handled by the Recreation Committee and then hired a permanent Rec Director ... and not a former SEN editor)

      *I've been clear as to my feelings toward the disaster that has been the revolving door in the cable access office over the last year.

      These are the ones that immediately come to mind, I'm sure if I sat down I could come up with plenty others.

      Again, if there is any particular issue you would like to know where I stand on, just ask.

      Though I have a feeling that won't be the case.

    6. "everyone complains about Queen Cathy."

      After reading that several times, you sound like the people you are complaining about. Who are you speaking about, specifically?

    7. Shaun:
      I think that it is unfair to characterize the entire readership of The O’Zone as “the O’Zone crowd” based upon the exercise of the freedom of expression of a vocal few who disagree with your views.
      It was this outlet that responded almost instantaneously to your desire to speak out against what you felt was unfair treatment by the local paper.
      A number of reader polls that have been conducted by us in the past have shown the diversity of views among our readership.
      Unlike the local paper, The O’Zone provides an open forum where you might indeed be criticized, but you are also allowed to respond in a timely fashion.
      The O’Zone will continue to follow this policy, regardless how distasteful some may find the choices some commenters make in how they choose to express themselves.

    8. Nice list of positions. But I don’t remember you taking the lead on any of them. I remember Butch McDonald, Amelia Peloquin, John Pulawski, Dennis Martinek, znd others speaking out. Most even appeared at the council and others wrote here. Somehow I don’t remember you leading the charge on any of these. It seems to me that you just signed on to what others fought for when you knew how the wind was blowing.

  2. To be honest, I didn't really read the profiles Gus did on other candidates. I did hear this morning that he had put something in about Steve Lazo and unpaid tax bills. Outside of the last few months, I had looked at the News maybe a half-dozen times since I walked away from the company in the summer of 2006. Within the last few months, I had thought about subscribing to the paper but opted not to and have only picked it up or checked it out if I saw something that caught my eye while in line at CVS or the grocery store, or if I knew there was something relevant to something I'm directly involved in.

    Unfortunately, the newspaper is not as relevant as it once was, especially with their new deadlines that result in a Monday night Council meeting not appearing until Wednesday evening's paper. I'm at the meetings to see what is going on, talking to various individuals on both sides of different issues, etc.

  3. That’s just plain lame. You have failed to take a position on anything. You have done good work for the kids, but that doesn’t make you qualified to run the town. Grow a set and come back later.

    1. I would, but last time that happened one of them came up cancerous.

    2. Sick of Mean PeopleJune 21, 2012 at 3:20 PM

      Really???? Is there a need to be mean and vulgar??? Particularly insensitive in light of Mr. Moriarty's past health concerns. Shame on you, Cathy.

  4. That is the ultimate appeal to pity.
    My remark had nothing to Mr. Moriarty’s prior medical problems. That is an interpretation you are imposing on a common expression.
    You can’t deal with the issues and so you are trying to criticize those who challenge you by raising the cancer card.
    That’s truly despicable and offensive.
    It says everything I, and I believe many others, need to know about where you are coming from.

    1. If I was looking for pity I would've gone the route of "Sick of Mean People"'s comment rather than a smarmy quip.

      It was pretty much all I could muster to bother with in response to a smug comment. Must be a common trait with your name.

    2. Still SICK of MEAN PeopleJune 22, 2012 at 8:18 AM

      Poor Cathy (whom I do not know). She started the fight and once challenged, she compounded her vile and insensitive comments toward Mr. Moriarty (whom I do not know). You have to feel bad for the "lady". Her comments are not only mean, they are ignorant. Let's all pray for her.

  5. Shawn is showing his true colors. Rather than deal with the issue Ken raisd he's changing the subject.
    Time to leave Shepherd Hill and go to work for somebody running for President.

    1. Question raised was why didn't I speak out about a reporter's editorializing in articles on other candidates. I dealt with the issue: I didn't read the other articles and largely haven't read the News in the last few years.

      There was no change of subject made on my end, but rather another individual who responded negatively (per usual). The town has a defeatist attitude, generally speaking, and it becomes quite evident often here. We often criticize the current leaders for their attitudes and negativity, yet so often those upset by it respond by acting likewise. It becomes a matter of he who yells loudest is right.

    2. You're running for office in Southbridge but you don't read the local paper! On the other hand you're apparently glued to this blog. It's just not credible.

    3. Wait What?
      "Rather than deal with the issue Ken raisd he's changing the subject."

      You mean Cathy is really Ken?

