Thursday, June 14, 2012

Southbridge SEA President Williams Speaks Out

Ken O’Brien

David Williams, President of the Southbridge Education Association, spoke out in a Letter to the Editor in Today’s Southbridge Evening News.


  1. When bad political ideas play out they should cost people elections.

    Someone in the majority thought it was a good idea to misuse taxpayer money in trying to save face. It didn't work!

    The use of taxpayer money to pay this uncontested lawyer to publicly defend the indefensible illustrates just how arrogant and out of control this School Committee is.

    The chairman makes and approves what goes on the agenda. Jack Jovan is the chairman who approved that meeting agenda.

    Jack Jovan needs to be held accountable at the polls because as he said in a recent meeting "it's up to the voters to enforce School committee policy."

    Come on voters - lets send a enforcement message to the remaining School Committee members and give Jack Jovan exactly what he wishes for. Tell him you've had enough and vote accordingly.

  2. There are two sides to every story. The SEA resists every effort to hold teachers accountable and they like to blame all the problems in the district on the SC. Bad things do happen when good peopel do nothing and the SC is a group of good, tax paying citizens trying to move the system ahead. These good people are trying to do something but the entrenched interests in the schools fight them tooth and nail. The fact is teachers in southbridge have it pretty good. They get paid on average more than other teachers in Massachusetts and the town has low expectations for student performance so most people don't put any pressure on them to do thing better. Except for the SC that is. The SEA hates this and paints the SC as the bad guys every chance it gets. If you don't care about how the town wastes your money, don't vote for Jack Jovan. Vote for someone who will let the inmates run the asylum.

    1. To Yawning and dreaming - you're entitled to your opinion but not your own facts.

      revist debate video at the 36:11 segment where Jovan himself states " Not one of the higher paying districts" - Middle of the road" - "around state average" - Not the highest"

      Given the difficult work conditions under this sc it's remakable that we retain valuable teachers. They don't last 30 years like they used to because of the last seven years of SC pontification.

    2. Ha Ha ! Good point on Jovan salary quote.

      A challenge to the sleuths of Southbridge.

      What is this SC legal fee budget comparison to that of surrounding districts?

      I'm betting Southbridge is first in class in this area.

    3. I have not looked into what other School Committees spend on legal fees but, I do have the numbers for Southbridge: the budget for legal fees for 202 was $75,000.00 as of March they were at $98,171.59 and the projected amount for the year was $112,000.00. (Just in case you were curious here are the final amounts for the previous five years FY 11 $115,074.07, FY 10 $51,828.53, FY 09 $27,816.79, FY 08 $132,088.67, FY 07 $169,390.90)

    4. @ Erin Quinney

      Obviously, The Town’s Leadership Fails to Comprehend the Word: “PREVENTATIVE”.

    5. Even if teachers are paid "middle-of-the-road salaries" the teaching industry is still grossly underpaid compared to other municipal occupations. If I can make the same salary digging ditches or even WATCHING someone dig a ditch than I should be payed quite handsomely for shaping the minds and abilities of the next generation. After all, do you want the next leaders of our nations to be stupid? I think not. But Southbridge has a severe problem with egos in positions of power. Pride is a major obstacle.

    6. Sounds like Mary Ellen Prencipe's school of thought. Give the teachers everything. that's what she and Tarantino did. They got Southbridge into the $3 million deficit. Now she wants to be in charge, the Cathy Nikolla of the School Committee.

    7. The three million dollar deficit is crap. ALL the members of the school committee were duped by an incompetent business manager, just like the town has been fooled by Carlisle and Clark.
      The current school committee didn’t solve the problem. They had to comply with the state mandate. In essence they were subject to the same constraints as a convicted substance abuser who has to comply with frequent urine tests.

    8. Dave you sound like graduated from the S L political school of blame and misinformation.

      For the record Jack Jovan was on the school committee when the deficient happened - shocking that he is never blamed but... he is a guilty as any other member at the time.
      Why don't you hold him accountable as well?

      Prencipe took over when Tarentino didn't or couldn't live up to chairmanship responsibilities and resigned. The deficient was already set into motion by then.

      As the senior member of the school committee it will her job to chair the reorganization meeting.
      Voters let the School Committee Exorcism begin!

    9. @Dave,

      Not sure what you're talking about. When did Prencipe say she wanted to be in charge? Don't be a knucklehead. You really believe all the deficits of the town are caused by two people on the school committee? That's delusional.

  3. The average salary is Southbridge is above the state average. That's a fact. Do our kids do better than average on MCAS? No. That's a fact. Does the SEA give a rip? No. That's a fact. Does the SEA want to take any responsibiltiy for this? No. That's a fact.

    1. So your arguement is that Jovan lied during the debate?
      better on average compared to whom? the rest of the nation ? Give our kids some credit Mcas is harder here than other state's testing.
      Speaking for the SEA - are you a member how do you know these things or are you just a hater.
      I think the SEA should take responsibility for the arbitration results and hold those in charge accountable for not disciplining BB. If BB didn't do what he did there wouldn't have been an arbitration now would there? NO MONEY WASTED ON LEGAL FEES EITHER. In fact If the SC didn't support BB actions and handled this appropriately when they had the chance to this whole public outcry could have been avoided. Live by the sword die by the sword
      NEXT fabrication?

  4. Southbridge average teachers earn 58,909; the state average is 70,341.
    Look at go to Average Teacher Salaries, Massachusetts Public Schools
    Southbridge teachers are very close to the bottom, not the top.

  5. Dave Williams believes he speaks on behalf of all the teachers in Southbridge. Well, he doesn't. He says there were offers made to avoid arbitration, if so, what were they? Also, if he would have done his own investigation of the whole matter, he might not have pushed this so far. Did he interview any of the staff that had to work and had first hand knowledge? Or, was he just to eager to shove it to Bishop and the School Committee? I think these questions need to be answered.
    As long as we are asking for questions to be answered by Mr. Williams, maybe he should answer the question about not submitting a letter to start negotiations last November? Another question that he needs to answer is why wasn't this brought up to the membership by the leadership?
    I have a simple answer to these questions. It is because Dave Williams is only for what profits Dave Williams.

    1. This doesn't sound like it came from a teacher because teachers know how their union works.

      Votes are taken by board members and executive board members to have the president of the union take action. The president can't initiate such action without a vote.

      Had that actually taken place all hell would have broken out and this blog would be about Dave Williams inappropriate actions instead of BB and the SC's. That is not the case!

      Just as info flows up the ladder decisions made flow back down the ladder. If you are a union member check your October emails.

      If you are a SC member you didn't get the email but I hope you got the arbitrators memo. BB did wrong!
      He is the anchor to your inflatable life raft which is loosing air one election cycle at a time.

    2. "I have a simple answer to these questions. It is because Dave Williams is only for what profits Dave Williams."
      Explain to us what you mean by this. What "profit" is he seeking??

    3. Still waiting for an answer...


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