Friday, June 8, 2012

Romney’s Lies II

I was motivated to put this piece on The O’Zone by a recent exchange I had with a commenter on the article “What Happened To Republican Gas Attacks?

The exchange went as follows:

stop the spinJune 7, 2012 9:36 PM
IQ Sounds like your undies are in a knot because you know im right stop the spin. The country is tired of four years of spending, high gasoline, solyndra ,bailouts gm, chrysler and any other buddy this dope of a president has bailed out at our expense and where still with high unemployment. Just wait november is coming and i will buy you a new pair of underwear IQ!!

Ken O’Brien June 8, 2012 3:35 PM
I am absolutely aghast at people like you. You are so consumed with hatred for Obama, for whatever reason, that you are willing to embrace a candidate for President who is a provable serial liar, who has been on both sides of every issue so often that he makes John Kerry look like a case study in consistency and who wants to institute the very policies that have driven Europe into a second cycle of recession that is damaging our own economy. I can only assume that all your opinions are fueled by a diet of Fox News and The Boston Herald as well as a spate of conservative websites that you have lost all ability to understand reality. As a result, you are perfectly willing to further perpetuate the further reduction of the vast majority of Americans to indentured servitude to an elite class of robber barons.

As an addenda to my earlier post, Romney’s Lies,  I thought it only appropriate to post Rachel Maddow’s update from Thursday night, June 7th, on Mitt’s prevaricating.

If any of you dyed-in-the-wool Obama-haters bother to watch this and the earlier post and has factual data to disprove Ms. Maddow’s statements I would welcome your response. I’ll wager on silence.


  1. A free handout of underwear with every Obama vote is probably more affordable than Obama paying every ones mortgage. What ever, a hand out is a handout to the left you'al should be happy with that.

    1. OK. You want to talk about handouts? Let's start with the handout you get every year—tax returns.

      By doing a bit of my own light research, I concluded that tax deductions, tax credits, and pre-tax deductions cost our nation almost a $1 trillion every single year. If you really cared or have the capacity to see the big picture of the federal deficit, you would know that you are just as much to blame for the deficit than any earmarked funding act. We're all to blame. And if you think Congress isn't doing enough to reduce deficit, why don't you do the patriotic thing and forgo your own tax returns? If you want to be realistic and taken seriously, drop your prejudices about hand-outs and get wise. Use Google, too, while you're at it. You might learn something. Otherwise, you might at well put your head back in the sand before you hurt yourself.

    2. And just for the record, yes. My undies are in a huge knot because Republican politicians are rarely confronted, scrutinized and forced to publicly explain their lies and special motives to dismantle the political leverage of organized labor, risk the quality of life for retired individuals, drastically reduce educational resources, making illegal the freedom of choice for women and homosexuals, denying affordable healthcare for EVERYONE and reducing health coverage for poverty-stricken families.

      The biggest offense of all is this: Every attempt of our Congress and president to enact legislation that DIRECTLY CREATES JOBS has been blocked by the Tea Party. This wing-nut philosophy of "every man for himself" is wrong. It's immoral. And it's a slap in the face to the principles on which our country was founded, and the sacrifices of millions of men and women who gave their lives so the future of our nation would be safe and prosperous.

  2. msnbc is a joke just like this blog

  3. If stopthespin doesn't like spin, he should shut off Mitt Romney and Fakes News Channel and stop typing their lies on blog comments. Stop's Republican drivel is ridiculous and laughable.

    I have some data to share with the blog to clear all the bad juju around the Obama stimulus, not to be confused with TARP. That was Bush's thing. The link is, which was established by the Federal government to track all the funds and grants spent on jobs and infrastructure throughout the entire nation. It's interactive like Google Maps. It's informative, truthful and wicked cool., Zoom is on the left hand side of the map and just click and drag the map to move around. Click any colored square to see the show. Click a dot to see all the information.

    This next link compiles the data from and renders it in a tabular format. I searched specifically for Southbridge.

    I cannot speak to the accuracy of the "jobs created or saved" figure that each grant states. They claim to be well researched so I'll have to rely on it for now. In my opinion, if an electrical or construction company wins a grant to do a project during economic crisis, than anyone who worked on the project got to keep their job.

  4. Also, if anyone thinks that grants that help disabled pre-school kids learn is a waste or a failure, then I urge you to find a set of morals.

  5. Wouldn't it be telling if Romney took Massachusetts? It's not impossible you know.

    The biggest difference between Romney and Obama is that Romney had a few actual jobs, not some "community organizer" thingy. As if that's a job.

    1. As regards Romney's experience, I would refer you to my earlier article:


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