  6. Finally the real man behind the curtain.

  7. I find this discussion as objectionable as the comments so prevalent on the T&G web site. It is very easy from a position of comfortable anonymity to hurl insults; I suggest that anyone who does that has no right whatsoever to challenge someone else's bravery i.e. "grow a pair."

    If you don't want to vote for Mr. Moriarty, then don't. I intend to because I think he a person who thinks through the issues weighing the pluses and minuses before deciding.

    I do not know Mr. Moriarty personally, having met him for the first time at the Memorial Day Parade. I believe he will make a great councilor.

    Oh, and if you are wondering who I am, just read the dark print preceding this comment.

    1. Hi Brent,

      I know the Anonotypes drive you crazy, but even so you have to admire the young Jedi Shaun's willingness to take them on, and he defends himself pretty competently. He's cool through the insults too, sort of like Brad Pitt in 'Thelma and Louise-' he ain't risin' to no bait.

      So yeah, I think as long as the Blogerians of Anonoland can give a Potential Politico material he can respond to, they should be allowed to do so. Maybe they are gutless turds who without the anonymity would never get a voice, but so what, I'll bet most of them are still tax paying Americans, and he's now a public figure.

    2. Thanks, peeps. Just to be clear, I do not necessarily have a problem with anonymity unless it is used as a cover for ad hominem attacks. That, to me, is the mark of a coward.

      Disagree with someone, say they're "all wet," fine. One may not like their ideas, but there are civil ways to express that without attacking someone's character. If it is not something you would say face-to-face, then don't say it at all.

      Freedom of speech IS a right, to be sure. Sometimes it takes guts to exercise it.

  8. Can't we all get along? Shaun is entitled to his own opinion. The only irritation I have is hearing him say things about people who criticize and then he turns around and criticizes. I just don't get it, but I'm not going to beat him up over it. I'm more worried about his apparent conciliatory attitude towards Nickola. That's troubling.

  9. I just watched part of the Town Council last meeting. Here's my question and it is directed to the Council Chair. You make the statement that no one is appreciative of the "free" trash pick up. What a lucky town we are and the citizens are so ungrateful. So tell us Council Chair in your own words (and prove it) how we are not paying for trash pick up. Who is paying for the road that was constructed which only goes to the landfill? Tell us Council Chair, tell us. Our increase in property tax does not go toward the pay down of the cost for constructing the road? Our water and sewer tax increase doesn't go toward the construction of the road? Are you Council Chair personally paying off the loan? Okay, that was few questions, but you are so smart, bs with some more smart answers.

    Also, I remember one of Casella's promises (or should I say another broken promise), planting blossoming bushes around the perimeter of the retaining well at the entryway of Commercial Drive. Where are they? No one is even mowing the grass.

    Please enlighten us all Ms. Chairwoman. Tell us how our trash pick up is free.

    OMG almost forgot something. With your comments about free trash pick up you stated that if the trash is picked up in one day, it would be expensive. Too whom I might ask? If I only go out to dinner one night a week,it's cheaper than going out seven days a week. But like you said "that's just me" "that's just my opinion". Oh, can I ask why Casella trucks are going by my house 10-15 times on a Saturday. It wasn't a holiday week. So why am I seeing trucks seven days a week?

  10. I work the second shift and I just read the paper. Your ideal councilor is Darleen Marcucci. Who is your favorite president, Calvin Coolidge?

  11. If he can be half the man Marcucci is, he can be Livengood. Shaun is concerned about the "defeatist attitudes" and telling kids they can't succeed "here". Isn't that a message of irony every day he goes to work--@ Shephard Hill? Why not SHS? Cares about kids, should have run for School Committee. Sounds like another big spender. Doesn't mind paying taxes? Guess where our taxes will go if hes elected? It's un-American to say you don't "mind" paying taxes!

  12. Morning Ken
    Its amazing that this particular subject relates to the way the Southbridge News twist comments that someone makes. We all know that this is done either to support the views of the newspaper or the reporter. Its also a way to most importantly sell papers. But every time a subject comes up it always turns to the LANDFILL. I understand that the landfill is a very important issue to some and it should be it keeps people on their toes. But voters don't want to hear about this issue alone, they want to hear about all of the issues that effect the residents. They want to hear how a candidate is going to make life better for the residents, how they are going to bring spending and taxes under control. Go out to the general public and they don't care about the DUMP. Time has shown that. They didn't care about the removal of a BOH member why, they don't care about the liquor commissioner/ BOH member that wont be reappointment. Why because they don't care. Why do I say this, because where is the support. The voters don't care about what the Southbridge News say because they don't care. So one has to wonder if they really care who wins the election. We will find out soon if the voters make the needed changes than just maybe they care. I am going to support Dennis because of his knowledge of the issues and he follows through with what he says. I CAN NOT support Lazo or Peloquin because they cant even finish their response from questions asked by this blog. I am still not sure about the other two slots, but time is short and a decision will be made.

