Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Southbridge School Committee Candidates' Debate

Courtesy of Amelia Peloquin


  1. I think its horrible that they plan on having the special needs children and low income pre-school children using a building that they state is not fit for the needs of the high school students. They say that the school is not a state of the art 21st building. Well its like if you or I had a major medical problem would you go to a small time hospital or a state of the art hospital. Obviously you would go o a state of the art hospital because your major medical issue needs state of the art help. Well special needs children need state of the art help to succeed more than the regular ed students. The law specifically states the special needs programs should have equal access and equal services and environments as the regular ed programs. I'm all for having the town educate the special needs children in our own town, provided that they do so with a great deal of planning and care that these children need. What I have heard is they are planning on bringing back 10 students who currently each are spending $50,000 each in out of district tuition. These students will need several teachers, to teach each core subject. They will also need several teachers to teach the arts, music and physical ed. They will need classroom aides to deal with their special needs. They will need a nurse. They will need a maintenance person. They will need a administrator. They will need a adjustment councilor. They will need supportive services such as ot and pt speech. They will need behaviorists. They will need books, computers and assistive equipment to meet their disabilities needs. Their is no way that $500,000 will cover this. And I repeat it will no way be equal to the educational setting that the regular ed students will be provided with at the new highschool.

  2. Does anyone know how much money is spent each year for bi-lingual students to be educated?

    1. Since our new middle/high school will probably be a majority/minority, they could just as easily ask how much money is spent to educate those anglo students.


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