Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Southbridge Town Council Candidates' Debate

Courtesy of Amelia Peloquin


  1. Smoochie says he remembers a certain button wearing candidate's devoted love for him in recent past elections.

    In the first water question apparently my admirer has no love or care if chloramines are in my water dish.

    While you tried to blow up the question and look smart you showed how little compassion you really have for others in this town.

    Me thinks Mr Lazo has more compassion than you. Therefore Smoochie supports Mr Lazo for council.

    Everyone says this council lacks compassion and Lazo is the man to restore compassion to it.

    1. Smoochie is apparently as bright as his owner. The question had nothing whatsoever to do with chloramines.

  2. Dear Smoochie,

    I am so happy that you're alive and well! I thought that you might have choked on a teriyaki chicken bone from the Kahula!

    To this day, I still have your button, "Save Smoochie", which I treasure. Do you still have your's?

    I'm so happy to see that you're on the WorldWideWeb. One paw at a time, doggie dude!

    Smoochie, you know that I would never, ever, never give you bad water...the only water that goes with your specialty chicken is Perrier. I realize you're not French, but nothing but the best for you, my dog!

    As anonymous stated above, chloramines never entered the realm of my response. As a card carrying member of PETA, how could I do that to you?

    Give a little nuzzle to your owner and tell him I said hello, hope all's well.

    Please stay in touch, Smoochie!

    Your best friend in the whole world,


    1. "chloramines never entered the realm of my response."

      EXACTLY, my concern!

      The question was looking to highlight your knowledge of the water issues in town and in supplying it to other towns!

      So a swing and a miss on this one. Your least articulate answer IMO.

      Dennis, If you love me so much you should have mentioned Chloramines like the caring and compassionate Mr Lazo did.

      Since you didn't my tail is wagging these days for Mr Lazo and not you.

      You can stop by and say hello to my owner anytime unless of course there is a restraining order in place preventing that. I don't know about those legalities but I do know what my water taste like. The economy is tough and Perrier isn't in the budget. If you'd have come around you would have known that.

      I like to use the web only a few times a year mostly during elections but you know all about that now don't you.

      Miss you much but Mr Lazo is my new best friend even if he doesn't know it yet.

    2. Smoochie, thankfully Mr. Lazo did mention that, but the question was about selling water to other towns, not about selling chloramine filled water.

      If it were asked that way, I would have demanded that people honor and respect all the Smoochies of the world, as well as their owners.

      It was worded very oddly...I wish I could have figured out what they wanted to know, exactly, and made you proud.

      You can be mad, but I will toss you a biscuit next time I drive by...no restraining order...your owner and I shook hands and made up, so wag that tail!

      Now we can both take you for that teriyaki you so love. Maybe even Steve, because I like him, too!

      I'll buy the Perrier.

      Now get some sleep, little doggie!

      Your biggest fan,


  3. "Now get some sleep ? " Is that hows its going to be if you get elected. Smoochie wants a change on the council and not someone else who thinks they can dictate to us.

    Smoochie is an independent thinker and doesn't need any one to tell me what to do. Just ask my owner I rule the household. I think I'm going to complain to him because my grassy area out front is a little congested with election signs. I'm a little guy but the signs are cramping my style. Those people would probably fine my owner for what I do out there anyway.
    I wouldn't mind if Mr Lazo's sign was out there because he has the experience and compassion that Southbridge needs.
    Smoochie is Mr Lazo's biggest fan this time round.

    Sorry Dennis if your not on my number one list you must be my number two list. (Your alot nicer in person than you are behind your keyboard)


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