Friday, June 8, 2012

Reminder - Southbridge Candidates’ Debate Tomorrow

Candidates for Southbridge school committee and town council will square off tomorrow, Saturday June 9th for a televised debate in advance of the June 26th town election.

The debate is being sponsored jointly by the Southbridge Democratic and Republican town committees. Charlton town moderator Peter Cooper, Jr. will act as moderator for the occasion.

It will be broadcast on Southbridge Cable TV channel 12 starting at 1 pm. The first session, lasting 90 minutes will feature the candidates for Southbridge school committee. This will be followed by a ninety minute debate among candidates for Southbridge town council beginning at 3 pm. 

The following report of the planned format comes from Mike Jaynes’ Republican Town Committee website.

Southbridge Town Council and School Committee Debate Format

Debate format is the same for both debates.

Seating will be determined by candidates drawing, in alphabetical order by last name, a number for their seat assignment. Any candidates not present during the drawing will have a seat number drawn by a surrogate.

Each candidate will be given two minutes for an opening statement.

Each round will have a number of questions equal to the number of candidates participating. During a round each candidate will be asked a question drawn randomly from the available questions. The candidate being asked the question will have two minutes to respond to the question. Following the candidates response each other candidate will be given one minute to offer a response of their own. This will be in order of the next higher seat number until the highest seat number is reach and then the lowest seat number will follow. The next higher seat number order will continue until all candidates have been given a chance to respond.

The candidate to be asked the first question each round will be determined by drawing a number of the assigned seats with candidates. No candidate shall be asked the first question of a round in more than one round.

If a candidate references another candidate during their response, the moderator may, at his discretion, allow the referenced candidate an additional opportunity to rebut the statement.

Rounds will continue as time allows with the intent for the each debate to last one and a half hours in entirety.

Candidates will be given 3 minutes each for closing statements.


  1. Great! Does this also include incumbents?

    Also, do you know if Southbridge Cable streams on the internet? I'll be at work and will miss it. I don't have a way of recording at home, either.


    1. I've been told the disc will be available on Monday, and I'm hoping to digitize it for YouTube shortly thereafter.

  2. The SCTV office has said that the debate will be repeated until prior to the election. That should provide you with an opportunity to see it.

    1. As regards who will participate we'll just have to wait and see. There are conflicting reports (or assumptions).

  3. It would be a crying shame if questions are sourced from the debate sponsors and not the voters. If the general public doesn't get to participate, and all we get is a "Demo-Repub" in-house inside baseball candidate V&V process, we won't learn a thing about how the candidates will perform when elected.

  4. Hi, Jim,

    For the record, I wasn't asked by anybody about the format.

    I would have preferred audience participation, but it's not going to happen.

    In fact, I wasn't told of the format until this week...after I had to call to inquire as to what the hell was going on.

    Bad communication, but I'll make the most of it.

  5. Gosh I wonder if Denise will show up and account for her "voting" record, and answer why this council treats citizens like an afterthought or worse, small annoying children. My money is on her not showing up 35-1 odds. I wonder if Vegas is watching?

    1. Get ready to watch Denise’s “Head Hung Low” & “Lip Twitch.”

  6. Ken and his followers,

    I am one of the 6 running for a seat on the SC and I will be attending today's debate. All I was told that the questions are on the current issues and that no candidates will be given the questions before hand. I just hope that both debates for SC and TC will help the voters with their chooses. I will be honest and say this will be a first for me and I will not answer any question on a issue with a standard finger pointing response and if I don't have a honest opinion on it I would rather pass until I hear all the facts that surround the question. But I am a person who will think out of the box, for some solutions. The only people I wish to serve are the Children and Parent's of the District and Yes, the Special Needs Children and their Parent's are the reason I am running, as I am one of them. I would like to wish my fellow candidate's luck and I hope that the voter's will get the answers they are looking for from both groups.


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