Saturday, June 9, 2012

Open Thread on Town Council Debate

Ken O’Brien

The Town Council debate is over.

Did you watch?

What are your reactions?



  1. Lazo, Martinek and Heid get my vote. Moriarty was singing come together and working like heck to offend nobody. Peloquin was the same way throwing in her family background and simping about all the wondeful people she met.
    Clemence and Spinelli - no guts, no respect, no glory, no vote.

  2. Where were Clark's cronies Clemence and Spinelli?

  3. Steve showed that his experience and knowledge make a real difference.

  4. Steve had his chance. He just doesn't cut it. Not impressed. Martinek sounded good but his blog showed that he is NOT a team player. There are ways to make a point without being negative and critical. I don't see Peloquin as an asset either. I have no idea who Heid is...but, she didn't sound like she was able to create her own opinions. I like Moriarity - he sounds intelligent and willing to work with others regardless of which "side" they are on. Sounds more like a Langevin/Marcucci type. His background as an educator tells me he will do his research before making a snap decision and I think he is strong enough to go against the tide if its best for the town of Southbridge.

    1. Not a "team player"? A private citizen standing up to bullies? You need to eat your Apple jacks and wake up. He stuck his neck out when no one was willing to. This is obviously a Nikolla/Clemence/Spinelli plant! Yes, Nikolla and Clemence, ELECTED officials are NEVER critical. He was not an elected official, criticizing those abusing people and our money. Nice try at undermining him, but people can see through your dirty tricks. Why not tell us your thoughts on Clemence and Spinelli? Could it be you're looking for your third to run with them? Like Marcucci and Langevin? There's a nightmare to compare Moriarity to. Let the dirty, sleazy lies begin again.

    2. to anonymous 7:08 If you think moriarty is like Langevin and Marcucci, one is a yes man, and she never shows up to meetuns. If think moriarty will be like them I wont be voting for Moriarty!

    3. Just because one is not a McDonald/Lazo/Peloquin fan, doesn't mean that they are a Clemence/Nikkola supporter. Wanting what is best for the community is more important than 'choosing sides'. Moriarity has chosen not to be manipulated by either 'side' and think for himself. Maybe that scares contributors who think it's their way or the highway...those who don't want to look at both sides of an issue the way Moriarity will.

      Intelligence goes a long way. I'm tired of the fighting and constant games of manipulation. Maybe some contributors thrive on drama and want more of the same.

      I want an elected official who doesn't play the manipulation game and who has a clean record not someone with a cloud of negativity (Martinek/Lazo/Peloquin)that follows them wherever the wind blows.

      I have to say the responder who stated that one's past will follow them is absolutely right...does no one remember Martinek's blogs that create drama? How about all the years that Steve has served on the Council....we didn't get to where we are in one year.

      However the chips fall, I wish them luck. It takes tremendous courage to step up to the plate to run office - regardless of your personal motive. :)

    4. Bye bye Clemence!June 10, 2012 at 3:17 PM

      I seem to remember his blog as criticizing the bullying councilors. Funny how you try to twist that. His calling attention to their antics was well needed and deserved. Thin skinned councilors are the bullies. Sounds like sour grapes Sayles wants to condone the actions of elected officials, rather than one man who, as a private citizen had the courage to stand up to them. Only the incumbents have a record. If the people were dumb enough to elect Vecchia, they're smart enough to elect Martinek who stands with the people. This is what happens when he smoked the incumbents who didn't think they had to show. I love the concern, and that's why I'm voting Martinek, Moriarity and Peloquin.

    5. Sick of uninformed political hacksJune 10, 2012 at 4:09 PM

      to anonymous 12:58 I agree and give Steve credit for all years of his FREE time he has put in but let me refresh your memory one can only do so much when most of those years he was in the minority on council yes we didnt get here in one year lets see the chairmen in the last 12 years Mc donald 3 years Haggerty 1 year Trembley 2years chernisky 2years nikkola 1 year Lazo 2 years nikkolla 1 year thats 12 years you can blame Lazo for all those years can you . why dont you research up on how we got here and stop blaming Lazo for the last 12 years and he wasnt even on council in 2003 and this past year. No stop kidding yourself the problem is still there Spinelli clemonce, regis , nikolla thats how we got here! I will vote to return the man who is for the people and thats Steve

    6. I think the problem is not the council itself, rather the by-laws that govern our town make too much room for corruption, no checks and balances, no accountability, and a serious vacuum of leadership.

      A chairperson and a town manager do not a leader make.

  5. Our votes will go to Lazo, Martinek and Moriarty.

  6. Newbie to SouthbridgeJune 9, 2012 at 7:49 PM

    Mr. Martinek was articulate and well spoken, and Mr. Lazo answered the questions and didn't play it safe. I've only live here for two years, but the sitting councilors thinking they're too good to show up? Not voting for them. Miss Pelokine offended me with her ancestry. I'm not voting for you because of your family name and who you've met. Mr. Moriarity seems nice, but I didn't get the feeling that he'd stand up for himself but would instead fall prey to the Nikolla group. So for now, Martinek, Lazo, and maybe Heid. She seemed nice but needs to learn fast so as not to get eaten up.

