Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ray Bradbury Dead at 91

Ray Bradbury, author of such classic works of fantasy and science fiction as Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles, died Tuesday night at the age of 91.

Slowed down in recent years by a stroke that meant he had to use a wheelchair, Bradbury remained active into his 90s, turning out new novels, plays, screenplays and a volume of poetry. He wrote every day in the basement office of his Cheviot Hills home.

Bradbury broke through in 1950 with The Martian Chronicles, a series of intertwined stories that satirized capitalism, racism and superpower tensions as it portrayed Earth colonizers destroying an idyllic Martian civilization. 

It was Bradbury's only true science-fiction work, according to the author, who said all his other works should have been classified as fantasy. "It was a book based on real facts and also on my hatred for people who burn books," he told The Associated Press in 2002.

Although involved in many futuristic projects, including the New York World's Fair of 1964 and the Spaceship Earth display at Walt Disney World in Florida, Bradbury was deeply attached to the past. He refused to drive a car or fly, telling the AP that witnessing a fatal traffic accident as a child left behind a permanent fear of automobiles. In his younger years, he got around by bicycle or roller-skates.

Until near the end of his life, Bradbury resisted one of the innovations he helped anticipate: electronic books, likening them to burnt metal and urging readers to stick to the old-fashioned pleasures of ink and paper. But in late 2011, as the rights to Fahrenheit 451 were up for renewal, he gave in and allowed his most famous novel to come out in digital form. In return, he received a great deal of money and a special promise from Simon & Schuster: The publisher agreed to make the e-book available to libraries, the only Simon & Schuster e-book at the time that library patrons were allowed to download.


  1. Zotos aays, I worked for Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles
    For 8 years , i worked the Hollywood blvd store rhe oldwst Bookstore in L. A. and it was Rays favorite store
    He would come in almost everyday. What a thrill for me
    He always made us laugh and i am sorry to hear he is gone, i gonna reread illustrated man right now!

  2. Something wicked this way comes...

  3. Didnt know the man but by the picture he has some mileage on him. God rest his sole


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