Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Open Thread: "Dallas" (The Next Generation)

Did you watch the premiere of the revival of Dallas tonight on TNT?

My ex-wife and I were addicted to the original.

What did you think of the new Dallas?


  1. Who shot the writers?

  2. Maybe Bobby will wake up and realize it was all a bad dream.

  3. What's wrong with you people?
    You probably still live on tapes of Matlock and Murder She Wrote.

  4. I didn't realize it was on. Maybe I can find it "On Demand" through cable.

    1. It's being replayed Friday at 10:30 pm on TNT.

  5. I wound up watching it on demand because I didn't get home until 12:30am. Anyway, I was a consistent watcher of the original series until maybe the last couple of seasons. My question(s) is this: I know that Christopher was adopted. Wasn't he the son of Kristen (Sue Ellen's sister) and J.R.? If so, I can't remember if this was ever divulged during the show for the Ewing family to know or was it buried to cover up for J.R.? Also, if it was divulged, then John Ross didn't know about it because he told Christopher that he wasn't "family". If all my facts are true, they are half brothers. Other than that, I did enjoy the program. The other characters and storylines in general seemed to have followed along without any discrepancies (to the best of my knowledge). I'm glad some of the original cast returned. I don't think anyone else could portray J.R. the way Larry Hagman does.


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