    1. That's funny. Heid seems WAY TOO GULLABLE to me. Anyone who thinks a mall can be built and successful at the industrial park site is OUT OF IT. She's trying to appeal to southbridge residents who haven't a clue about feasability. For those reasons she seems to be the potted green...

  7. The real question here was where was Waldo? (Spinelli and Clemence) If you really believed that your record was something to be proud of and worth defending, wouldn't at least ONE of you show up and support it? Or is it that you are embarrassed by it and realized that all further protests against the obvious would turn off voters? More to the point, if I could make it to a debate where I am not even a citizen of the town, why not Spinelli and Clemence? Perhaps it is because at this particular juncture, I would not want to make Southbridge home, but if the political climate changed, it could be a possibility. But first you have to stop raising taxes, stop spending money needlessly, (think the new backhoe, new street sweeper, trash tax, trash police enforcement, Casella cheerleaders, care about what happens AFTER Casella leaves, (God it is too many to list) and treat citizens like adults who may actually have not only an opinion, but a clue. But then again, this is Massachusetts and perhaps this is more than we could hope for as citizens. I get asked often why I care about what goes on in Southbridge. My answer is simple. The five candidates (and my friends Dennis Martinek and Amelia Peloquin) are what make Southbridge the town it could be. Two people on opposite sides of the political spectrum, with skin in the game. You can not ask for more than that in this political system, and I love the people I have met in Southbridge. I have made friends that I care about in this town, and by proxy, I follow what goes on here because I believe this town can be so much more than it is now. And that matters in the end. These folks want to make a difference, and are only looking for a chance to make their voices heard above all the BS that is going on in this town. They want to make this burg home, and raise their families here. After all, isn't that what this is all about?

  8. Ken,

    For the record, I would love to challenge the MIA incumbents who presume they are owed re-election and thus, failed to show, to a debate that they can't back out of.

    Same format, same moderator, same sponsors.

    But I have a feeling that no matter what the date, they have "family obligations"--the same way the five of us that did attend had, yet, found the debate to be important enough to show up to.

    The people deserve better. Un-elect the incumbents of privilege.

    1. So the Big Bad Wolf is trying to lure out Cruella de Ville and Columbo into a debate using this blog forum.

      How powerful and conniving of the Big Bad Wolf but too bad that dog don't hunt.

      Reminds me of original story with the same ending.

      Who's afraid of the BIG BAD WOLF? -

    2. Clemence and Spinelli for Town Council!June 11, 2012 at 4:16 PM

      I realize that I'll stand out when I say this, but I am so glad that Marketti is gone! All he ever did was attack my friends whom I'm voting for (Denise and Larry) and now he even attacks his friends I'm NOT voting for (Martinek). This vicious bully seems to have no friends as a result. Thank you Southbridge Evening News for taking the bully off of his pulpit. The biggest irony is his posting under a fake name--on a blog, nonetheless, after criticizing everyone else who operates one. He's a fake and I for one am glad that "the Big Bad Wolf" named Marketti is done!

    3. You're entitled to your opinion, but I have no proof that he is in fact posting under any pseudonym.

    4. Oh please get your own material - Martinek is the Big Bad Wolf .

      The T&G has Hitch and the SNEWS had Marketti until the three stooges got their panties in a bunch.

      Martinek was featured as one of the three stooges in a Marketti cartoon and he reacted in a thin skinned way by taking a personal blog fight to Marketti's employer.

      As a result Southbridge lost a little bit of Southbridge culture and Southbridge's identity by having it's own political cartoonist.

      Those in office or who make themselves public figures were featured. Obviously Denise and Larry have thicker skin than Martinek does.

      I won't renew my SNEWS subscription until they reinstate Marketti. Miss Marketti cartoon in the paper don't vote Martinek.

      Vote Martinek and in time and in some way you will pay the same type of three stooges punishment. You'll be left saying what a big keyboard bully you are Martinek once you enter Martinek's neck of the woods.

    5. You are so transparent. One of the characteristics of a bully is they run and hide when confronted.
      Martinek stands out in public for what he believes. When has Marketti ever stood up in public? He just bullies in his cartoons.

    6. The Huntsman is obviously Mr. Marketti, the thin-skinned man who can dish it out but not take it. Why is he hiding? Because he got caught lying with his pants down. I won't reinstate my subscription until he's gone. What an EGO! He points the finger at Martinek but forgets that it was someone else that exposed him for the fraud he is. Right here. On THIS blog. Hurray Mr. O'Brien. He's made fun of my family long enough, and that's what got the ball rolling. Bitching and moaning about his colleague. That's why you need to blame yourself, Marketti. No one cares about your looney toons.A friend of Marketti is never a friend. He turns on people like the BIg Bad Wolf he is!

    7. If you look at who is the only person that cares about that stupid cartoon, the only person who did was the Egotist that drew it. Get a life Marketti! When's the next full moon? Start howling now, we all are doing the same at you! Shame!

    8. Again, I have to state that you are entitled to your opinions, but I have absolutely no proof of the authorship of those who post either anonymously or under a pseudonym.

