Sunday, June 10, 2012

Southbridge Democratic Town Committee Endorses Local Candidates for June 26, 2012 Town Election

Southbridge, MA – At their monthly meeting on Saturday, June 9, 2012, the Southbridge Democratic Town Committee voted unanimously to endorse the following candidates in the upcoming town election on Tuesday June 26, 2012: Eleven year incumbent and six-term Chairman John D. Jovan Jr. and newcomer Lauren McLoughlin for School Committee, Amelia Peloquin for Town Council.

Polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. All five precincts in Southbridge will be voting at the Southbridge Community Center, 153 Chestnut Street. The Southbridge Democratic Town Committee meets on the second Saturday of every month at the Southbridge Community Center, 153 Chestnut Street, Southbridge, MA. For more information please email


  1. For the record I will point out that Southbridge has non-partisan elections.
    Ballots for the town election do not indicate party affiliation, unlike the labels under council and school committee candidate’s names during yesterday’s debates.
    The Southbridge Democratic Town Committee has a bylaw that prohibits committee members from endorsing or publicly supporting a non-democrat for any office, federal, state or local.
    The Republican Town Committee has no such rule as regards local elections.
    I attempted to change this bylaw when I was a member of the Southbridge DTC. I was defeated in this effort. In my opinion, political affiliation has virtually no bearing on the conduct of local affairs. Further, prominent members of the DTC have opposed fundamental principles of the Democratic Party, such as their support of unions.
    I consider myself a serious and devoted Democrat. The only time I changed my party affiliation was when I considered opposing a state representative who, in my opinion, was more Republican than Democrat. That would have allowed me, as unenrolled (i.e. independent) to bypass a primary contest. Ultimately, I decided not to pursue that route and re-enrolled as a Democrat.
    Aside from that “lapse” I have always been a registered Democrat and always have espoused a progressive point of view.
    It was because of this conflict over what I consider an arbitrary, inflexible and deleterious committee bylaw that I resigned from the Southbridge DTC.

  2. Ken,

    Maybe I am a little dense but why are political parties involved in this election at all? Do I understand that the Democrat and Republican Town Committees picked the questions for yesterday's debate? I do not understand this either.

    We have enough division in this town now I don't think we should take a non partisan election and try and make it different.

    Thanks, as always, for posting this information.

    1. Father Peter:
      Thanks for your comment.
      The debate was sponsored by the Democratic and Republican Town Committees.
      Whatever happened to our local League of Women Voters?

    2. Father Peter:
      I know you to be an intelligent man as well as a community leader.
      Could you make a stand for grammar?
      It's the Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party.
      Democratic is an adjective, Democrat is a noun.
      This is another Frank Luntz,right-wing neologism.

    3. Funny who ever is left at the cable station listed them as the Demoocratic and Demoartic committee at the end of the debates.

    4. Father Peter is an intelligent man and perhaps has a stronger grasp of the English language than you Ken.
      Father Peter is correct in referring to your party as the Democrat Party. His usage of the word is not as a noun or an adjective; his usage is as a proper noun. If it is your desire to use the word as an adjective then you will need to drop the capital D and call it the democratic party.

    5. It is not only a matter grammar (not conceding your point), it is also a matter of history and tradition. As noted in Wikipedia:
      “The modern Democratic Party was formed in the 1830s from former factions of the Democratic-Republican Party, which had largely collapsed by 1824. It was built by Martin Van Buren who rallied a cadre of politicians in every state behind war hero Andrew Jackson of Tennessee….
      The Democratic National Committee (DNC) was created in 1848 at the convention that nominated General Lewis Cass, who lost to General Zachary Taylor of the Whigs.”
      Your usage, as I said, is a right wing neologism.

    6. It will go the way of "homicide bomber" in that regard.

    7. Father Peter I am confused on what you consider divisive about two opposing groups cooperating together to produce a community service. Is that not the opposite of divisive?
      Southbridge’s local elections are non-partisan, and as far as I know there is no effort to change that. I for one do not seek to change it.
      Democrats, Republicans, and all registered voters have understanding the candidate’s platforms and philosophies in their best interest. As the leading political parties in our community we felt confident that we could provide a forum that would provide that service. We also felt competent in being able to articulate questions that would produce responses in candidates that would showcase where they stood on relevant issues .
      Could someone else do a better job than we did? Absolutely, and we are not denying anyone else the chance to do so. There is still time between now and the election for another debate, and I encourage anyone who is willing to put forth the effort to do so.

  3. independent voterJune 10, 2012 at 3:39 PM

    Well the dems really had no choice in the council race Peloqine good luck with that!

  4. I would like to know why they dissed Lauren McLoughlin for school committee. She’s a Democrat.
    Do you have an answer Mr. McDonald? You're the chairman of the committee.

    1. The committee did vote to endorse Lauren McLoughlin yesterday. Read it again.

    2. I'm sorry. You're right.
      But what about David DiGregorio? He is a Democrat.
      He's been on the committee for years.

    3. Cathy, Mr. DiGregorio didn't come to this Saturday's meeting to speak to the committee and ask for their endorsement. The other two school committee candidates did, so they received the endorsement.

  5. sick of self centered jerksJune 10, 2012 at 4:22 PM

    Mc donald junior cant fill his fathers jock strap as much as he tries Larry the elder in my book was a real statesmen. This little wanna be politician should pack up and do us a favor and quit council hes all about himself. Junior get over yourself your really not that good even Apple Vecchia made a better vice chair! cant wait till next year.

  6. "Sick" kudos for you to have the Chutzpah to diss Butch here. Unfortunately he has no clue that his balloon needs to be popped. Some may say that he has an inferiority complex's fully justified

  7. What kind of a name is Butch anyway sound childish but I guess it fits him well! Or maybe he is really a butch type of guy eeew just the thought of that


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