    1. The second half of Amelia's response to Ken's questions was posted a while back:

  13. Love the comments in the News today by people supporting Clemence, Spinelli and Moriarty. Need we say more about the "alliance"? The only thing funnier was Vechhia's comment about the road being paid for by Casella. It's our bond, they're paying us back over time, which has implications with our bonding capability. If they paid for it then why are they "paying us back"? His comment doesn't address the question of why it was built in the first place. Can't wait for the Casella welcome center. I know my friends coming to town want to stop off at the trash welcome center. Please, you people have destroyed this town. Time for Peloquin, Martinek and Lazo.

  14. I was ROFLMAO reading the response from Spinjelli about why he couldn't go to the debate. He couldn't tell his granddaughter, honey, grandpa is going to be late, but I'll take you for ice cream afterwards? Does he think the other candidates didn't make similar sacrifices? what a pathetic councilor. Weak in council, lame with excuses. Why not talk about the Kennedy Donovan Center and what took place there as well, Larry?

  15. Kennedy Donovan
    What happen at the center had nothing to do with Mr Spinelli. What is wrong with some of you. Some issue involving another member of one's family has nothing to do with the person who may be a candidate for office. I am willing to bet that we all have some type of skeletons in our closets. That is why I stay anonymous. You can attack me but why should you use issues that may have happen because of ones family and so what he didn't make the debate the fix was in anyways, so why waste the time. Now I have made up my mind for the next person that I am going to vote for. Dennis, Larry and not sure who number 3 will be. As far as school committee it wont be Mr. Jovan

  16. What happened at KD had nothing to do with Spinelli? If someone stole from your company, and their dad, an elected official, was allowed to pay it back, without the family member getting what they deserve, that's an abuse of their power. Watcher, if it was you, you'd have been arrested. Why not let bank robbers have their cases dropped if they pay back the money? It has EVERYTHING to do with Spinelli. Without him, it would have been a major incident! ROLMFAO!

  17. KD
    Before running your mouth you should check with the center why they did what they did it might surprise you and I bet they tell you one other thing that its NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Sometimes people get a second chance in life in this case the person did because that's how the KD center people are. Maybe they know just a little more than you and I. That's all I have to say on this subject, and by the way you help me make my choice for number 3... 1. Dennis 2. Larry 3 Denise thank you

    1. Do Dennis a favor and endorse somebody else.

  18. Watcher, you seem to be very familiar with the case. How is it that you know so much about this? Are you related to the family?

    Do you know what the term "compounding a felony" means? Why don't you look it up on google and see what it says. Maybe one of the other regular readers of this blog will look it up and give us a report of what they find.

    The concept here that KD is talking about is that a family member of a councilor was shown special treatment that ordinary citizens do not enjoy. That is typically referred to as abuse of power by most people.

    Maybe this was done so they can obtain favorable votes from Councilor Spinelli such as voting to make it 2/3rds of the Council to remove the manager rather than a simple majority, or to vote to approve new police officers above the previous established minimums, or 2 new cruisers every year. Or for a vote not change the fine structures of certain Bylaws.

    It doesn't matter, real or perceived, it presents a problem.
    This is disparate treatment rather than fair and equitable treatment. A favor received do to a position the father holds. That's not right.

  19. The offense committed by a victim of a crime when he or she fails to report or prosecute the offender or agrees to hamper prosecution in exchange for a bribe, act of atonement, or making of amends by the criminal. In some states, it is not a crime if the victim agrees not to prosecute when the criminal returns what was taken or pays remuneration to the victim for the injury or loss

    misprision of felony legal definition

    The offense of covering up of a felony committed by another.
    Felonious Potts, read the definition.
    I am not related, and its called common sense

  20. Just a brief clarification- the poster "Kennedy Donovan" does not represent the views of KDC, nor is a representative of our program. The Kennedy Donovan Center is a non-profit agency. The program in Southbridge services the entire South Central region providing early intervention services to infants and toddlers with developmental delays or who are at risk of delays.


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