    9. Sees the truth, you are so right! He is gutless and hasn't done anything beyond draw his dumb "political cartoons', complain and hide when confronted. the funny thing is he's the one that pounds on his keyboard, and draws his crap, and then its everyone else's fault. Vote for Martinek and reject Marketti! His time in the limelight is over.

    10. wow a little criticism of Martinek the candidate and the familiar vituperate rebuttals contained in his blog comes out from various personalities.

      I guess you really can't separate the writer from the candidate can we?

      Didn't know Marketti was on the ballot but since he is getting so much attention over all the other candidates perhaps a write in campaign is being born.

      I'd vote for Marketti over Martinek every time.

    11. Marketti was absolutely outed as not merely a bully but a hypocrite who tried to screw his own colleagues. His own words condemned him.
      Please, run him as write in.

    12. I’m a new reader of this blog, so I hadn’t seen that article before.
      When I read it I was absolutely disgusted.
      Thank God the News stopped him.

    13. In putting down Marketti -
      Martinek must see himself as:

      Unfortunately as a blogger in the last few elections who crucified his candidate opponents I think it is safe to say that most people see Martinek as the more popular Big Bad Wolf character.

  9. Martinek won the best line of the day award with his Goldilocks budget answer but I kept seeing him like another fairytale character,the Big Bad Wolf.

    He was on very good behavior today. In fact he reminds me a lot of former councilor Bob King in that regard.

    1. Using your criteria Clemence and Spinenelli had the best lines--silence. If you knew Martinek, you'd know that he's the most sincere and down to Earth person. Peloquin is Clemence, a manipulator, and Moriarity is McDonald, play it safe. Try painting him any way you like, but those who know separate the writer from the candidate. Since when is holding corrupt officials a bad thing? You sound like a sour apple or a frustrated artist.

    2. Thou protest to much! Since when is holding a blogger turned candidate accountable for his keyboard bullying a bad thing?
      You sound like you live on Pine Ridge Rd or work for the sheriff's dept.

      Clemence, Spinnelli, Martinek or anyone else running simply can't run from their public record.
      This writer/candidate/Sybil personality simply hasn't earned my vote.

    3. More like Sayles Street BS

  10. Lazo, Peloquin and Moriarty have my vote. Experience, intellect and intelligence.

  11. Experience, immaturity, and who knows.

  12. Isn't there enough time to organize ANOTHER debate? Perhaps " Eye on Southbridge" Hosts John & Larry can put a quick Debate together.

    There might be some political issues sadly (like the Town Manager's reputation for eliminating the Cable Directors (twice) and Cable Chairman for deeply questionable reasons) , but maybe with Mr.. Gatti and Larry B and Roger Caiette saving the Registry of Motor Vehicles and allowing Ms. Denise Clemence to take the credit, perhaps she will return the favor and convince Mr. Clark to allow them back on without giving them any more grief? They have proven they can work with her well ( RMV & Cable Oversight discussions), and we need to know if the incumbents were truly unable to attend the political party
    Debate, or if it was a case of Denise cowering out and forbidding her family employee from attending-?

    Just an open suggestion to advance the idea of an informed electorate. It us obvious that I am not fond of the Vice Chair or Mr. Clark, but she and Spinella deserve a chance to debate in a non- partisan environment. Bi-partisan is NOT the same as non- partisan!!!

  13. its not spinella say it right its spinjelly!

  14. The following were erroneously posted to the School Committee thread:

    Anonymous June 10, 2012 5:58 AM
    Lazo --- Remember why he didn't win last time ... doesn't like people who are not from here.
    Peloquin -- Lunatic left fringe.. . (Zotos and Puloski in her camp . . . the close the dump at any cost group)
    Ried . . .an unknown
    Martinek . . . Does his homework
    Moriarty . . . A breath of Fresh Air . . .

    locally informed June 10, 2012 10:17 AM
    To anonymous 5:58, Just a note on Lazo he never said he didnt like people who are not from here he has said that department heads that live out of town should live in town because they get the big bucks they should live here and have a vested interest in Southbridge, What I saw at the debate was his experience in government that all the other candidates didnt show. Dont get me wrong we need some changes up there but we also need to put in experience in one who knows the the charter, bylaws and how to get things done. Remember what he said in so many words that this council has gone sour in the last couple of cycles because of inexperience and that includes the two incumbents. I can support anyone of the new comers but I want to put experience in there and you cant take that away from Mr. Lazo , So my family and I will be voting for Mr. Lazo and two of the new candidates which are a breath of fresh air over the incumbents

    debate watcher June 10, 2012 10:40 AM
    Anonymous 5:58 Im so glad you formed opinions on the candidates at the debate but you left out the reason for them running.... Did you happen to notice in your list of candidates that something was missing???? THE TWO INCUMBENTS!! I can understand you having no comment on them because they dont deserve any vote them out!

  15. For what my opinion is worth, Southbridge is moving in the wrong direction with business parks and entertainment centers. What works for cities that have highway access will not work for Southbridge.

    We have to MAKE things. We have to produce something that people want. We have land, and lots of it. What can you do with land that EVERYONE needs AND makes money?


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